Preview: Real Madrid vs Almeria

Real Madrid and Almeria shields
Real Madrid vs Almeria

Sitting level with Hugo Sanchez and Zarra as La Liga's single season top scorers of all time with 38 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo's last shot at rewriting history takes place today when Almeria visits the Bernabeu; a match that also brings down the curtain on the Whites' 2010/11 season.

Real Madrid bring the season to a close at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, where they host Almeria for an inconsequential match in terms of final standings. A lot is at stake on an individual level, however, as Cristiano Ronaldo is only one goal shy of breaking La Liga's single season scoring record.

Eighteen men including the academy's Jesus, Mandi and Joselu have been called up for the task. Canales and Pedro Leon will also suit up, while Lass, Khedira and Gago remain unavailable due to injury and Casillas, Adan, Marcelo, Higuain, Di Maria and Garay will sit out due to a coaching decision. With both goalkeepers off duty, Dudek will make his final start of his four-year stint at Real Madrid.

Almeria and Hercules have already ensured their relegation to Segunda Division with 90 minutes left in both their seasons. After four consecutive seasons in Spain's top flight, the Andalusian side bids farewell to La Liga at none other than Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

"The way the team is currently playing favors Cristiano Ronaldo and his scoring ability," commented assistant coach Aitor Karanka during Friday's press conference, "That incentive is still there, and that is why we are motivated for this match." The players are sure to oblige by their coach's words, and so is Cristiano Ronaldo, who has history at the tips of his toes.


Cristiano. Launched in a devastating final sprint, the figure of 40 goals, unthinkable before the start of the League, not only is within reach but seems easily overcome. We should memorize how he did it because in a few decades is possible that we may need to explain it to unbelievers.

Vertigo. To the fans at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, what they like most is that their team runs free, that the players seem to sharks in the festival of the sardine. This year it has been seen so rarely and almost all out of home. Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao, Villarreal... are not easy fields and there they saw the most spectacular face of the team.

Playmakers. View the call of the Real Madrid, today we could enjoy a midfield full of playmakers. Xabi Alonso, Granero, Kaka and Özil would ensure the management of the match and the flow of play so that the personal account of Cristiano Ronaldo fires up to the unrepeatable. It would be fun.

Almería. Since its descent was consummated, its play has improved. The reaction is completely natural. Today thay want to reject the role of cake at a banquet that is prepared to Cristiano. Although Real Madrid has stumbled more with teams at the bottom of the table, does not appear that Almeria can escape unharmed.

Hamit Altintop: "I am very happy. I am lucky"

Hamit Altintop is now in Istanbul, where he landed yesterday from Munich to continue his recovery plan for back problems that has dragged on this final part of the season. The recent signing of Real Madrid wants to accelerate his physical tuning to be ready to face the crucial match between Turkey and Belgium, very important game for the Euro 2012 qualifying.

Hamit Altintop in Turkey jersey
Hamit Altintop (Turkey)

The duel will be played on June 3 at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. The Belgians, second with 10 points, face the Turkish national team, which is third, with 9 points, in a struggle for second place in a group led by Germany. Along with Altintop is expected that Nuri Sahin will be at that meeting. Altintop explained that his premature arrival in Turkey, the country of origin of his parents: "The injury I have is not small and for this reason I have come before the concentration of the Turkish national team, to work and try to recover for the match against Belgium".

On his more immediate future, he did not want to go into details: "Everyone knows that playing at Real Madrid was my biggest target. On holidays I will work hard to get the best possible in the preseason. I will do everything possible to succeed there. But now I want to focus on the game against Belgium". But he dropped a couple of sentences according tohis logical status of a new player of Real Madrid: "I'm very happy, I'm lucky".

Hamit wants to eliminate back pain as soon as possible and so, before leaving for Istanbul in the morning, spoke with the physiotherapists at his former club Bayern Munich. From Turkey he will fly to Belgium, where he hopes to play on June 3, and then is expected to fly to Madrid, to pass physical examination and to be presented.


