Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez: Cold meeting

Florentino Perez and Cristiano Ronaldo met in Valdebebas Sport City during the shooting of the official photo of the squad. It was a cold meeting between them. They greeted each other with a hug: warm by Florentino Perez and very cold by Cristiano Ronaldo. Rather the forward glanced the presidente while he had his arms folded. Florentino Perez picked him in the back and said something to him with a half smile. The president wanted normality and the player virtually ignored him. Realmadrid TV cameras and one of the club photographers witnessed the moment.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez Cold meeting
Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez (Realmadrid TV)

There ware no more talks or gestures. There were three seconds as the cameras of the white club captured. In the pitch they did not speak. For the official photograph, Cristiano stood behind Florentino and beside Mourinho. The Portuguese player were chatting and joking with Xabi Alonso, who was on his left. The Spanish midfielder had publicly called the Golden Ball for him yesterday's morning.

It was eleven days they did not talk, since September 2 before the Real Madrid-Granada match. There was a slope talk between them, but did not occur. In the club say the problem is over -"It's as if nothing had happened"- said some authoritative voices yesterday. Mourinho thought the same after the talk he had with the player on Wednesday. That same day Cristiano also wanted to end the issue with an ambiguous statement: "I wish to reaffirm that I'm not worried about my contract, my only goal is to win every game and every trophy with the indispensable help of my teammates and all Madridistas".

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