Modric refuses to travel with Tottenham to U.S.A.

Luka Modric is still pressing for the completion of his signing for Real Madrid. The most recent rebellious move on the part of the Croatian player has been to stay behind in land while the Tottenham Hotspur team flies to the United States for a small pre-season tour.

Tottenham team at the airport
Tottenham team at the airport

Modric did not turn up at London's Heathrow Airport to take the plane with the rest of his teammates at twelve mid-day. Neither was he at the Spurs training camp, where the players were to meet up prior to travelling together to the airport. So it would seem that Modric has definitely decided to take radical steps to force Tottenham into letting him go. He wants to be wearing the white Real Madrid jersey next season, and will do everything necessary to make it happen.

Spurs are now aware that the player is set on a move and won't change their mind, so they have to sell him come what may. And Real Madrid is impatiently waiting in the backroom.

The player is not even in London. He left the capital of England on Friday morning, when he was summoned for the second workout of the pre-season. The English club has not known his whereabouts for the past two days. Modric has returned to Croatia, where he waits, with his family and agents, for a transfer to Real Madrid.

Tottenham has already taken action against the refusal of the footballer. Modric faces a heavy penalty of 15,000 pounds (19,000 euros) for each day he refuses to work with his team, with which has contract to 2016 (renewed in 2010 for six years, going to earn 4 million euros net). They are the internal regulations of Tottenham and team will be inflexible. Furthermore, in asking the transfer request, the player will lose his share of the transfer, which in England is stipulated by a private contract clause the players have with their teams.

Legends: Vicente Del Bosque


Vicente Del Bosque (Player)


Vicente del Bosque Gonzalez was born in Salamanca on December 23, 1950. He began to play football in the streets of his native Salamanca. Vicente Del Bosque was gradually showing more interest in football and started to take it seriously. First played little teams as Fatima, Zamorano or Salome. With no preference for any position in the field, Del Bosque always showed an offensive game, bringing his scoring harvest was always important. So much so, that when he played for Salmantino, youth team of Salamanca, played with the jersey number nine.

On August 1, 1968, Vicente del Bosque signed for the Real Madrid youth team, where he remained two seasons to reach the first team in season 1970-71. However, he will not take part of the first team because the club has prepared for him a transfer on loan to take experience.

Then he undertakes a trip to Castellon where he played one season. This teams was playing in the second division. However, the injuries were a problem to Del Bosque. He is operated meniscus and later of the clavicle. Recovered from the injuries he will return to Real Madrid in 1971, but still had to travel a further stage in exile before enjoying the victory with the white team.

After a year in Cordoba, the footballer returns to Castellon in the 1972-73 season and plays his best, concluding an exceptional season and helping the team to rise to the first division. With this, the coaching staff had no doubt that Vicente Del Bosque could be part of Real Madrid first team. Since then he remained in the white team until 1984. Eleven years of brilliant career playing as starter in the team, something not easy in those days, with Netzer, Velazquez and Pirri at Real Madrid.

Due to his offensive game, Vicente Del Bosque always held positions in midfield and forward. He noted for his excellent physique, and his ability to watch football and to organize the team, so that coaches were delaying his position. He won five Spanish league titles and four Cup titles.

Vicente Del Bosque Coach Real Madrid
Vicente Del Bosque (Coach)


Once abandoned the practice of football, Vicente Del Bosque joined the Real Madrid youth teams as coach. In March 1994, made his debut as coach of Real Madrid first team after the sacking of Benito Floro, but manages only a couple of months, then returns to his work with the young players of the club. Likewise, after the dismissal of Jorge Valdano led two games to the first team in early 1996.

Finally, in the 1999-2000 season, the club decided he was to be the coach of the first team in place of John B. Toshack. During the first days of 2000, participated in the first Clubs World Cup. In his four seasons as first team coach, Del Bosque won two Champions League (2000, 2002), two league titles (2001, 2003), a Spain Supercup in 2001, one European Super Cup in 2002 and an Intercontinental Cup in 2002.

After a brief stint in Besiktas and Cadiz, in July 2008 was confirmed his appointment as Spanish national coach to replace Luis Aragones. With Spain wins the World Cup 2010 in South Africa after beating the Netherlands 1-0. On July 1, 2012, just two years after making history by winning the World Cup, managed to score another title under his belt, leading Spain to victory at Euro 2012 against Italy 4-0, becoming the second coach in football history to get a World Championship and an Eurocup. Helmut Schoen was the first.


