Real Madrid to wear its green kit in Seville

"I hope we see a good game and I wish the green team to win the match". Even Mourinho commented twice in the press conference, the color of the shirt that Real Madrid will wear today: "We'll see if green shirts are good for us", said too. It's the new and exotic jersey that Adidas has released this season after the success of the last red (sold out all stock manufactured by the German brand). It is dark green, with the details (the logo, the bands, embroidery, name and number) in shiny silver.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo, Ramos and Kaka with the Real Madrid green jersey
New Real Madrid green jersey (2012-2013)

The new Real Madrid shirt stands out due to its retro design and dark green colours but the shirt also includes a legend commemorating the 110th anniversary in the underside of the neck. Will be on sale from next Monday at all dealers.

The idea of the white team is this; The green shirt is going to be the second kit in the Champions League and the third in the Spanish League and Cup matches but will play several league championship games with the green shirt to promote it. So yesterday Friday, Adidas announced that Real Madrid will wear its green third kit this Saturday (10 pm -CET-) in its Spanish league game against Sevilla at the Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium.

This season will be the first time that Real Madrid will play with green color at official meetings althought the team wore a green jersey one time in its history. In the summer of 1965, Real Madrid toured American soil in order to prove its new additions. The team visited Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and the United States. Precisely in the Venezuelan country there was a meeting that went unnoticed at the time, but it was important for the history of Real Madrid. In Caracas, Real Madrid had to wear green because the Argentine team, River Plate, its rival that day (August 25) wore white.

Preview: Sevilla - Real Madrid (Spanish League Day 4)

The Spanish League calls for its time after two weeks of national team matches, and does so with one of the highlighted matches of the championship: Sevilla vs Real Madrid. And this time also seems to come with more force than ever because Sevilla is in good shape, which adds a little more excitement and drama to a clash that has everything in itself. And, although Sevilla has not started the best course of its history neither Real Madrid is doing. For though White team won the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona, in the League has offered its most vulgar face, losing against Getafe and winning against Granada what could not wash completely its poor image.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal at Seville
Cristiano Ronaldo

Furthermore, these FIFA dates have greatly benefited Sevilla. Because they had a less compressed preseason and they have not had to play more games than the league (Real Madrid played two more matches against Barcelona at the Super Cup). Michel, a former Real Madrid player and current Sevilla coach) has only lost four players during these two weeks, while Real Madrid has lost 17 players. Thus, the white team has trained only three days at full strength while the Seville was able to play two friendly matches to continue to find its best pace.

And if all this was not enough, the Real Madrid gets immersed in one of the biggest problems in recent years. Cristiano Ronaldo went to Portugal to play with his national team after saying he was "sad" for professional reasons, and since then have not stopped appearing rumors on the possible causes of his sadness; he had a bad relationship with Marcelo, he did not feel beloved, Real Madrid did not pay him enough, or he had an opened war against Mourinho. Each worse, obviously.

And not just by the problem itself, whatever it was. But because since then it seems that everything in the Real Madrid turns solely on that. What is one more problem to add to the lack of concentration that can exist after the national team matches. Not surprisingly, this Thursday Iker Casillas, Xabi Alonso and Alvaro Arbeloa participated in several promotional events before taking the official photo of the course 2012-2013, and Cristiano Ronaldo was the only theme in all these meetings.

By the way, Cristiano Ronaldo will go back to Sanchez Pizjuan after scoring seven goals in the last two games there. What is certainly the best news for Real Madrid, that on the one hand wants to know what happens to its best forward, but otherwise is wishing forget to re-view the best version of Cristiano, the player who led the last two 2-6 against Sevilla in the Andalusian capital.

A result that Michel is confident that will not be repeated again this Saturday: "Now at last, we are a team. If I have to bet, I would bet that we will beat Real Madrid", he said this week. Sevilla coach will have Fazio and Perotti under his commands. Both players already exercised on Thursday's training with the rest of the group. At Real Madrid Fabio Coentrao is banned so Mourinho will play with Marcelo. Nacho Fernandez, the youth team player, played yesterday with Castilla.

