Cristiano Ronaldo: Contract extension underway

Real Madrid will face the contract extension of Cristiano Ronaldo. After several previous contacts, the club aims to give a step ahead in the negotiation to review and extend the contract of Portuguese star. The first steps were taken some time ago and the idea is definitely close it as soon as possible.

Cristiano Ronaldo with Florentino Perez
Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez

It will be part of a cordial meeting with the player. Real Madrid wants to sit with him, listen to him and try to find answers to his demands. To extend the contract is just an exercise in good will with him to feel valued, but what really matters is recover the person. Cristiano made ​​it clear that it was not about money and Real Madrid will turn to solve all the problems that overwhelm the Portuguese. This is pamper and shield him.

That is why the club wants to make a move as soon as possible, ideally tomorrow. There will be a meeting with Florentino Perez, Jose Angel Sanchez, Jorge Mendes, and the player himself, who will also talk to Mourinho. The club will tell him that can count on them and they will help him in everything he needs to feel comfortable and loved. The climax will be to communicate him the intention of reactivating the renewal, a final gesture of unconditional support to the player.

But in the same way that white president wants to listen to the Portuguese forward, the player will also have to do the same with the white president, who has not liked absolutely nothing the image that has been given.

Returning to the issue of the contract extension, white team wants to close the agreement as soon as possible. However, it would not be released until the end of the season. Club and player agree that, after recent events, the renewal could be misinterpreted when it was managed since months ago. Real Madrid would be accused of yielding to pressure from Cristiano and the Portuguese player of forcing it.

The terms of the new contract are yet to be defined, either in pay or time. Real Madrid will make a great economic effort to place Cristiano in the salary step that deserves its status as global star; the player wants 15 million euros net per year. A huge sacrifice considering that the player will lose his tax privilege and his contribution will be doubled; 52% of his salary, muffled by the succulent economic (and sporting) benefits generated by Cristiano Ronaldo. With respect to the time, Real Madrid wants to sign Cristiano until he retires from football.

Away from the controversy generated by the CR7 words, the truth is that for some time Real Madrid wants to join its star for a long time. His continuity is a priority and strategic and, in this way, the alarms turned on when the player expressed his anger. In his meeting with Florentino before the Granada match, Cristiano showed his discomfort and said that if the feeling was mutual, there would not be problems because Real Madrid would easily recover the investment made to sign him and more, he said. That is, opened the door to his leaving.

Following that, has been spoken of the possibility that Cristiano Ronaldo received an dizzying offer. His agent denies it and say that there was no offer on the table at the meeting with Florentino Perez, but the white club suspects something and points to PSG.

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