Real Madrid sells Gago and Canales to Valencia

Valencia and Real Madrid have reached an agreement for the transfer of Fernando Gago and Sergio Canales. The two players had previously given the 'ok' to Valencia for playing on its squad, in the case of Gago for the next four seasons. About Canales, he is going to stop being a loan and become Valencia player for all purposes. Valencia, in fact, made ​​official the hiring of the Argentinian on its website. In selling Canales missing only some details, but in any case Real Madrid reserves an option to repurchase.

Real Madrid sells Gago to Valencia
Fernando Gago. New Valencia player

Valencia pays for Gago 3.5 million euros, while the price agreed for Canales is 8 millions. That is, Real Madrid earns 11.5 million euros with this sale operation.

Fernando Gago, leaves the Real Madrid team after four seasons in the club, although last year he played on loan in Rome. The Argentinian reduces almost a 50 percent his current salary to accept the Valencia's offer. He is already in Valencia and will be presented today at 6:00 pm and is scheduled to join the team's pre-season stage at Marienfeld (Germany) on Saturday. Earlier, at 1:30 pm, the player will pass medical examination at a clinic in Valencia.

Canales finishes his relationship with Real Madrid, although the white club has an option to repurchase. The Spanish midfielder arrived to Mestalla last term on loan for two years. But Valencia wanted to keep him in property, even though he has undergone in the last twelve months two cruciate ligament injuries on the right knee.

Modric: Total rebellion

The status of Luka Modric in Tottenham turns more difficult with the pass of the time after the player has decided to stand firm in his decision. Today he has not submitted to training with the Spurs waiting for the London club accepts his transfer to Real Madrid.

Luka Modric waits for a move to Real Madrid
Luka Modric waits for a move to Real Madrid

If yesterday the Croatian footballer appeared in the facilities of Tottenham but did not take part with his teammates in the training session, today Modric has not even gone to training camps, making it clear the club and the coach that he does not want to play for Tottenham and his only intention is to abandon the squad of the Spurs to move to Real Madrid.

Modric's decision not to submitted to training on Friday comes after yesterday he communicated to Villas-Boas his irrevocable decision to leave Tottenham. Today's behaviour is a step in the player's strategy to play for Real Madrid. The Croatian playmaker has chosen to harden the negotiations and his objective is that the situation can be resolved before Saturday to avoid having to travel with Tottenham to the U.S.A. tour.

Although the English team is willing to give in and allow the player's transfer, the economic differences between the clubs are still important, for now: the Spurs are adamant in their request for 45 million euros compared with the 35 millions to which Real Madrid is willing to offer.

Yesterday André Villas-Boas pointed that despite the interest from Real Madrid to hire Luka Modric, the Croatian "is still, for all purposes, a Tottenham player". In this regard, the Portuguese insisted that "The amount of money for his transfer should be fair. Until then Luka will not move from Spurs".


Fabinho to play for Real Madrid Castilla

Real Madrid Castilla already has substitute for Carvajal. The white club formalized yesterday the transfer (on loan) for a season with an option of purchase of the player Fabio Henrique Tavares, Fabinho, Brazilian right-back, 18, who arrives from Rio Ave, Portuguese team.

Fabinho training with Real Madrid
Fabinho training with Real Madrid

Fabinho began his career with 12 years in the Paulinas team until February 2011 when he joined Fluminense at zero cost after highlighting in Sao Paulo Junior Cup. Ney Franco, Under-20 coach of Brazil, called him for the Eight Nations Tournament in South Africa, where he was one of the captains of the 'canarinha'. Represented by Jorge Mendes, the famous Portuguese agent took him in June along with another player (Filipe Augusto) to Rio Ave, where he signed a contract for six years. Even without debut in Portugal, moves now to Madrid. Mendes himself was yesrerday at the Bernabeu Stadium to finalize Fabinho's contract details with white club.

Right-back with long haul, with a powerful stride, and especially with amazing physical conditions: 1.87 meters tall and 78 kilograms, yesterday afternoon trained in Valdebebas Sports City with the first team and other youth team players called by Mourinho.