Expected Starting Lineups
  • Sevilla: Palop, Cicinho, Botia, Spahic, Navarro, Rakitic, Medel, Trochowski, Navas, Negredo, Manu.
  • Real Madrid: Casillas, Arbeloa, Ramos, Pepe, Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Khedira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Özil, Di Maria, Higuain.


Raphael Varane is also sad in Real Madrid

Much has been made of the sadness of Cristiano Ronaldo, but there is another Real Madrid player who is having very bad moments and he does not say anything publicly. Is Raphael Varane. For the first time since joining the white team last season, the young Frenchman is realizing that his dream of succeeding at the highest level is suffering an unexpected break and his performance in the field are being severely affected. In his first season with Madrid, the central defender played more minutes than he thought (1,222). Even played a few games at a very high level and received numerous compliments.

Varane at the Real Madrid bench alonside Kaka
Varane at the bench with Mourinho and Kaka

During the preseason, Jose Mourinho returned to trust him and Raphael Varane got two happy news so he thought he would succeed immediately. First, he received the number 2 jersey from Carvalho. A significant number of those who often play at the starting lineups. And soon after, Deschamps, the new France coach, called him for the first time for a friendly match with his national team (against Uruguay). Deschamps, the first Frenchman who lifted the World Cup then commented that he was convinced that Varane would enjoy many more minutes with Real Madrid this season. The former Lens players was elated and the drop has been harder. Because since then only bad news have arrived.

In Madrid, he has not played any official match and is alternating the bench and the stands. Even the Pepe's injury (a blow to the head) offered him the chance to showcase his talent, but Albiol was chosen by Mourinho. Didier Deschamps has not returned to summon him and Varane has stepped back having to play with the Under-21 French team for two games (Slovakia and Chile) where he was seen wandering in the field and without his usual smile. His teammates said they seemed depressed and in France, some are already talking about the need for a transfer on loan in January. Varane needs a new hope. Mourinho knows what he has to do.

Real Madrid squad asks for a spokesperson to defend them

From the sadness of Cristiano Ronaldo and the multiple causes of it, has transcended a situation that not only worries Ronaldo. Other teammates, with importance in the dressing room, think there is a problem to solve: the absence of a weight spokesman to defend them unconditionally when necessary.

Florentino Perez with the Real Madrid captains
Florentino Perez with the Real Madrid captains

In one of the talks that have taken place in the last hours in Valdebebas, Cristiano Ronaldo complained to team captains and to other colleagues of the squad that there is no one at the club to protect them against the media attacks, especially at the end of the matches. For example, when CR7 has suffered insults, persecution by the opposing team or an opponent criticized him vehemently, the Portugues has missed an authoritative voice to talk to the media for a defense.

A view shared by some of his companions, who at certain times of the season have missed that figure, now played by Emilio Butragueño. However, the profile of 'El Buitre' does not respond to what is requested from the locker room, as the director of institutional relations avoids polemics. In that way, some people miss the figure of Jorge Valdano at the role of spokesman. The Argentinian was heard at the end of each meeting, and his words sounded louder. He also had praise for the players.

It is true that Mourinho fulfills that role. His speech, of course, is good for the squad. He usually defends his players unconditionally. But it is also true that the Portuguese coach is measuring, more than ever, his public appearances, so the shield of Mourinho is not always there. It is also considered in the locker room that when Aitor Karanka is coming to the press conference, his words do not have the same importance althought the content, how it could not be otherwise, is exactly the same.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez: Cold meeting

Florentino Perez and Cristiano Ronaldo met in Valdebebas Sport City during the shooting of the official photo of the squad. It was a cold meeting between them. They greeted each other with a hug: warm by Florentino Perez and very cold by Cristiano Ronaldo. Rather the forward glanced the presidente while he had his arms folded. Florentino Perez picked him in the back and said something to him with a half smile. The president wanted normality and the player virtually ignored him. Realmadrid TV cameras and one of the club photographers witnessed the moment.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez Cold meeting
Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez (Realmadrid TV)

There ware no more talks or gestures. There were three seconds as the cameras of the white club captured. In the pitch they did not speak. For the official photograph, Cristiano stood behind Florentino and beside Mourinho. The Portuguese player were chatting and joking with Xabi Alonso, who was on his left. The Spanish midfielder had publicly called the Golden Ball for him yesterday's morning.