Cristiano Ronaldo: "Collective titles are the most important"

Hugo Sanchez and Cristiano Ronaldo appeared together on Real Madrid TV to talk about the record of 38 goals that holds the Mexican, with Zarra, which tomorrow can be beaten by the Portuguese. "It's a great honour match to someone like Hugo. To me it would be a pleasure to make the record, but I'm not obsessed. I do not feel totally satisfied with what has been achieved because the individual titles are important, but even more the collective titles", said Cristiano. And he confessed his envy for Hugo: "I would have liked to do his chilean (against Logroñés)".

Hugo Sanchez And Cristiano talked about the scoringrecord of the Spanish League
Hugo Sanchez and Cristiano Ronaldo

"I always wanted that was someone from Real Madrid who beat my record. I would not have liked that was Messi, who is from Barcelona. If Cristiano overcomes it, I will congratulate him. The record is in his boots. I would prefer that there was a tie with Zarra, but Cristiano is on a scoring streak. He has scored nine goals in the last three games of the season, the best average ever", said Hugo.

The Mexican explained that his motivation in the 89-90 season, when scored the 38 goals in the League, came from outside: "I was thinking to score as many goals as possible with an eye to Stoichkov, who then played in Bulgaria. I was looking for the Golden Boot because I was assured the Spanish top scorer trophy (Pichichi). It was the first time I chose it. Before, there was no factor depending on the category of the leagues. It was hard to win it playing in a major tournament. In fact, I could only match the 38 goals of Stoichkov".

It is said strikers remember every goal they have scored, and that they are capable of describing all of them in detail. Both men prove this to be right. "My favourite in my 38 goal run was the last because it was the one that allowed me to catch up with Zarra and win the Golden Boot", says Sanchez, "It came from a cross by Michel. I overtook the defender and shot on target". Cristiano also chooses the goal that allowed him to equal the historic record: "My favourite is the second strike I netted against Villarreal. I like many of the goals I've scored, but I prefer that one because it's the most recent".

Cristiano also revealed what Mourinho has asked the team: "Mourinho wants that we fight for being the highest scoring team in the League. I will try to score one or two more, but with the 38, I am happy. It was not easy but my peers helped me to get them. This is a prize for everyone".

Hamit Altintop: New Real Madrid player

Hamit Altintop is now a new player of Real Madrid. The white club made ​​it official yesterday through its website, at 5:45 pm. The Turkish international will play at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium next four seasons, at 2.5 million euros for each one of them. His agent, Reza Fazeli, the same of Nuri Sahin and Mesut Özil has facilitated the operation. The footballer is a request for Mourinho, who likes the player a lot.

Hamit Altintop at the Airport
Hamit Altintop is new Real Madrid player

Real Madrid will not have to pay a single euro because Hamit Altintop finishes his contract with Bayern next June 30. The player arrived yesterday at Munich airport, from St.Petersburg, knowing at 1:00 pm that he was a new player of Real Madrid. Later he was in the Sports City of the Bavarian team to 3:00 pm. He said goodbye to all peers and arranged the last documents with Bayern Munich.

Altintop has played the last four seasons at the Allianz Arena. He has played 63 Bundesliga matches and scored seven goals. The new Real Madrid player has won in Germany: two League titles, two German Cups and one German Super Cup.

Altintop decided not to continue in the Bayern Munich a few months ago: "I'm very happy and pleased with everyone except with Van Gaal who ignored me this season. When Robben could not play, he did not look at me" said the past Saturday at the tribute paid to him in his club's farewell. Jose Mourinho learned of the discontent of the player and the possibility to contract him for next season. It was one of the requests and the third reinforcement of Real Madrid for next season after Callejon and Sahin. Altintop will try to find a house in Madrid next week and in the next few hours will pass the medical examination.

