Luka Modric celebrates today his happiest birthday

Luka Modric celebrates today with his team his 27th birthday. The happiest of his career after being signed for Real Madrid, where he will complete his contract hovering around 32 (signed five years). Some of his team-mates say Modric is radically different from that seen in the previous call (to play against Switzerland), when he was not training with Tottenham and was waiting his move to the Real Madrid: "He has freed of a great weight, has a continuous smile on his mouth as always was", some say.

Luka Modric playing for Croatia
Luka Modric playing for Croatia

Against Macedonia was the hero of the match along with the striker Jelavi. Nobody imagined that he could handle the whole game at that level, as reflected in the local press. "Impressive performance. He gave everything, even his heart" said the Sports Novosti. "He missed playing in central defense", "Just great" were other statements in the Croatian press.

Modric has reached the peak of his career and maturity at age 27. The Croatian Federation has prepared a surprise party for him. A similar party to what all the team attended when the coach Stimac turned 44 on Thursday. After dinner, the lights will go out and will be showed a cake with 27 candles. "I'm perfect to play 90 minutes" he said after the match against Macedonia. He will blow out the candles asking for a wish: to continue playing at the starting lineup of Mourinho against Sevilla.

Mourinho was watching Modric at the match Croatia-Macedonia. Because Jose Mourinho has a friend in every port. From the boss of any small team to the worker of an important locker room (has exchanged mails with the APOEL Nicosia's equipment manager for years). In Zagreb Mourinho talked with Stimac, met Suker (Croatian Federation), watched the match with his close friend Mijatovic and visited Dinamo Zagreb, in particular its chairman and vital man of Croatian football Zdravko Mamic. His son Mario is Modric's agent (and out of the 95 percent of the Croatian footballers). Zdravo said: "Mourinho told me that he has bet with his friends that Dynamo will get five points in the group stage (against Porto, PSG and Dinamo Kiev) of the Champions League."

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