Preview: Real Madrid vs Getafe

Real Madrid and Getafe shields
Real Madrid vs Getafe

Cristiano's ambition, the Barcelona's championship and the affection to Getafe. Those are the three forces that pull the match tonight. The first two coincide: only a win will prevent the championship of Barcelona and win with goals from Cristiano, encourages the last battle he can win with the Real Madrid this season: the top scorer trophy (Pichichi) and the Golden Boot.

With this interest is drawn the game, connected with the honor, in the case of Madrid, and associated with survival, if we talk about Getafe. Because the situation of the southern neighbor is extremely delicate: a point above the relegation zone and nine teams fighting for salvation.

Although the outlook is not good to give away points, three Getafe players forced the yellow card (and the one-match suspension) in the last game (Marcano, Pedro Rios and Victor Sanchez) with the intention, it is assumed, to concentrate troops against Osasuna in the penultimate day. Watching it, was understood that Michel did not mind losing the match at the Bernabeu, but it can not be. Neither the schedule nor the classification allow such luxuries. Getafe can only attempt the feat that Sporting and Zaragoza achieved. The idea of the visitor must be to use the lack of tension of Madrid template and its problems against teams that do not favor its counterattacks. Or put another way: bore, first and beat white team later.

Michel's allusion to the love of Real Madrid fans to Getafe, and by direct connection to him, is a business address (not without truth) that plans to extend the match into a sentimental scene. He is a glory of Real Madrid and, if that reason is not enough, in other places these matches are solved with neighborhood or regional agreements.

But Cristiano is not flowing through these roads. Neither the championship. And who scored four goals against Sevilla, wishes to extend his two goals ahead of Messi (33 against 31), to establish himself as the Golden Boot (66 points against 62), match Puskas (47 goals in one season), pass him, approach Zarra and Hugo Sánchez in the League (38) and claim himself, as the best player in the world, which people discuss, but the numbers do not deny.

While the starting lineup of Getafe displays all the available talent (Parejo included), the call of Real Madrid concentrated its surprises in the goalkeepers: Casillas and Dudek were left out. The rotation is curious and leaves Adam as starter, covered by Tomas Mejías. Anyone who wants to understand as an aid to Getafe, has the right, but we will not know because Mourinho does not speak and Karanka did not tell.

Neither will be in the team Kaka, injured with a strain on the muscles of his nostalgia. A pity; with so much disruption there is no way to defend him. Özil will play in his place, with Cristiano and Benzema or Higuain. Too much dynamite to imagine kindness.

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