Canceled the friendly match in Angola

Real Madrid will not play the Wednesday's friendly match May 25 in Angola. Organizational problems have forced Real Madrid and the African country's government, headed by Jose Eduardo dos Santos, to cancel the friendly match that Jose Mourinho's team was scheduled in the next days in Angola against a combination of the best players in the African country to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its independence.

Estadio da Cidadela. Luanda, Angola
Luanda Stadium

Although the match was not officially announced either by the Angolan authorities nor by the Real Madrid, its celebration was given for granted. While an emissary of Real Madrid, Cristoffer Komen, traveled to Luanda and yesterday evaluated both the stadium where the game had to be played, on November 11, as several hotels where the Real Madrid's issuance could stay. In fact, local media published yesterday the satisfaction words of the emissary: "The information we had from Angola was different from what we've seen here. I've had time to verify that the country is growing rapidly", he said.

The match had created great excitement in Angola, a former Portuguese colony, where Real Madrid has a legion of fans and where the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe and Carvalho in the template of Real Madrid was a big incentive to go to the stadium.

Real Madrid is now thinking about playing another friendly before that Mourinho and his players go on vacation. It has not been ruled out the possibility that the team plays a match in tribute to one of the promotion teams to Spanish First Division, Betis or Rayo Vallecano (almost certainly).


Adebayor's future could be decided today

Adebayor's future at Real Madrid is at stake today, now that the season comes to the end. His loan spell ends on June 30 and white team he has to communicate to Manchester City if club wants to sign the player, paying the purchasing clause of 16 million euros which is stipulated in the contract.

Adebayor in White Real Madrid jersey
Adebayor with the Real Madrid jersey

Appointment will be at the Santiago Bernabeu with Adebayor and his agent, Darren Dean, and the sports managers of the club. It is not ruled that Mourinho also appear in the meeting because he is his main supporter and his view on Africa player has always been very positive. In any case, the club is aware of what the Portuguese coach wants.

The meeting will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of paying 16 million euros for the signing of Adebayor. The player's initial performance has been remarkable, but has decreased in recent games and is also his high salary (2.1 million euros) makes that Real Madrid thinks the case a lot. Therefore, in the club there are certain doubts to be cleared today with what will be discussed together.

Moreover, Togo player, who has several offers of Premiership teams and even of Italy (the City does not want him), also wants to know what would be his role if he stays at Real Madrid. He want to know what position he would take, if Benzema and Higuain are ahead of him or the club thinks to further strengthen his position.

These five months in Madrid have been helpful to him. He is delighted with the club, template, coach and city. He is acclimated to all, as proven in the goal celebrations and his fellowship in the day to day with his peers. He is joking and happy, and his arrival has added unity and positivity to the group.

Team Murcia vs Real Madrid: Goals for hope


Team Murcia (coached by Jose Antonio Camacho) and Real Madrid did their best to entertain the crowd. Mourinho used regular starters such as Casillas, Ramos, Arbeloa and Ozil, as well as Castilla players like Pablo Gil and Mandi in his initial lineup. Murcia native Pedro Leon and Sergio Canales also played and were the most active Madridistas in the first half. Granero had the most chances on goal, but both his shots were saved by Andres. Toche had Team Murcia's clearest chance on the 25-minute mark, but sent the ball over the crossbar.

Team Murcia vs Real Madrid. Lorca Charity match
Team Murcia vs Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Pepe and youth teamer Carvajal came on after half-time and helped make the Whites' game more vertical. The first goal in the match came from a combination of passes between Benzema and Xabi Alonso, after which the French striker sent the ball into the back of the net from inside the box (48'). Team Murcia also worked hard for a strike and, five minutes later, managed to draw the score with an own goal from Pepe, who unfortunately defeated Dudek as he was trying to head out a cross by Aquino. Team Murcia scored again through Meca, who headed in a free-kick in the 65th minute. Real Madrid responded swiftly: Pedro Leon served an excellent pass towards the box for Kaka, who then assisted Cristiano Ronaldo in the equaliser.

