Cristiano: Summit with Mourinho and Florentino

The FIFA dates have postponed the earthquake, but this week all parties will resume the case. The challenge launched by Cristiano Ronaldo on September 2 making public his "sadness" due to issues "that people in the club know" will have an answer from the white club after the return of the Portuguese player appearances for his country. Portugal faces tomorrow Azerbaijan, in Braga, and the idea of the President and Mourinho is to talk personally with Cristiano after his return Madrid, probably on Wednesday.

Cristiano sad after scoring against Granada
Cristiano after scoring against Granada last matchday

Both Florentino Perez as Mourinho know that the importance and hierarchy of the player in the sports project for the next few years, requires resolving a situation that has given rise to all kinds of arguments in the search for the origin of the conflict. Cristiano denied in a statement last Tuesday that the clash of interests had an economic root, but it has emerged that there was a desire of the player to see expanded and improved his contract, which ends in 2015. This summer Di Maria, Arbeloa, Albiol and Higuain have renewed something that has not helped ease the longing for Cristiano, who in June said his dream would "retire from football in Madrid".

The club had a financing plan for the "Cristiano Operation". It was to sale Kaka on the market in summer (Mourinho himself informed him he was not going to play for Real Madrid), what would have been a great savings due to the high salary of the Brazilian (charges 27 million euros net until 2015). But really there were no bidders for the 2007 Ballon d'Or. Nor should we forget the changing of the tax regime in Spain. The contracts to be signed from now will force clubs to pay 52% in taxes, instead of the 24% that pay existing contracts. Cristiano Ronaldo, while these circumstances have increased delaying, has seen how his rank among the highest paid players has declined in the global list, despite being the best player in the world, alongside Messi.

Cristiano also believes that the club does not use its weapons of propaganda (media, institutional support) with the same fervor that Barcelona with Messi. He considers it leaves him in a disadvantage to fight for prizes like the Golden Ball and the UEFA Player of the Year. But Iker Casillas is another candidate for the Ballon d'Or and the club can not choose Cristiano publicly. "We are proud to have two candidates for the Ballon d'Or on the squad. It would not be logical to opt for one of them" board members say in the offices of the Bernabéu Stadium.

Anyway, Florentino and Mourinho are ready to resolve the conflict at the summit on Wednesday, before they get the next two (and transcendental) matches, against Sevilla on Saturday (10:00 pm -CET-), and against Manchester City at the start of the Champions League on Tuesday 18 (8:45 pm). That will be the key day. Cristiano will meet the white fans for the first time after his words. It seems that Real Madrid supporters will help the player but in the past this kind of statements were punished. Mourinho will also tell his player that he disliked his way of showing his displeasure with the club. We will see.

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