Spanish League: Day 36


Cristiano, Cristiano and Cristiano. So up to 36 times in League and 49 in the total of the season. Like a hammer. Or better yet, like a magician. Because there is no greater gimmick than make this seem easy. And it is not, Getafe can talk about. Real Madrid struck blue team without making a foreshortened, quite naturally.

Cristiano scored a hat-trick against Getafe
Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 36 goals in the League

It's strange what happens to Getafe. Team does not move the ball badly and so was handled yesterday. However, it was impossible to imagine how could score a goal. It was so uneven the Colunga's fight with Pepe and Carvalho, that his feat was not to score, but keep walking in there without being eaten. You could say that Colunga, who is a good player, lacked a big brother who discussed with the central defenders.

Real Madrid was not out of the script of the matches in its field: order, strict defensive application and more isolated genius than collective brilliance. Without the possibility of launching the counterattack (the house specialty), the team displays a rudimentary football only changed by the occurrences of Marcelo, Özil or Cristiano, also Di Maria. With them there is no plan that the insistence. They are good and get enough balls. They will think something. And they usually do.

So the match went when Cristiano Ronaldo put Getafe’s goal in the center of his crosshairs. Following an extraordinary pass by Özil on 24’, Ronaldo out-jumped Cata Diaz and connected with a perfect header to send the ball into the back of the net. Looking at those goals, the repair of Cristiano to be recognized as a "nine" is not understood. His mastery of the air-game is a more effective weapon than his distant shots, often forced. His instincts and quickness make him a prodigious striker. His mobility allows another striker who should only accept his role. One final note: when he plays as striker, Cristiano does not own the ball.

It was a heavy blow for Getafe, who were unable to advance towards Adan; by far one of the easiest matches of his career as the Azulones ended the first half with zero shots on goal. The visitors pushed their lines forward after the restart, but to little avail. Real Madrid, meanwhile, sought a strike that would all but seal the win. Then on 58’, Higuain beat Ustari to a ball and the deflection landed at the feet of Ozil, The midfielder passed to Cristiano, who dribbled by Cata Diaz and easily scored the tap-in. The strike sunk Getafe, but only made Madrid hungrier.

Adebayor and Benzema came off the bench on 75’ and the Frenchman needed all but a minute to make it 3-0 in a brilliant show of ball control. Castilla goalkeeper Tomas Mejias then made his first team debut by stepping in for Adan with six minutes left to play.

All that was missing was the icing on the cake. And it came on 91’ when Mane tackled Ronaldo inside the box. CR7 wanted his hat-trick and had little trouble beating Ustari to close out the 4-0 win. That makes 36 goals for Ronaldo, who is the frontrunner for top scorer in La Liga as well as the Golden Boot.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 55,000
Goals: 1-0, m.24: Cristiano. 2-0, m.58: Cristiano. 3-0, m.75: Benzema. 4-0, m.91: Cristiano (penalty).

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