The final minutes of the game saw former Madridista, and current Real Madrid Team Delegate, Chendo wear the Real Madrid number '2' shirt and the captain's armband once more. Chendo appeared in some plays for Real Madrid and committed a foul. Murcia stadium chanted his name when people saw him leave the bench. He played his last official match on June 30, 1998 after having played sixteen seasons and get eighteen titles.

Chendo played the Lorca charity match with Real Madrid
Chendo played the last ten minutes of the match

Xabi Alonso offered his thoughts on charity match shortly after it concluded: "This kind of gesture during hard times can cheer people up and bring them hope. We lend our support by playing football, which is the best way we know how. With this little bit of help and the vitality and enthusiasm of this city, they will overcome this. This was a nice, entertaining match and we all had fun playing".

Granero also talked about the game: "The Madrid tries to help whenever it can, but today we have to thank because there have been many people in Lorca and we thank all who have come and fill this stadium because their help will be very important".


Stadium: Nueva Condomina
Attendance: 31,000
Goals: 0-1. Min. 48: Benzema. 1-1. Min. 53: Pepe (o.g.). 2-1. Min. 65: Meca. 2-2. Min. 68: Cristiano.

Interview: Pepe


Pepe interview
UEFA has not punished Barcelona's pretences nor Busquets...
"It's sad that UEFA does not punish it. Everyone has seen what happened. The red was unfair, I did not touch on Alves. Messi had been unable to do anything, just a penalty goal and in the Spanish Cup final could not help his team. They found a way to lie me down and hinder our work. UEFA and some press, especially in Catalonia, has been interpreted differently. Mourinho was banned and everyone saw what Busquets told Marcelo ... If UEFA wants fair play has to weigh these things".

Have you talked to Marcelo?
"I talked to him, but I think the TV images are clear".

Which team do you support in the final of the Champions League?
"I support Manchester, for sure. I have some friends there as Anderson and Nani".

Are you angry about how the semifinal ended?
"Yes, I'm a little sad because what we did has not been appraised. We work very well, we were better than them ... Unfortunately, what we did in the field did not help us to pass the tie. We deserved to be in the final".

Your renewal is virtually closed...
"It is a matter between my agent and the club. I'm happy to be in Madrid with the best. I'm in the best club in the world and I hope to be here for long. I have only a one year contract, so it is closer".

Your figure has been reinforced after the Classics and the Real Madrid fans want to renew you...
"Me too. I want the renewal. I have no words to describe the desire I have to stay in Madrid. My agent is talking to the club so that when the time comes, we sign and give the new that is important to me".

Carvalho is veteran, but with you and Ramos, Real has central defenders for the next five years...
"I think so. I'm very good at playing with Sergio. In addition, we adapt well to each other. I think Real Madrid is fine with the power team has and not going to happen what happened in previous years".

Do you like the nickname of "Anti-Messi"? Is it a pride?
"I did not play for people to call me that. It's up to all teammates. Together we can get that Barcelona can not to play its game. When I was in the field, Messi did noy many things. I'm glad because it is a feeling of work well done".

You will be happy for your friends Crristiano and Marcelo... What season!
"Cristiano has secured the top scorer and Marcelo has done an exceptional season. It was said that he could not defend and has shown he has a great future. Soon he will be one of the best sides in the world".

Marcelo is in the shadow of Roberto Carlos. Do you think he has the capacity to be like R.Carlos?
"Yes, he is very young and already a captain of Real Madrid. Has a bright future and will pass all records of Roberto Carlos".

Has been Mourinho key to the growth of the team?
"Yes, Mourinho made ​​us believe and has brought a structure that is working. Not only with Marcelo, also with Benzema and Kaka. Next year we will be stronger".

In addition, it has already announced a reinforcement. What do you think about Sahin?
"He has great quality. He looks like Özil, with the difference that is more aggressive without the ball. He's a special player".

As the season has progressed, you have come to the level of Barcelona...
"I think so. We'll try to do our best. Next year Madrid will be there and fight to be champion of all competitions to play".

