Milan and Chelsea will bid for Kaka

Kaka have one foot out of Real Madrid. Chelsea and Milan have already taken positions. The owner of the "Rossoneri", Silvio Berlusconi, has been the last to join the list with this invitation to the footballer: "Ricardo (Kaka) is an extraordinary man. If he decides to return to Milan, we are waiting with open arms" said to the Italian media yesterday.

Real Madrid player could leave the club last summer, but his knee surgery that kept him out of the pitch almost six months, ended his move to Chelsea. The player had already given the nod to Abramovich, shortly before joining the training camp in Los Angeles, but once he was diagnosed with the extent of his injury, everything was ruined.

Kaka played against Zaragoza at Bernabeu Stadium
Kaka, playing against Zaragoza

However, ten months later, Kaka's situation has not changed too much. Despite the return to the team, score goals and play more games, the reality is that there has not settled in Madrid. Regained fitness and forgotten lesions, is the player who has assimilated the best thing may be a change of scene and start a new era.

Kaka is the one who most believes in himself but sees that maybe Chelsea or Milan, where he was waited with open arms, may be the best option to go back to being what he was. The Brazilian has between the eyes the World Cup Brazil 2014, and is aware that has been left out of the Copa America. He knows that to get to be in this World Cup needs to play more games.

The other obstacle to the out of Kaka, until recently, was the Real Madrid, especially Florentino Perez, whose investment by the Brazilian was the third largest, only behind Cristiano and Zidane. But the club begins to consider making let go of the player if gets a good deal.

The transfer of Kaka could serve to lower any other important operation. In Madrid are aware that nobody is going to pay the 65 million that Brazilian cost, but he has been revalued and its sale could be now the most important of the Real Madrid in recent years.

In the case of Chelsea, Real, or rather Mourinho, could take Ancelotti's interest in the player to ask Drogba, especially if Adebayor does not continue. The Ivorian, despite his age, is a footballer of Portuguese coach's confidence, who will insist on the signing of another striker if he sees that the club finally decides to let go Adebayor.

The Chelsea is therefore the first choice for Kaka, but always subjected to the continuity of Carlo Ancelotti, the great supporter at Stamford Bridge. The sentence of the player's mother in social networks just two days ago "Next year we will be in London" has strengthened this possibility about his future.

Kaka has also been relegated to the bench this season. However, he showed signs of recovery since he returned from his latest injury, to the extent that Mou wanted to give the great opportunity he expected. An important match and a scenario like the Nou Camp, but the meeting sounded a farewell after a gray game and be replaced by Özil.

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