Legends: Amancio Amaro


Amancio Amaro: Real Madrid Legend
Amancio Amaro

Amancio Amaro was born in La Coruña, October 16, 1939. From his childhood he liked kicking the ball as an offensive player. That is, that Amancio preferred scoring goals rather than avoid, dribbling with the ball at his feet, treating the ball with care as opposed to his rivals who liked more to strike the opponent's legs that ball. In short, Amancio played in the right side with skill and speed and was astonishing both friends and strangers.


At fifteen years old, he moved to team Victoria, of his hometown, and in the 1958-59 season he joined Deportivo de La Coruna, by then in the Second Division of Spanish football. Amancio was promoted to First Division with Deportivo. That is when begin to hear the first rumors of signing. The seats of Riazor begin to fill with scouts from different major teams, including Real Madrid.

Amancio's signing for Real Madrid was not about to take place. The astronomical salary, 10 million pesetas ( 60,000 euros), was filed as a slab on the wishes of the player to sign with the white team. Real Madrid's delegates called on the president Bernabeu, who was on holiday in Santa Pola, to inform him of the unviable operation. Bernabéu asked them to reconvene and meditate again, but at the end of the talks the situation had not changed. They informed again Don Santiago, who emphatically declared: "Amancio will play for Real Madrid: Sign him". Again, the Bernabeu's intuitive instinct was right.


Di Stefano: "Mourinho works and supports the club"

Alfredo Di Stefano, honorary president of Real Madrid, defended today the work of Jose Mourinho leading the team, praised Messi, gave a review of football today and censured for example, in general, the celebrations of the goals: "When they start to dance, that is to tease the rivals" he said.

Di Stefano 2011
Alfredo Di Stefano

In an interview, Di Stefano said: "There is an ugly thing, the players score a goal and begin to dance and that is to tease the rival. And the blood of the rival is boiling and can give you a heavy a blow. They make gestures of all kinds. Every time there is a goal, no one is injured by a miracle. There is a pile of players, and everything to get in the shot. Everything changes and within a few years it will be different".

Di Stefano sent a message of support to Mourinho: "Mourinho works for the club, defending the club and wants the best for the club and that's good. And the rest is an individual thing of him. The outlook is quite positive. Now we have to fit all the pieces to make a team. The question is not signing for signing, the question is that they play well. Sometimes there are very good players in a team themselves do not play in other teams".

Asked by the season of Real Madrid, Di Stefano says: "I think the season has been pretty good, because they are players who have come to strengthen the team and are new people. We must coordinate all that. There are not players coming of lower grades, are players who come from elsewhere and have different characteristics. We must give some time, but not much because then people tire".


Real Madrid Away Kit 2011-2012

Real Madrid was one of the first clubs to introduce the new shirt of the next season 2011-2012. As always, the home kit is white and the away kit shows no surprises. The shirt that will look the Real Madrid players in the League and Spanish Cup away games in which its opponent also wears in white, will be completely black with some gold accents as the usual stripes of Adidas, the German sports brand.

Adidas has not wanted to innovate too much, but to differentiate some have taken the gold that blends perfectly with the black. The great differentiation with the home jersey (polo neck) would be a round neck. On the other hand, the third kit looks to be red with burgundy details. Will have to wait to see it, but looks to be the only one with a different aspect to that seen in previous years.

Real Madrid Away Jersey 2011-2012

Interview: Kaka


Kaka, who is on vacation in Brazil, said in an interview with the newspaper "O Estado de Sao Paulo" that the last year has been the toughest of his career. He also assured that is a lie that is at odds with Mourinho: "He is very helpful". He confirms that will go to the Copa America and ensures that Neymar, who he considers the best talent in Brazil, will soon make the jump to Europe.

Kaka  interview in Brazil with a piano

What is the balance of the season?
On a personal level was the hardest year of my career. Collectively I can say it was good. We won the Copa del Rey with Barcelona, ​​we reached the semifinal of the Champions League and finishing second in the league. It is not enough for a club the size of Real Madrid.