The first is the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona. Do you have desire for revenge?
"Yes, this may be the finding that we deserved to beat them and be in the Champions League final".


Real Madrid vs Murcia: Charity match

Real Madrid will face today a team of players from the region of Murcia, captained by Jose Antonio Camacho at Nueva Condomina Stadium (Murcia 7:00 pm) in order to gather proceeds for those affected by the Lorca earthquake. The Culture and Tourism Council of the Autonomous Government of Murcia has accepted Real Madrid's proposal, by which the club put itself at the disposal of the regional government to help in any way it could.

Real Madrid will play in Murcia after Lorca earthquake
Lorca after the earthquake

The presence of Real Madrid will not be testimonial. The call includes all the players available with the exception of the Argentine international players, who are already preparing the Copa America. The expedition, led by Florentino Pérez, Jorge Valdano and Emilio Butragueno has landed in San Javier Airport at 11:30 am and will spend two hours in Lorca; First before the game kicks-off, Real Madrid players will visit areas affected by the earthquake for a first-hand look at the damages caused, then a reception at City Hall.

And on the pitch, Mourinho will give minutes to all players in the squad (including Pedro León, local hero), although the starting lineup will not be very different from the last games of the season. That is, many stars and Cristiano Ronaldo.

What today is much more than a football game. It is an act of solidarity with the city of Lorca, shaken last week by a double earthquake that left nine dead and 300 wounded. The event is a tribute to an city and its inhabitants and, later, a sports festival. Football at the service of people. And as ambassador of football, Real Madrid. Just like all times.

Kaka: "I am and I will continue in Real Madrid"

Kaka took part in London, with other emblems of Adidas as Van Persie, Fernando Llorente and Rodwell, in the presentation of new boots that usually looks, the "Predator", where he supported Real Madrid in its failed efforts in UEFA committees and he announced that he will stay in Madrid the next season.

Kaka presented the new Adidas Predator
Kaka with his new Adidas boots

What about the Champions League final?
"It will be a great match, a great event, one team knows how to beat another".

And do you bet on Manchester, Barcelona, or as Casillas, on football?
"I also will support football. I have friends in the Manchester United and Barcelona. It will be agreat final".

Give us an opinion of Sahin and Özil.
"I do not know well Sahin, but I know that has had a great season at Borussia Dortmund and made a great effort to get to Madrid. About Özil, is a privilege to be at his side, having him close. I am happy to have a partner as well".

Would you recommend the signing of Fernando Llorente?
"It is a great player and could be in any major team in Europe, but Madrid is the team where are always the best. No I mean that team has to buy him, because is not my business. Just I say he is an excellent footballer".

What is your opinion about the court fight between UEFA and Real Madrid after the tie with Barcelona in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League?
"I think that Madrid has pictures, facts and reason enough to undertake such actions. Is controversial, but it is not negative. Has been to fight for its rights, not only for us, the players. It has been done for the good of football".

His mother suggested on Twitter that you would sign for Chelsea.
"The truth is that I am in Madrid and want to be in Madrid. My mother will come to a conference to preach in London, but I made ​​it clear I want to play in Madrid next season. I do not think about returning to Brazil, Italy or play in the Premiership. The target is to make an great season with Real".

What would you recommend to Manchester United to beat Barcelona?
"Ferguson is a great coach and knows how to do it. Once he wanted to sign me when I was in Milan and chose to stay. Six months later Milan and I agreed that my leaving to Real Madrid was the best".

What is the summary of his stay in Madrid?
"I've been here for two years. We are a great group, we had a good season and I want to continue. I have a good relationship with Milan and I am proud to have played there, but I want to win titles in Madrid. I am satisfied with the season. We won the Spanish Cup, reached the semifinals of Champions League and finished second in the League".

