The other match (3). Mourinho vs Valdano

The controversy between José Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid and Jorge Valdano, general manager, was revived yesterday with strenght after the League match in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

"Mourinho decides when he speaks. There was much noise around him and it is important for him to step to the side and lower the decibel level around" said Jorge Valdano, after the Real Madrid win against Getafe. A match which won his praise "for the seriousness and force of the team because it is difficult to play without targets. The audience was happy".

Mourinho and Valdano are not friends
Valdano vs Mourinho

Minutes later, the spokesman for the coach, Eladio Parames, responded forcefully: "Valdano is the spokesman for the club, but to my knowledge is not the spokesman for Mourinho. He is flatly wrong when he says that Mourinho stepped sideways to lower the noise. Mourinho is prepared to make noise at the right time and will speak unequivocally".

Months ago, José Mourinho demanded that Jorge Valdano departed from the locker room and Valdebebas, and came to ask to the club that the general manager did not to travel with the team. However, in recent months a peace of convenience was held waiting for the end of the season, when Florentino Perez, president of the club, will have to take a position on the conflict. The new confrontation will not help.

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