You were not 100% in the World Cup. Then you went on vacation and when you showed up at Real Madrid after two or three workouts, you had left knee surgery. Would have been better surgery before the summer of 2010?
The truth is I did not want to be operated again. I looked after the World Cup in Sao Paulo and the doctors told me I would need to operate. When I came to the United States showed the medical examinations of Real Madrid and went to a consultation with a specialist there, in Los Angeles, and he also said he would have an operation.

Clinically, are you cured? You still have a problem with the pubis or the knee?
In the pubic I feel nothing more, but the knee is not 100% because it was operated twice. I have to be always watching over me, always treating cartilage and muscle recovery.

Dupont prepares to defend Mourinho

Dupont at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

The Bosman Case's lawyer, Jean Louis Dupont, was yesterday at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to start preparing submissions to the Appeals Committee of UEFA for the penalty imposed on Jose Mourinho. Dupont arrived at the stadium around 1:00 pm, worked on the case with the lawyers of the club and left the office at 5:30 pm. "I came to see friends. I do not want to say anything else" he commented to evade questions about the plan of Real Madrid.

The club, after knowing the causes of UEFA's punishment to the coach, on Monday, has a period of 72 hours to present allegations (deadline expires today). If the appeal they prepare does not succeed, they plan to attend to TAS (Tribunal Arbitral du Sport).

It is not the first time that Real Madrid requires the services of Dupont. On May 19 the lawyer advised the club on the case Mourinho and in 2009 worked to present the appeal to the TAS for Huntelaar and Lass (at the end there was no appeal).

Launched the new Real Madrid shirt 2011-2012

Di Maria, Casillas and Kaka with the New Real Madrid Home Jersey 2011-2012
Real Madrid Jersey 2011-2012

The new shirts of Real Madrid for the 2011-12 season are now a reality and, from 10:00 am, are on sale in official Real Madrid stores, Adidas stores, and the rest of dealers. The shirt, which has a sober and elegant design, includes the gold for the details, the adidas logo, the three bands, the names and numbers of each player.

Also highlights the new implementation of the shield in three dimensions, which adds value while decreasing the weight of the garment. Retrieves the classic polo-neck with the initials of the club in low relief on the rear. The pants and socks kept the classic line of the shirt incorporating the details of the club's initials 'RM'.

The shirt, which has been manufactured with Adidas' exclusive technology, Climacool, helps the athlete to control body temperature and facilitates perspiration thanks to the use of technical fabrics.

Update: Real Madrid Away Kit 2011-2012 

Back of the new Real Madrid home jersey 2011-2012
Numbers and letters of Real Madrid Home Jersey 2011-2012


Interview: Sergio Ramos


Sergio Ramos in Spanish jersey
Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos talked, in an interview with Spanish journalists, about Real Madrid 2010-2011 season and about the club's targets for the next. He also spoke about his future and that of the Spanish national team.

Has Real Madrid been close to Barcelona this season newly finished?
I do not like to compare us with other teams. Barcelona has its style and philosophy of play. Ours is completely different, it’s something that Mourinho told. Bit by bit, you could see a more solid team that played better and that was capable of winning a title.

What is the target for Real Madrid in the Jose Mourinho's second year?
Real Madrid is obligated to fight for the four titles that is going to play for next season: Spanish Super Cup, Spanish Cup, League, and Champions League. That’s always a priority for this club.

Real Madrid moves to sign Neymar

Neymar with Ronaldo in the last match of the former striker
Ronaldo Nazario and Neymar

Real Madrid has activated in the last few hours the Neymar option, one of the targets, almost an obsession of Florentino Perez: To find the future Messi. However, bet on Neymar would not be as cheap as was signing Messi for Barcelona in 2000, just 80,000 euros. Santos has already rejected a Chelsea's offer of 35 million euros (last season) and this year the player would no leave the Brazilian team for less than 45. Curiously, the price of the Aguero's cancellation clause.

Although the player's agent has denied contacts with Real Madrid, in the last few hours some documents that show the opposite have gone out to light. In this regard, has been disclosed an alleged conversation via SMS between Ronaldo and Jose Angel Sanchez, in which the General Manager of Real Madrid urges the former player to close the transfer as soon as possible with the player and his agent in Madrid, becuase the interest of Barcelona could mess up it.

And Ronaldo, is a key part in all movements of Real Madrid. He spoke with white club about the player and relies heavily on Neymar. Yesterday he returned to make statements to praise the young star: "He is my heir. Has an immense talent and a great scope for improvement both physically and technically".