Real Madrid Girlfriends: Nagore Aramburu (14)

After more than eight years of relationship, the Real Madrid midfielder, Xabi Alonso, and his wife, Nagore Aramburu, still enjoying their life in the capital of Spain with their two sons, Jon and Anne. As mother, Nagore confesses that the time is just not enough: "With kids you never know when you will be able to do things", she says. However, she gets to find time to continue her education.

Xabi Alonso's Wife: Nagore Aramburu

She recently completed a photography course and has returned to classical ballet classes, a discipline that left during her adolescence: "It's beautiful, but with too many sacrifices. I remember that when I was a little girl I went to a ballet school in Germany but I did not like the atmosphere and I left it. Now that my children get older, I would return to my old ways".

As if this was not enough, she claims to be doing a correspondence course at the University of Deusto on "Entrepreneurship and management skills": "Who knows, maybe tomorrow, I can do some business. Fashion attracts me a lot of. Years ago I worked with a tailor in his shop in San Sebastian, Auzmendi. That was craft. But people began to demand more fashionable signatures, Marni and Balenciaga style. And he had to incorporate them".

Xabi Alonso and Nagore Aramburu

Nagore Aramburu remembers how they met: "It was more than eight years ago, we were of the same ring and one night he asked me my mobile phone. I thought he had forgotten his, but he wanted it for something else: he made ​​a call to his cell phone to register my number. The next day he called me, we went to dinner at a lovely restaurant in San Sebastian and then to a jazz club".

And so began a relationship that has lasted until today. Nagore does not regret the years spent in Liverpool. "It was the best choice I made​​. The relationship took a further step. I was working on the production team of a movie, I packed and left it all. For Xabi, play there was something very special. The connection between the fans and team. Even in bad times, the supporters do not whistle the players, they sing You'll Never Walk Alone".


Higuain: "We are very happy for Cristiano"

Gonzalo Higuain took yesterday evening, a flight to Buenos Aires where he will begin to prepare for the "Copa America" which begins July 1. The player has permission of the club and went with some family members.

Higuain at Barajas Airport
Gonzalo Higuain. Madrid-Barajas Airport

In the morning reviewed the Real Madrid today in an event (a meeting with 10 white fans and friends of the musical band '84') and spoke of the record of 38 goals from Cristiano Ronaldo: "We are very happy for him. He deserves the Golden Boot. After seeing the scoring charts, it is not normal to score almost 40 goals, that the team reach almost 90 points and we do not win the championship. This is something unusual".

In reviewing the season, he followed the general line of the whole team, moderate happiness: "We did a good job. It was very important to win the Spanish Cup, but we always aspire to more, but unfortunately could not be". About the future, Higuain talked about one of the new signings for Real Madrid next season: "We expect the contribution of Nuri Sahin could be as important as it has been at Borussia Dortmund".

The Argentine player is already thinking about next season and the commitment he has with Argentina: "For us to win the Copa America would be an enormous enthusiasm and pride". On arrival in Buenos Aires, the white forward will meet with Sergio Batista, Argentina coach, to begin preparing for his "set-up" for this tournament where he wants to recover his best level. Di Maria and Garay also took a plane yesterday to go to Argentina with the permission of Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo: CR38, Pichichi and Golden Boot

The impressive final sprint of the Portuguese, with nine goals in the last three days, has helped him to achieve the impassable barrier of 38 goals, a record first reached by Zarra, in the season 1950-51, and matched by Hugo Sanchez, in the 1989-90. Cristiano reaches a stratospheric figure with one match to play. Against Almería, Portugal striker has the chance to sing 40. Crazy.

Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Boot with ManU
Cristiano Ronaldo: Golden Boot 2007-2008

Against Villarreal, CR7 scored again twice, something that is little more than his specialty. Ronaldo has scored more than one goal on 24 occasions since he is playing for Real Madrid: 16 doubles, six "hat-trick" and two "poker". Moreover, with his goals put Real Madrid ahead of Barcelona as the highest scoring team in the League Championship.