Real Madrid has accelerated in recent days the efforts to begin to give new players to Toril in his career as coach of R.M. Castilla in the Spanish Second Division. The club is working during this week to close the contracts of two Spanish players that will involve a cost of nearly 3 million euros. One of them could be Borja García, right midfielder of Cordoba, 21.

Luka Modric: Face to face with Villas-Boas for the first time

Today was the day. After many holidays and much speculation about his future, Luka Modric have done just that Real Madrid wanted him to do: inform, face to face, Tottenham about his desire to leave the club and, if possible, join the squad of Real Madrid.

Luka Modric training with Tottenham for the first time 2012-2013 season
Luka Modric training with Tottenham

Luka Modric has joined this morning the Tottenham Hotspur training camp. At 9:30, an hour and a half ahead of schedule, the Croatian player, wished by Real Madrid, came to the old training camps of the English team to meet face to face with the new coach of the Spurs, the Portuguese Andre Villas-Boas. They have gathered and Modric told him about his strong intention to leave Tottenham to join Real Madrid.

The Croatian international came to training at the wheel of a black Bentley. Once inside the facility, Modric has met with Villas-Boas for the first time since the coach was appointed the new manager of Tottenham.

At that meeting, the player has confirmed his decision to leave the squad of the English side for the sole purpose of being transferred to Real Madrid. Modric has made ​​known to the Portuguese coach that his decision is final and can not be reversed, so also has asked Villas-Boas to facilitate the operation and to avoid hampering his departure.

Then, perhaps there will come a time when former Dynamo Zagreb player will also meet Daniel Levy, chairman of Tottenham. Levy is going to be tough in his economic demands on the possible transfer of the Croatian playmaker. The leader will say Modric that if Real Madrid wants him, the price will not be less than 35 million pounds (44 million euros), at least at this point in the summer when there is more than a month to the end of the market.

Both clubs, it seems, will try to play with time becuase they think it runs it for their respective interests. Tottenham will manage the possible move without haste, but is aware that in the end the player will end up leaving. Real Madrid, meanwhile, will use the presence of Modric in London as leverage against Tottenham. Starting today, begins another chapter of this story.


Gonzalo Higuain: "Modric is a good player"

Gonzalo Higuain gave the first press conference of the preseason. He revealed that the meeting with Mourinho and the love of the Bernabeu fans were key to stay and spoke of the coming season.

Gonzalo Higuain
Gonzalo Higuain

How are you approaching this new year?
"This year I am able to start work at the beginning of the preseason and I am really looking forward to it. I feel strong. I hope this season is as good or even better than last year's, and that we achieve our individual and collective objectives. I am as excited as the first day I arrived here and looking forward to winning titles."

What did you feel after the rumors about your leaving?
"I am well aware of the club I am at and who I play with. I am relaxed. The shirt my teammates gave me at the end of the campaign was not a farewell gift; I asked them to sign it as a memento. The affection my teammates and the fans had for me gave me strength to stay on. I only thought about the team throughout the season. Everyone's affection after the last match was beautiful; I had never experienced something like it."

What Mourinho said to convince you to stay?
"That is our business, I will not say anything. Mourinho talked to me and the support of my family and my teammates gave me strength to stay on and be optimistic for the coming season."

After two days of training, how do you feel?
"There are few of us here now. Most will return in the next few days. This season will be tough and long, but the squad looks optimistic and ready to do well. I hope the campaign proves to be fruitful for us."

Mourinho will sit on the bench in the Super Cup matches. What do you think?
"It is always special for us to see Mourinho on our bench and I'm glad he can coach us in the Spanish Super Cup. It is a good thing for us the two matches ban was eliminated."

Barcelona was also annoyed by some things that happened last season...
"We scored 121 goals, won at Camp Nou and achieved unprecedented things. It was a spectacular season for us. We deserved the Spanish league title."

What player would you give the Golden Ball (Ballon d'Or)?
"I don't decide who wins the Ballon d'Or. Those who deserve it will win."

What do you know about Luka Modric? What do you think?
"I saw him at the European Championships and at Tottenham. He is a good player. It seems that the club is interested in him. I wish both clubs reach an agreement to close the transfer as quickly as possible if it is for the good of the team."

