Pepe and Casquero will face again

Casquero and Pepe have not faced in a field since that Portuguese assaulted Getafe's midfielder for more than two years. It was the final part of the 2008-2009 season and Real Madrid was chasing Barcelona after a phenomenal streak of results. With the score 2-2 (Getafe had gone ahead twice), on 86 minutes, Casquero was hand in hand with Casillas and Pepe pushed him from behind. Delgado Ferreiro (the referee) said the penalty and the frustration seized Pepe, who kicked Casquero on the ground several times and then punched to Albin. Casquero missed the penalty and Madrid, incredibly, ended up winning the match with a goal by Higuain. Two games later, Barcelona visited the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and ruled the League with the famous 2-6.

Pepe punishes Casquero
Pepe and Casquero

That action cost him a ten-match ban. The Portuguese lost the last six games of that League and the first four of the next. The central defender showed remorse after the game but Angel Torres, Getafe president, called for exemplary punishment. The Competition Committee acted in accordance with the hardness of the action and imposed one of the highest penalties than a player in Spain has ever suffered.

Since that April 21, Real Madrid and Getafe have been faced on three occasions with three white wins. Last season, Real Madrid won 2-0 at the Bernabeu Stadium in a game in which Albiol was send-off. Pepe played the entire game and Casquero saw it from the bench. In the return game, the whites beat Getafe again, by 2-4, with Pepe still recovering from the severe injury he suffered at Mestalla. Casquero played 78 minutes and was replaced by Albin. In the first round match of this season, Real Madrid won 2-3 at the Coliseum. Pepe lost it again due to injury and Casquero played the final 25 minutes.

This time everything indicates they meet again. Pepe is indisputable for Mourinho who wants to make a good end of season to avoid messing the work done. Getafe, in the absence of the suspended Victor Sanchez, opens the door to Casquero who has played as starter great part of the season. Getafe will play for its live, just like two years ago. Real Madrid will play for a miracle and its image, what is something important. In any case, Pepe and Casquero always play seriously.

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