The Portuguese finished consolidating his status as king of goal in Spain and Europe, beating Messi, who follows him by far with 31 goals. The spectacular record of Barcelona player in the League has been dwarfed by Crristiano, who has been a scoring machine throughout the season. But the "Pichichi" and the Golden Boot is not the only what CR7 can rush to Leo. He also scored in Villarreal the 51st goal of the season. The Argentine has scored 52 in all competitions.

Since Hugo Sanchez was the Golden Boot in 1990, an award he shared with Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov, then CSKA Sofia player, any other Real Madrid striker was top scorer in Europe. Cristiano finally will break this jinx. With one match to finish the league, CR7 leads with 38 goals, seven ahead of Messi, who has scored 31 goals, and ten ahead of Di Natale, Udinese striker, who has scored 28 goals in Italian Serie A.

Indeed, overcoming Messi scoring record is another objective of Cristiano within that duel that kept the two best players in the world. After leaving virtually clinched the "Pichichi" and the Golden Boot, he would win another battle in the fight for the Golden Ball. Cristiano will present his credentials to retrieve the prestigious award.

Cristiano is signing the best year of his career. With one match to close down the season, has already surpassed his best record, made ​​with Man. United in the 07-08 season, when he scored 42 goals. This campaign has already accumulated 51: ​​38 League, 6 Champions League and 7 in Spanish Cup. Except in Europe, where his record is 8 goals in a season, CR7 has broken his best numbers in the rest competitions. Definitely Cristiano comes into the history of the Spanish League.


Spanish League (Day 37): Karanka reactions


Aitor Karanka in Villarreal press conference
Aitor Karanka after Villarreal match

"There were three points at stake for us that weren't really going to affect the standings, but there were other motivational factors for us in the game, such as Cristiano Ronaldo's chance to equal an historic record. The three goals we scored tonight make us the top scoring side in the championship. Small motivations allow the team to end the season in top form".

"We gave a very good performance in the first half, but we maybe lacked concentration after half-time given our 2-0 lead. Villarreal played their game. We showcased more quality in the first half and harder work in the second. For a moment, it looked we would draw 2-2, but we eventually won 3-1".

"Frankly, Villarreal have had a very good season. They've qualified for the Champions League thanks to their quality players. They made us suffer at the Bernabeu with their excellent football. They once again proved to be a great side tonight".

"Undiano Mallenco is a referee in the style of Mateu Lahoz. He is impartial and allows teams to play their game. These referees make for better matches because they allow both teams to play football".

"We still have to play one game on Wednesday to help those affected by the Lorca disaster. We are very excited to be able to help them. On Sunday we'll play our final game against Almeria".

Spanish League: Day 37


The incentives are a mysterious business in football, especially when there is no justification for competition. No one knows exactly what led to Real Madrid and Villarreal to engage in a fun and intense game at this point in the spring and nothing to be played in qualifying. Just know that as night fell the local team was activated and the visitor decreased. In the process, Cristiano kicked two fouls. One in every time. Two exhibitions of touch and accuracy. Two strokes to accompany the instep touch and hit the ball a violent effect. Two excuses to get two goals. With the second he added a figure that talks about his extraordinary ability to score: 38 goals in this League tying the Zarra and Hugo Sanchez's record.

Crsitiano tied the top scorer record in Spain
Cristiano and Marcelo scored against Villarreal

Real Madrid started controlling the ball. Xabi, Granero and Kaka controlled the ball in midfield. They are people who help to receive the ball and know return it. Something that seems so simple and that is seen so rarely on this team. Absences of Khedira and Lass contributed to these earthly pleasures. Without his two defensive specialists, Mourinho applied his particular law of compensation: Granero ​played but was protected by a line of five defenders. The invention added people to the midfield, where Marcelo and Arbeloa went up to give the extent necessary to the maneuvers. Madrid squeezed Villarreal, which was lazy at each retreat. The domain, however, was not total.