It was eleven days they did not talk, since September 2 before the Real Madrid-Granada match. There was a slope talk between them, but did not occur. In the club say the problem is over -"It's as if nothing had happened"- said some authoritative voices yesterday. Mourinho thought the same after the talk he had with the player on Wednesday. That same day Cristiano also wanted to end the issue with an ambiguous statement: "I wish to reaffirm that I'm not worried about my contract, my only goal is to win every game and every trophy with the indispensable help of my teammates and all Madridistas".


Real Madrid squad supports Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid squad supports Cristiano Ronaldo, a full support and seamless that his teammates, Alvaro Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso, have expressed today. During a publicity event this afternoon to present the new Adidas boots that they will use this season and in which also participated Iker Casillas, both players have shown their support for the Portuguese star and have assured the fans of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will support Cristiano Ronaldo more than before.

Xabi Alonso and Arbeloa with the new Adidas boots
Xabi Alonso and Arbeloa at the Adidas event

Both wanted to close the matter and explained how Cristiano was received in Wednesday's training session: "I did not see him very sad, I imagine it will be something personal, but we are close to him to help" said Arbeloa, who also commented: "I do not know where it came that there was a meeting. When we saw Cristiano we asked him how he was, he said well and all together had a good training. I think it was a temporary situation that has ended".

And Xabi Alonso said: "It is too exaggerated throughout the media issue. I understand that you have to sell a story, but the journalistic time is different to the football time. I see it as usual. When we were in training we asked for our fitness, by how we had played with our respective national teams. The subject was brought up with absolute naturalness and we started to think about Saturday's match".

About the reception that the Real Madrid fans could give Cristiano Bernabeu on Tuesday in the Champions League match against City, both believe that the Portuguese will have all the support: "The Bernabeu crowd likes to have a lethal and decisive player like Cristiano who has the goal in his boots" said Alonso, while Arbeloa commented: "Cristiano is an elite player, a reference in the field and people will applaud him more than before".

Furthermore, both Alonso and Arbeloa think that the Portuguese forward deserves the Golden Ball. “I'd be really pleased if it went to him, or if another teammate won it”, explained the Whites' number 14. “I think that Cristiano deserves it. He's scored a lot of goals and won titles”, added Arbeloa.

Real Madrid: New color for the away jersey (Third kit)

As happened last season, Real Madrid will have a unusual colored shirt with little history in the white club. This year, Adidas, the sports brand that dresses the Real Madrid, has designed a jersey whose main color is green. In principle, and as happened last year, is intended to be the away kit in the new edition of the Champions League which starts next Tuesday, and the third for the other competitions (Spanish League and Cup). The away jersey for the Spanish competitions will be dark blue to replace the black of the last seasons.

Xabi Alonso wearing the Real Madrid green jersey 2012-2013
Xabi Alonso wearing the Real Madrid green jersey

Although it may seem a novelty, Real Madrid already wore a shirt with this color in its more than a hundred years of history, it was in 1965. However, on that occasion was a forced situation, because of the matching in colores with River Plate, its rival in a friendly match at that time.

In the summer of 1965, Real Madrid toured American soil in order to prove its new additions. The team visited Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and the United States. Precisely in the Venezuelan country there was a meeting that went unnoticed at the time, but it was important for the history of Real Madrid. In Caracas, Real Madrid had to wear green because the Argentine team, River Plate, its rival that day (August 25) wore white.

The story is that those shirts were loaned by the organization to play the match because the Madridista expedition had only white shirts to play the last match of the tour in South America. The match ended in a draw (1-1), and the Real Madrid goal was scored by Juan Bautista Agüero, a new Paraguayan player transfered from Sevilla.

So this season will be the first time that Real Madrid will play with green color at official meetings. White team previously has worn blue shirts, purple, black, gray and red. This season will look green. Green, hoping to achieve the Champions League. The Tenth. The dream that all Madridistas have for this season.