Boca Juniors wants to sign Fernando Gago

Gago could play for Boca Juniors next season
Fernando Gago this season

As the 2011 Clausura Tournament end is approaching, the transfer market in Argentina begins to take temperature. And in the Bombonera Stadium has begun to sound, with great force, the name of Gago. "I usually ask for players at the end of the tournament", said the coach of Boca Juniors, Julio Cesar Falcioni, to the surprise of journalists. And far from kept the secret, he dropped the bomb: "There are several players who can come. But the president told me that there is a possibility for Gago. I like him very much", he said.

In this context, the president of the Argentine team, Jorge Amor Ameal, had contacts with the player's agent, Gustavo Lombilla and knows that the player would not put troubles to return to Buenos Aires, where he actually trains with the Argentina national team with the Copa America in the point of view. His return could be a loan.

But Boca Juniors will not have anything easy: Manchester City informed Real Madrid about its interest in recruiting Gago and has a bigger and robust checkbook. The emotional weight that Gago gives to his future will determine in which team will continue his career.


Ronaldo recommends to sign Neymar

Neymar comes hard on the agenda of the Real Madrid. The responsible for putting the name on the table of the white set was an old friend of the club: Ronaldo Nazario. The former Real Madrid player is fully aware of the talented Santos' young player, 19 years old, and have advised Florentino Perez, with whom he maintains a great relationship, the signing of his compatriot.

Top European clubs were interested in Neymar, but in recent days Real Madrid and Barcelona have begun a battle for the signing of the "crack". In support of the Real Madrid is the fact that the club maintains a great relationship with the player's agent, Wagner Ribeiro, the same agent who takes matters of Robinho, another Florentino Perez's signing from Santos.

Real Madrid is interested in Neymar

Ronaldo Nazario has raving about his countryman striker and words have been taken into account by the white club, which has already set its sights on the young Brazilian. However, Wagner Ribeiro himself undertook to stop the rumors that place Neymar in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium: "Real Madrid has not been in contact with either Neymar or me. Nobody has called us. In addition, the boy is now focused on his club to win the Libertadores Cup, which for us is like the Champions League. We are not interested in talking about anything this in such a delicate moment in which there is much at stake", said the agent.

Moreover, after denying any contact with Madrid, Ribeiro was not surprised that the white club is interested in the player: "Neymar is like Messi. Soon he will be the best in the world because he is a player unlike any other. He is just 19 years old and all the big clubs follow him", he said.

Ribeiro also commented on the Neymar's difficulty for leaving Santos by the high cost that has the operation of his out: "Last year we received an offer of 35 million euros from Chelsea and it was rejected. Now the price has gone up and would not leave by less than 45".

What Wagner Ribeiro admitted was that Florentino Perez has a weakness for the Brazilian striker: "In 2005, Neymar spent 20 days training in Valdebebas Sports City and I know the president wanted to sign him".

Ferguson warns: "Chicharito is not going anywhere!"

Alex Ferguson has shown one's claws for the last star of Manchester United, and made clear he does not think listening to an offer by Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez, due to the growing interest that has awakened the Mexican footballer at the offices of the big European clubs.

Ferguson with Chicharito in Manchester jersey
Ferguson and 'Chicharito' Hernandez

According to British media, this interest comes mainly from Real Madrid, and in particular from Jose Mourinho. The newspaper "Daily Mail" says today that the Portuguese coach had personally contacted with his counterpart at Man. United, with whom he maintains a good relationship, to ask for Chicharito's price, to which Ferguson would have responded with an emphatic negative: "Hernandez is not going anywhere!", would have been his words.

The 'Daily Mail' adds that Mourinho would have given Ferguson the possibility of an exchange of forwards, with the Mexican way to the Santiago Bernabeu in exchange for Benzema or Higuain.

At 23, Chicharito has had a spectacular landing in the Premiership, being the sensation of the English championship in his first season, in which has scored 20 goals and played his first final of the Champions League. Ferguson, aware of the pearl that has in his ranks, is not willing to let go of one his more important players and has asked the club to do everything possible to avoid a repeat of other case "Cristiano Ronaldo", that culminated with the out of Cristiano to Real Madrid.

