Cristiano Ronaldo will face today with Mourinho

Cristiano Ronaldo rejoins today to training with Real Madrid after his international commitments with Portugal and will face Mourinho for the first time since the forward made ​​public on September 2 that he was "sad" in Madrid. Mourinho did not like that player's statement to the media and now he can talk to Cristiano for the first time. Mourinho wanted to make it easy to Cristiano because has been playing for Portugal this week therefore preferred to wait for the player back to Madrid to talk to him and try to solve the problems led him to lose the joy in Madrid. That meeting will occur in today's training (5:00 pm -CET-).

Cristiano training in front of Mourinho
Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho

The strategy designed by Real Madrid to eliminate all the edges of the problem begins with Mourinho and the face to face with his compatriot. Setubal coach will try to convince Cristiano that the white club cares and wants him. With a key issue: propaganda facing the Golden Ball (Ballon d'Or).

Mourinho will explain to Ronaldo that Real Madrid can not fully support him in his bid for the Golden Ball when other teammates are in the same run for the trophy; Iker Casillas (Spain and Real Madrid captain who grew up in the white club youth teams) and Sergio Ramos (Spanish player) both world champions. Which is not to say that the club is not going to support him in his career to regain the throne he held in 2008. However, in no way Mourinho will ensure him a raise in his contract. However, Cristiano denied through a statement issued on 4 September, the clash of interests had its origin in economic reasons.

Mourinho knows how to handle his player. So he will show to Cristiano all his support but is not going to tell him how important is for the team, because he knows. Moruinho will try to convince Critiano to focus on the sport to the next two games to be coming to Whites; Sevilla and Manchester City.

But Mourinho will also reprimand Cristiano. The way chosen by the Portuguese player was not the best to show his discontent. About discipline, Mourinho is the boss and Real Madrid would like Cristiano to perform some public statement to show his commitment with the club's project. Mourinho knows Cristiano and knows how to manage him.

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