This green jersey will replace the red jersey that Real Madrid players wore throughout last season, after retrieving it from the 70's, when team played three games in European competitions using that color. The novelty of the color was quickly accepted by the entire squad and even the shirt came to be called the 'lucky shirt', because the team did not lose a match wearing it; In the European premiere against Dinamo Zagreb or in league competition (Valencia, Sevilla, Rayo, Betis, etc). It was not used in the Spanish Super Cup nor in the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey).


Higuain wins the battle against Benzema

Gonzalo Higuain has started the season in great physical shape. Neither cross the ocean alters his scoring routines. He has scored two goals in two games with Argentina, which are added to the four he achieved in the five games played with Real Madrid in official competitions.

Higuain playing for Argentina celebrates a goal
Higuain has scored six goal this season

His average scoring is the best of a Real Madrid player, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo himself, who has five goals: one with Portugal (against Luxembourg), two in the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona and two in the league, against Granada. 'Pipita' has scored one more goal: two for his country, one in the Spanish Super Cup, which could be two or three more and three in the Spanish league. In the Spanish Championship, is all regularity: a goal a game.

A total of six goals in seven games. Even Leo Messi (one goal more in the season) surrenders to the effectiveness of his compatriot, who has hunted Luis Suarez leading the scoring charts in South American qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil: both have six goals, two more than Messi and three above Radamel Falcao, fashionable striker. The 'Tiger' now has eight goals, six with Atletico and two with Colombia, despite not scoring in the first matchday in Spain (the match Atletico-Betis was postponed because of the European Super Cup).

At Real Madrid, Higuain's figures contrast with those of Benzema. The Frenchman, a player with a more combinative football, contributed a significant amount of goals (31) in the last campaign, in which the white team broke all scoring records. However, this course has not yet scored: no goals for Real Madrid nor for his national team. In fact, Jose Mourinho has opted more for Higuain (the Argentinian has started four games with Real Madrid while Benzema only started two) at the time of making the white starting lineup. On Saturday, against Sevilla, Gonzalo Higuain, backed by his six goals, seems to have an advantage to start again.

Cristiano Ronaldo will face today with Mourinho

Cristiano Ronaldo rejoins today to training with Real Madrid after his international commitments with Portugal and will face Mourinho for the first time since the forward made ​​public on September 2 that he was "sad" in Madrid. Mourinho did not like that player's statement to the media and now he can talk to Cristiano for the first time. Mourinho wanted to make it easy to Cristiano because has been playing for Portugal this week therefore preferred to wait for the player back to Madrid to talk to him and try to solve the problems led him to lose the joy in Madrid. That meeting will occur in today's training (5:00 pm -CET-).

Cristiano training in front of Mourinho
Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho

The strategy designed by Real Madrid to eliminate all the edges of the problem begins with Mourinho and the face to face with his compatriot. Setubal coach will try to convince Cristiano that the white club cares and wants him. With a key issue: propaganda facing the Golden Ball (Ballon d'Or).

Mourinho will explain to Ronaldo that Real Madrid can not fully support him in his bid for the Golden Ball when other teammates are in the same run for the trophy; Iker Casillas (Spain and Real Madrid captain who grew up in the white club youth teams) and Sergio Ramos (Spanish player) both world champions. Which is not to say that the club is not going to support him in his career to regain the throne he held in 2008. However, in no way Mourinho will ensure him a raise in his contract. However, Cristiano denied through a statement issued on 4 September, the clash of interests had its origin in economic reasons.

Mourinho knows how to handle his player. So he will show to Cristiano all his support but is not going to tell him how important is for the team, because he knows. Moruinho will try to convince Critiano to focus on the sport to the next two games to be coming to Whites; Sevilla and Manchester City.

But Mourinho will also reprimand Cristiano. The way chosen by the Portuguese player was not the best to show his discontent. About discipline, Mourinho is the boss and Real Madrid would like Cristiano to perform some public statement to show his commitment with the club's project. Mourinho knows Cristiano and knows how to manage him.


Carvalho returned to training with Real Madrid

Ricardo Carvalho returned to training with Real Madrid and Mourinho after 117 days. The last time the central defender was with the first team was in the friendly against Kuwait national team (0-2) on May 16. Since then he has been away from the first team. He did not make the preseason with Real Madrid and was working alone in Oporto. The center-back had the excuse that it was looking team, but he continues in Madrid.