Chicharito's salary, to whom the United pays 40,000 euros a week, is a temptation for many European clubs, which could easily convince him with a large financial offer, so United will be forced to review the contract upward if wants to keep him at Old Trafford.

Another key that hides the signing of Chicharito is his media power in Latin America, where this season has become a great marketing tool. The Manchester United shirt with his name has been the most sold in the countries of the region during the past nine months, a fact which has not gone unnoticed by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Moratti would accept the exchange Kaka-Maicon

Kaka and Maicon in exchange
Kaka and Maicon

Yesterday the Italian sports daily "La Gazzetta dello Sport" surprised everyone with a cover in which was assured that an exchange of players was brewing between Real Madrid and Inter Milan. Today the same media gives a further twist to the issue and says that Moratti would accept the exchange, Kaka for Maicon, but if Madrid takes part of the salary of the Brazilian midfielder.

Inter Milan president does not consider a problem to lose the Brazilian side, who is considered the best in the world in his position along with Dani Alves, but he is worried thinking about the 6 million euros net that Kaka earns per season in Real Madrid. So the most representative person of the Italian team could have asked Real Madrid to help him, if the operation goes ahead.

Remember that Kaka's salary was the reason why Milan ruled out any possibility of trying to sign Kaka few weeks ago, when following a statement by Berlusconi, was rumored over the interests of Italians to sign him. And today, there are very few teams in the world that can assume a salary so high, and most of those who can, if not all, are in the English Premiership.


Kaka in exchange for Maicon

Jose Mourinho could get this summer the player for who he fought last season and finally could not get. This is the Brazilian Maicon. According to 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', the Portuguese would have had a telephone conversation with Leonardo (Inter Milan coach) in which would have addressed the possible exchange of the side defender for Kaka. According to Italian newspaper, the Inter Milan president, Massimo Moratti, is not yet convinced of this plan, although the idea of ​​having the next season Kaka wearing the 'neroazzurri' shirt is something that seduces him a lot.

Kaka in exchange for Maicon
Maicon and Kaka

In any case, this information contradicts the news that to date had occurred on the continuity of Kaka at Real Madrid. The Brazilian has repeated several times that all he thinks about is to stay at Real Madrid and win in white, and as was said in the Spanish press, the player would have convinced Mourinho, who had not so clear that the midfielder would continue.

Board's confidence in the quality and possibilities of Kaka also help for his continuity. What's more, many times the former Milan player has made clear his love for the 'rossoneri', so that is at least doubtful that his move feels good to the fans of arch-rivals.

Neither Inter Milan is the first team that is interested in the Brazilian player, nor it is the first time this idea is conceived. Last January was talked about the possibility, but got nowhere. Although his performance has been so hobbled by injuries, Kaka remains a highly coveted piece of the biggest clubs in Europe, like Milan (Berlusconi talked about this) or Chelsea, in process of reconstruction, would have been interested on him in recent months.

In the same way, the Italian daily newspaper 'La Repubblica' also talks about the interest from Inter and Real Madrid to exchange these players. It says that Florentino Perez thinks that Kaka has a price of 40 million euros, while Inter thinks that Maicon is half, 20 million. "The operation (to buy Kaka) can be closed with Maicon and 20 million", said 'La Repubblica', which states that the last word in this deal lies with the Brazilian striker.

Heart Classic Match 2011: Great success

The 73,104 spectators who attended the Santiago Bernabeu yesterday, along with money contributed by the sponsors, allowed to collect on the Real Madrid Foundation an amount exceeding 500,000 euros. A donation that will go to the opening of twenty schools that will host more than 5,000 children and will be distributed in seventeen African countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Togo, Angola, Mozambique , Madagascar, Ethiopia, Egypt, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea and Mali.

Breitner and Butragueno. Heart Classic Match 2011
Breitner and Butragueño

Part of that half a million euros was also paid by the sale of television rights. The charity match was broadcast live to Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Cyprus, Scandinavia, United States of America, Australia and a large part of the Middle East by Al Jazeera.

One who does not want to miss the party of solidarity was Mourinho. Reached the stadium fifteen minutes before kick-off accompanied by his children, Matilde and Jose Jr., and occupied a box in the stands where he was located in the games he was suspended last season.