Modric does not want to travel to the U.S.A. with Tottenham

Luka Modric still enjoying his last days of holiday in Croatia while the machinery of Real Madrid awaits the arrive of the player to London to see how events evolve there. The midfielder and his agents still harbor hopes that the player does not have to appear tomorrow in his first scheduled training workout with the Spurs, although it is certain that the playmaker will travel to London.

Tottenham's official store with Luka Modric jersey
Tottenham's official store

All sources of the English media stated that the Modric's desire is that the agreement between Real Madrid and Tottenham can be reached as soon as possible. The Croatian wish it was before Saturday because that's when the English club will travel to the U.S.A for its pre-season stage and Luka Modric does not want to travel there in any way.

The transfer of Luka Modric to Real Madrid is close, but the English club will harden the road. It is not going to be easy, and less at this time of summer. The economic difference, which is the only obstacle to close the transfer is not so great, but Tottenham is not going to give the player when there is still a month and a half to the end of the market. And above all, considering they are talking about a player with contract until 2016, meaning that Tottenham is in no hurry to close the transfer unless Real Madrid pays the money that Daniel Levy, president of Spurs, wants and desires.

We must remember also that the club in North London did not sell the Croatian player last season by a dramatic amount of money. Chelsea then offered 40 million pounds, not euros but pounds, around 50 million euros. And Levy said no. A lot, then. It is true that this summer the situation is different. Tottenham are willing to sell, for a high price of course, but it is receptive.

Luka Modric will speak today Wednesday or Thursday morning, with the leaders and coach of the London team; the Portuguese coach Andre Villas-Boas already gives up. Luka will try to press, something that he did last year and that it was useless, because then Tottenham did not want to transfer the player. Now the situation has changed. The club also welcomes the fact that this summer, at least for now, the Croatian player has not submitted the always annoying transfer request, a formality by which a player formally asks his home club to let him go. And Luka is going to leave, but in good way, even at the base of many millions agreed.


Gago and Carvalho: Farther and farther

Fernando Gago and Ricardo Carvalho were the two protagonists this Monday at the turn of Real Madrid to work to start the preseason. Both the Argentine and the Portuguese know that they have their feet out of the Real Madrid and yesterday it was again clearly demonstrated.

Fernando Gago
Fernando Gago

The midfielder even arrived later than his companions to Valdebebas facilities. In fact, Gago then trained alone in the Sports City, as happened during the preseason last year with players like Pedro Leon and Drenthe, who ended up leaving the club destined to Getafe and Everton respectively.

Gago has been training during the summer with a personal trainer in Rome with the idea of ​​getting in the best possible conditions in the return to training. But his mind was far from joining Real Madrid at this point in July. The Argentina international has offers from Rome and Boca Juniors, and expects that Real Madrid (he has one year left on his contract) offers him advantageous conditions to realize his leaving.

Meanwhile, the club's website reported that the absence of Carvalho was allowed by the coaching staff, which would have given him permission. The veteran center defender is deciding his destination, but has every chance to end away from the Santiago Bernabeu.

So Mourinho continues to work with 19 players: Varane, Lass, Sahin, Granero, Kaka, Callejon, Higuain, Di Maria, Morata, Ivan, Mateos, Juanfran, Nacho, Casado, Rios, Alex, Mosquera, Lucas and Cheryshev. In addition, the goalkeepers Adan, Jesus and Pacheco.

Seven Real Madrid players to win the European Player award

At Euro 2012 Real Madrid had ten players in the semifinals (5 from Spain, 3 in Portugal and 2 from Germany) and it was the most reliable clue about what was perceived as last season: the cyclical change between Real Madrid and Barcelona. UEFA yesterday gave more arguments for this reflection making public the 32 players who in its judgment have deserved to win the Best European Player of the season award.

UEFA Best Player in Europe Trophy
UEFA Best Player in Europe Trophy

UEFA, to make these assessments, bases its designations on the performances of the players in the Champions League and their national leagues, but in 2012 the Euro has scored a lot, which explains that there are eight members of the Spanish team that defeated Italy at the Euro final: Iker Casillas, Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Silva and Torres.

What is significant is that the team with the most nominations is the coached by Mourinho. The seven players chosen are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Özil, Pepe and Coentrao. It so happens that Modric is also nominated for his good season at Tottenham, so if Real Madrid signs him, as it looks, the white team would have 8 players on the list. Barcelona has some players nominees (4): Messi, Xavi, Cesc and Iniesta. Have dropped from the lists some players who years ago were fixed; Alves, Pique and Busquets.