Carvalho with his teammates training in Madrid
Carvalho training with the first team

Mourinho said in a press conference that the player would not have opportunities to play: "He must decide whether to keep playing or he prefers to stay in Madrid and ends his career". Markets were closed in half of Europe with Carvalho working with Real Madrid Castilla. Then there was the option of Galatasaray (Turkey market closed on September 5), but did not respond to the offer. With this situation, Real Madrid had to enroll him both for Spanish League and Champions League (he will play with the number 11 on the Real Madrid jersey) to avoid legal problems.

Carvalho, who has one year left on his contract with a salary of 3 million euros, returned to the first team without international players (Only Adan, Jesus, Callejon, Essien, Morata and Kaka are players of the first team). Seven players from Real Madrid Castilla completed the squad for the workout: Casado, Mateos, Fabinho, Jose Rodriguez, Alex, Mosquera and Oscar Plano.

Carvalho's case is very similar to Kaka's, who also exercised on Monday under the supervision of Mourinho. The Brazilian was also at the exit door this summer, but will eventually dress the white shirt one more season.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Contract extension underway

Real Madrid will face the contract extension of Cristiano Ronaldo. After several previous contacts, the club aims to give a step ahead in the negotiation to review and extend the contract of Portuguese star. The first steps were taken some time ago and the idea is definitely close it as soon as possible.

Cristiano Ronaldo with Florentino Perez
Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez

It will be part of a cordial meeting with the player. Real Madrid wants to sit with him, listen to him and try to find answers to his demands. To extend the contract is just an exercise in good will with him to feel valued, but what really matters is recover the person. Cristiano made ​​it clear that it was not about money and Real Madrid will turn to solve all the problems that overwhelm the Portuguese. This is pamper and shield him.

That is why the club wants to make a move as soon as possible, ideally tomorrow. There will be a meeting with Florentino Perez, Jose Angel Sanchez, Jorge Mendes, and the player himself, who will also talk to Mourinho. The club will tell him that can count on them and they will help him in everything he needs to feel comfortable and loved. The climax will be to communicate him the intention of reactivating the renewal, a final gesture of unconditional support to the player.

But in the same way that white president wants to listen to the Portuguese forward, the player will also have to do the same with the white president, who has not liked absolutely nothing the image that has been given.

Returning to the issue of the contract extension, white team wants to close the agreement as soon as possible. However, it would not be released until the end of the season. Club and player agree that, after recent events, the renewal could be misinterpreted when it was managed since months ago. Real Madrid would be accused of yielding to pressure from Cristiano and the Portuguese player of forcing it.

The terms of the new contract are yet to be defined, either in pay or time. Real Madrid will make a great economic effort to place Cristiano in the salary step that deserves its status as global star; the player wants 15 million euros net per year. A huge sacrifice considering that the player will lose his tax privilege and his contribution will be doubled; 52% of his salary, muffled by the succulent economic (and sporting) benefits generated by Cristiano Ronaldo. With respect to the time, Real Madrid wants to sign Cristiano until he retires from football.

Away from the controversy generated by the CR7 words, the truth is that for some time Real Madrid wants to join its star for a long time. His continuity is a priority and strategic and, in this way, the alarms turned on when the player expressed his anger. In his meeting with Florentino before the Granada match, Cristiano showed his discomfort and said that if the feeling was mutual, there would not be problems because Real Madrid would easily recover the investment made to sign him and more, he said. That is, opened the door to his leaving.

Following that, has been spoken of the possibility that Cristiano Ronaldo received an dizzying offer. His agent denies it and say that there was no offer on the table at the meeting with Florentino Perez, but the white club suspects something and points to PSG.


Cristiano: Summit with Mourinho and Florentino

The FIFA dates have postponed the earthquake, but this week all parties will resume the case. The challenge launched by Cristiano Ronaldo on September 2 making public his "sadness" due to issues "that people in the club know" will have an answer from the white club after the return of the Portuguese player appearances for his country. Portugal faces tomorrow Azerbaijan, in Braga, and the idea of the President and Mourinho is to talk personally with Cristiano after his return Madrid, probably on Wednesday.