At the end of the match, the players welcomed the success of the initiative. Figo was pleased: "It was fun to meet again and we have been able to help disadvantaged children". Amavisca, meanwhile, praised the white fans: "Whenever a match is organized for solidarity, the Bernabeu fans respond magnificently".

Heart Classic Match 2011: Real Madrid 8 - Bayern 3

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen: Heart Classic Match 2011

All veterans sighed: "The head wants to play, but the legs do not respond". But yesterday, on the pitch at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, a player defied the laws of nature; Zinedine Zidane. Every touch, every control, every technical gesture, every stride, every pass thrilled audiences on five continents. Zidane showed, at 38, something almost impossible: his football never ends. Endless magic of the French was the best claim to the 73,104 spectators and reminded us that Europe owes a debt to Africa. Maybe to the legends of Bayern and veterans of Real Madrid any time spent would be better, but thanks to fundraising yesterday at the Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid Foundation will offer a less gloomy future for the children of Africa.

The players of both teams remembered the essence of this European Classic from the very beginning. Augenthaler protested to the referee, the first of the three penalties that noted in favor of whites (10'), as if his life depended on it. It was a charity match, but did not seem friendly. The roughness of the Bavarian central defender clashed with the elegance of Butragueño, Figo or Redondo. In this subtle style was framed too, but in the opposite side Breitner, who endured 76 minutes playing. Rummenigge was out of the match in the last minute.


Sales target of Real Madrid: 90 million euros

Real Madrid's players for sale in 2011
Real Madrid's players for sale

Real Madrid needs to sell to lighten its staff, 27 players now, and finance the investment in reinforcements. There are seven players who could leave, five of them for cash. By order of valuation, highest to lowest; Kaka (40 million), Lass (20 million), Gago (12 million), Garay (10 million) and Pedro Leon (8 million). Then there are the issues of Canales and Mateos, who would leave loaned.

The white club has priced to high, of course, and aims to reach a figure to be around 90 million euros, well above last year figure (21.5 million) that Real Madrid earned for the transfer of Rodrigo (6), Marcos Alonso (2.5), Van der Vaart (10), and Soldado (3, Valencia enforced a purchase option). The rest were temporally loaned or their contract ended.

As it is the market and not forgetting the salary of its players, always among the highest, the business will not be easy. The clubs concerned, except a few cases like that of Manchester City, do not want to take over such high salaries. Not even Abramovich's Chelsea, which now looks very closely the salaries of the players.

Florentino Perez: "This is the beginning of a great era"

Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, said at the assembly of supporters' clubs, held at Valdebebas Sports City, that the recently conquered title of "Copa del Rey" is the start of a great time: "The supporters' clubs worldwide are the Real Madrid. This football factory you can see here, makes the club stronger and in one of the great references. We are convinced that the Spanish Cup is only the beginning of a great time", in an act where also appeared Aitor Karanka and Esteban Granero.

Florentino Perez talked to all the fans clubs
Florentino Perez: Supporters' Clubs Meeting 2011

"If something characterizes this institution is its hunger for wins and titles. This year we have laid the groundwork for future compliance with the challenges of our Real Madrid. We have a spectacular team, very young, with the best coach of the world and a great technical team, which has already achieved the first title. This first cup is just the beginning of a great era", the president said.

"This year we won the Spanish Cup and next season we look for more success, but we only succeed if we have the support of our fans. We have a young team with the best coach in the world, but ye are, madridistas, who transmit the values ​​of a club that is yours and which must remain eternal thank to you", Perez said during the speech.

The meeting of supporters' clubs was held for the first time in the Sports City of Real Madrid something that satisfied Florentino Perez: "The sports city is the pride of all us. Here every day is forged our identity and are built our dreams. Our identity has been reached based in successes and difficulties, becuase the ability to never give up represents us. That value made ​​us the biggest club in the twentieth century and will do forever", he said.

Florentino Perez was also proud of the role that the youth ranks of Real Madrid have performed this season: "We believe in the effort, the dedication and talent and especially in the work with the youth teams. Here, we educate and prepare our young people and think about the fans who feel the Real Madrid. The homegrown players know when they come here that if something characterizes this institution is the thirst for victories and titles".
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