At this new trend also underlies the fight for the Golden Ball, which will be decided among four players from both teams: Casillas, Messi, Cristiano and Iniesta. A change cycle that is observed looking at last year's award for Best Player in Europe. It was won by Messi, Xavi second, fourth was Pique and Iniesta ninth. Cristiano, third, was the only Real Madrid player in the Top Ten. In 2011, the UEFA Dream Team had three white players (Iker, Marcelo and Cristiano) and five Catalans (Alves, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi). Now, nominations for prestigious awards begin to stain in white.

Among the 32 nominees there is a player who is a pride for the Real Madrid fans: Raul Gonzalez. His amazing season at Schalke, 20 goals, that left the German team qualified for the Champions League, has been valued by the UEFA. Raul, 35 years old, who was captain of Real Madrid gets a recognition of his professionalism.


Two million euros separate Modric from Real Madrid

Modric is a short walk from Real Madrid. Specifically, 2 million euros away. The numbers are about to be clear in the negotiations that white team and Tottenham have had longstanding. Or what is the same, the player is about to go to Valdebebas Sports City to train with Mourinho's squad.

Luka Modric

The clubs are closer than ever to sign the transfer. In the case of a transaction of this magnitude, will be about 40 million euros, only a small detail about the transfer price in the sale of the player separates Modric from the Santiago Bernabeu.

Tottenham has set two options on the table to give the green light. The first is that Real Madrid pays 40 million euros hard cash. The other, rises to 42 million, but with some differences: the price would be 35 million euros, plus another seven in variable charge based on a series of targets, such as matches played by Modric or titles achieved by Real Madrid.

With the first option discarded by the white club, the pulse is now in the second. Real Madrid does not agree with some figures proposed by Tottenham. Rea Madrid accepts the fixed part, 35 million euros, but stays in 5 million in cash to be paid by variables. The British team understood that the variable part is a deferred payment and wants 7 million. That's the last battle right now.

Real Madrid continues its strategy to 'mature' the signing to get as close as possible to that which has always been its initial position: 35 million euros. A costly task, but it has been paying off given that Tottenham requested 50 millions in the first contact. What is clear, knowing the state of negotiations, is that, sooner or later, the transfer is going to be. Because the other part of the operation, which refers to the agreement with the player, has been resolved long ago.

The midfielder will charge 4.5 million euros net per season and will be located on the second step of the Real Madrid players, with Benzema, Xabi Alonso, Özil and then some. Above, only Cristiano, Kaka and Casillas. Another proof that Modric has both feet on the Real Madrid is that Tottenham is already looking where to invest the money it will get for the Croatian international. While trying to scrape the last million, the English club is moving to find a substitute player. And the one chosen by the coach, Villas-Boas, is Moutinho.

Real Madrid 2012-2013: The champion is already underway

Real Madrid, Spanish Champion 2011/12, has returned to work this Monday. And despite being the first day of work, Mourinho does not let up. At 8:15 a.m. the squad was summoned for medical examinations, but there was no time to lose. After testing, Mourinho had scheduled a breakfast and the first training session as first contact with the grass. The first training began at 10 in the morning. The players will return in the afternoon for a second session at 5:30 p.m.

Real Madrid 2012-2013 first training
Real Madrid 2012-2013 first training

Mourinho has had 11 first team players: Adan, Jesus (goalkeeper), Varane, Lass, Sahin, Granero, Kaka, Di Maria, Callejon, Higuain and Morata are the players that have been in Valdebebas Sports City. Some players from the youth teams have joined the first training. Missing the 11 players who played in Euro 2012 (Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, Coentrao, Khedira, Ozil, Casillas, Arbeloa, Albiol, Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso) and Marcelo, who is training with Brazil to play the Olympics. Ricardo Carvalho and Fernando Gago have not gone to Valdebebas. Mourinho has gave them a few days to resolve their future.

The goal of the coach is clear: players have to adapt to the dynamics of training during the first days. As usual Morunho is going to be very aware of how his players have come back after more than 50 days of vacation. It was a long time off, so technicians prepared a work plan for players in order to not gain weight on vacation and maintain optimal physical conditions.
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