Cristiano sad after scoring against Granada
Cristiano after scoring against Granada last matchday

Both Florentino Perez as Mourinho know that the importance and hierarchy of the player in the sports project for the next few years, requires resolving a situation that has given rise to all kinds of arguments in the search for the origin of the conflict. Cristiano denied in a statement last Tuesday that the clash of interests had an economic root, but it has emerged that there was a desire of the player to see expanded and improved his contract, which ends in 2015. This summer Di Maria, Arbeloa, Albiol and Higuain have renewed something that has not helped ease the longing for Cristiano, who in June said his dream would "retire from football in Madrid".

The club had a financing plan for the "Cristiano Operation". It was to sale Kaka on the market in summer (Mourinho himself informed him he was not going to play for Real Madrid), what would have been a great savings due to the high salary of the Brazilian (charges 27 million euros net until 2015). But really there were no bidders for the 2007 Ballon d'Or. Nor should we forget the changing of the tax regime in Spain. The contracts to be signed from now will force clubs to pay 52% in taxes, instead of the 24% that pay existing contracts. Cristiano Ronaldo, while these circumstances have increased delaying, has seen how his rank among the highest paid players has declined in the global list, despite being the best player in the world, alongside Messi.

Cristiano also believes that the club does not use its weapons of propaganda (media, institutional support) with the same fervor that Barcelona with Messi. He considers it leaves him in a disadvantage to fight for prizes like the Golden Ball and the UEFA Player of the Year. But Iker Casillas is another candidate for the Ballon d'Or and the club can not choose Cristiano publicly. "We are proud to have two candidates for the Ballon d'Or on the squad. It would not be logical to opt for one of them" board members say in the offices of the Bernabéu Stadium.

Anyway, Florentino and Mourinho are ready to resolve the conflict at the summit on Wednesday, before they get the next two (and transcendental) matches, against Sevilla on Saturday (10:00 pm -CET-), and against Manchester City at the start of the Champions League on Tuesday 18 (8:45 pm). That will be the key day. Cristiano will meet the white fans for the first time after his words. It seems that Real Madrid supporters will help the player but in the past this kind of statements were punished. Mourinho will also tell his player that he disliked his way of showing his displeasure with the club. We will see.


Luka Modric celebrates today his happiest birthday

Luka Modric celebrates today with his team his 27th birthday. The happiest of his career after being signed for Real Madrid, where he will complete his contract hovering around 32 (signed five years). Some of his team-mates say Modric is radically different from that seen in the previous call (to play against Switzerland), when he was not training with Tottenham and was waiting his move to the Real Madrid: "He has freed of a great weight, has a continuous smile on his mouth as always was", some say.

Luka Modric playing for Croatia
Luka Modric playing for Croatia

Against Macedonia was the hero of the match along with the striker Jelavi. Nobody imagined that he could handle the whole game at that level, as reflected in the local press. "Impressive performance. He gave everything, even his heart" said the Sports Novosti. "He missed playing in central defense", "Just great" were other statements in the Croatian press.

Modric has reached the peak of his career and maturity at age 27. The Croatian Federation has prepared a surprise party for him. A similar party to what all the team attended when the coach Stimac turned 44 on Thursday. After dinner, the lights will go out and will be showed a cake with 27 candles. "I'm perfect to play 90 minutes" he said after the match against Macedonia. He will blow out the candles asking for a wish: to continue playing at the starting lineup of Mourinho against Sevilla.

Mourinho was watching Modric at the match Croatia-Macedonia. Because Jose Mourinho has a friend in every port. From the boss of any small team to the worker of an important locker room (has exchanged mails with the APOEL Nicosia's equipment manager for years). In Zagreb Mourinho talked with Stimac, met Suker (Croatian Federation), watched the match with his close friend Mijatovic and visited Dinamo Zagreb, in particular its chairman and vital man of Croatian football Zdravko Mamic. His son Mario is Modric's agent (and out of the 95 percent of the Croatian footballers). Zdravo said: "Mourinho told me that he has bet with his friends that Dynamo will get five points in the group stage (against Porto, PSG and Dinamo Kiev) of the Champions League."
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