Marco Ruben did not stop to annoy. He is one of those players excruciatingly competitive. Otherwise does not explain that Xabi Alonso was about to slap him. He did not. By then, Ruben was an hour harassing. In the first minutes of play, Marco Ruben caused an error of coordination between Casillas and Pepe before scoring a goal disallowed due to offside. Then he surprised Pepe on the edge of the area, stole the ball and went to the bottom line to center. Cani was preparing the foot when Pepe, back, cut off the pass. From the corner, Real Madrid made ​​the play of the first goal.

Villarreal threw the corner kick and did not realize the consequences. Its players were negligent and Kaka enabled to Marcelo, who ran 50 meters without having to worry about anything. He scored the opener from a great lobbed shot (16'). The Whites scored a second strike only five minutes later: Kaka was tackled outside the box, a free-kick was awarded, and Ronaldo converted it with a spectacularly powerful shot.

Things changed after half-time. Villarreal stepped up their game and kept possession of the ball for longer periods of time. This resulted in their only goal of the evening, scored by Cani following a great combination between Rossi and Bruno (51'). The match became intense, but Real Madrid looked to hurt their hosts with quick counterattacks, while Villarreal in turn tried to net an equaliser through efforts from Cani and Rossi. However, Ramos, Pepe and Carvalho were solid in defence and put an end to all of the locals' chances.

There was still time for Cristiano Ronaldo to score yet another strike from another set piece. It came on the 92nd minute and allowed him to equal Hugo Sanchez and Zarra's historic record.


Stadium: El Madrigal
Attendance: 22,000
Goals: 0-1, M. 16 Marcelo. 0-2, M. 21 Cristiano. 1-2, M. 51 Cani. 1-3, M. 92 Cristiano.


Preview: Villarreal vs Real Madrid

Villarreal and Real Madrid shields
Villarreal vs Real Madrid

This afternoon at the El Madrigal stadium, Villarreal says goodbye to its fans for this season, a year in which if the trajectory of the team in the League championship had to be defined with one word, this would be "regular". From the fourth day, when team defeated Deportivo (1-0), the yellow set lasted for four days in the second position of the table, in 16 days in the third set, and in 13 days in the fourth that currently occupies.

They are facts ​​to celebrate, to play a game without pressure, to enjoy ... Although mathematically with two games to play has options to reach the third place occupied by Valencia with 67 points, a place that gives direct access to the next UEFA Champions League 2011-12. Villarreal has already secured fourth place with 62 points what allows them to dispute the preview of the Champions League. But the "Yellow Submarine" will want more, especially if they play against Real Madrid.

Or they play against Cristiano? Cristiano Ronaldo's treble against Getafe was his fourth hat-trick of the season and his fifth since joining Real Madrid. The forward, who also has seven braces to his name this year, has 13 multi-goal performances in the 26 matches he has scored in. What's more, he is the first player in the history of La Liga to score three or more goals six times in one season. Romario and Langara shared the record of five.

Ronaldo has played in 52 matches this year (32 in "La Liga", 12 in UCL and 8 in Spanish Cup) and scored in 26 of them, for an average of one goal every two matches. But CR7 doesn't settle once he has found the back of the net. Quite the opposite in fact. Thirteen of the 26 matches he has scored in have been multi-goal performances.

The Madridista forward is sitting on 49 goals this season and 82 since arriving in the Spanish capital in the summer of 2009. Twenty-two times over the last two seasons, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more than one goal in a match (15 braces, 5 hat-tricks and two four-plus goal performances). He has scored in an astounding 49 of the 87 matches (56.3%) played for Real Madrid.

With 235 total goals as a professional footballer, Ronaldo is on the verge of earning his second Golden Boot, his first Pichichi trophy (top scorer in La Liga) and equalling or breaking the 38-goal record for goals in a season set by Zarra and Hugo Sanchez.

Villarreal definitely plays against Ronaldo. In the first round, in the Week 18 on the match played at the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid beat Villarreal 4-2 with three goals from Cristiano. Perhaps a good sign for Real Madrid... and Cristiano.
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