Spanish League: Day 35


Real Madrid crushed Sevilla in the first 45 minutes. In the 45 minutes remaining, machinery was made ​​available to Cristiano Ronaldo, who took Özil's passes, Benzema's assists and emergencies of the Andalusian team to add 33 goals in "La Liga". The Portuguese overtaked Messi in the race for the most precious spoils of the championship: the top scorer trophy ("Pichichi").

Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals against Sevilla
Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals against Sevilla

It has been much speculation about the style of Real Madrid this season, even within the club. It has said it is a counterpunch team by nature, that the white team can only exploit its strengths in fast transitions... These theories were questioned in front of a defensive Sevilla that forced Madrid to take the lead, this role that, in theory, causes many inconveniences to the Mourinho's team. Sevilla tried to put the obstacles that have generated so much trouble to Madrid in this championship but were shot down. Each advance of Madrid was rapid and decisive. As an outrage. From the start of the game, along the first part, there was no respite for the Sevilla defense. The aggressiveness of Chile player, Gary Medel, was the only stumbling block of consideration that stood between Varas (Sevilla goalkeeper) and the Real Madrid strikers.

Well guided by Xabi Alonso from the start, the plays ranged from right to left with speed and accuracy. Özil expanded the field from the right, Kaka gave the last pass, Benzema dragged defenders to distract, Marcelo appeared from the left and Cristiano went where envisioned spaces to run. The raids were unpredictable and fast, and forced to retreat to Seville on its area, on the net, where Varas was surrounded by his defense, choked, unable to calm his people. Navarro's injury deepened crisis. The side defender was replaced by Dabo.

Sevilla's inability to find a solution to its plight, speaks of a team with unsuspected limitations a couple of years ago. The injuries of Navas, Rakitic and Perotti, and the absence of Renato in the beginning, emphasized the weakness of a team that until recently aspired to compete for the title. Yesterday did not have anyone who ordered the play. The team did not find alternatives and launched "melons" to Kanoute who did what he could, throwing balls to Negredo. But Pepe and Ramos were unbeatable.

So donning its all black visitor's kit, Real Madrid had three scoring opportunities in the first twelve minutes of the match. It was just a matter of time before they would break the deadlock. Then on 20', Ozil swung in a corner kick and Sergio Ramos beat out Cristiano in getting a head to the ball and beating the keeper. Ronaldo sent a ball off the post two minutes later, but he didn't take long in getting his name on the scoresheet. Marcelo received the ball at the top of the box on 30' and curled it to Pepe at the opposite side. The Portuguese out-jumped the defender and headered it to Cristiano, who controlled and fired into the back of the net.

But the goal of the night came off the boots of Kaka. The Brazilian found Özil charging into the left side of the box, the German tapped the ball right back and Kaka curled a low shot past the left side of the keeper for his seventh of the season.

Sevilla pressured after the restart and were hansomely rewarded. The hosts pulled one back on 61’ when Negredo got the best of Casillas following a pass by Romaric. But Real Madrid answered back four minutes later. Negredo passed to a defender at the top of the penalty area, Cristiano Ronaldo pick pocketed the ball following a miscue by the Sevillista and put the ball into the back of the potato sack. Cristiano wrapped up his hat-trick only five minutes later. The forward beat the offside trap at the midfield line, galloped towards the goal with no defender in sight and punched the ball under Javi Varas.

Just when you thought Real would take their foot off the gas, Özil sent a deep ball into Sevilla territory and Benzema chased it down just before it crossed the byline. The striker curled a low pass into the middle of the box and Cristiano met it cleanly for the team’s sixth of the night. The same can be said for Sevilla, who instead of throwing in the towel continued to attack the Madridista goal. With little over six minutes left to play, Negredo successfully got his head to a corner kick to make it 2-6. The score does justice to the football displayed at the Sanchez Pizjuan and the stellar performance of Cristiano Ronaldo.


Stadium: Sánchez Pizjuán
Attendance: 40,000
Goals: 0-1, M.21: Sergio Ramos. 0-2, M.31: Cristiano Ronaldo. 0-3, M.42: Kaká. 1-3, M.60: Negredo. 1-4, M.65: Cristiano Ronaldo. 1-5, M.69: Cristiano Ronaldo. 1-6, M.75: Cristiano Ronaldo. 2-6, M.83: Negredo.

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