Nuri Sahin: "I will be starter in Real Madrid"

Sahin will play For Real Madrid next season
Nuri Sahin

After crowned champions of the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund, you move to Real Madrid. You should be very happy...
Yes, it is the largest and most important club in the world, all players want to sign for Real Madrid at some point in his career and I am very pleased to have the opportunity. I worked very hard for it. I leave Dortmund full of joy.

Will not be easy for you to get a starting position in Madrid. You will have to fight with players like Xabi Alonso and Khedira.
I know the competition is great and much more in a team like Madrid, but I am sure I will achieve. So I go there, otherwise I would not. I will work hard and I will get a place in the starting lineup in Madrid, I have no doubt about it.

The change Dortmund-Madrid will be enormous, not only professionally but also by comparing cities. Have you had the opportunity to familiarize with your new home?
I have already visited the city, it seems very nice and I am very happy to live in Madrid. I will arrive in early July. We have found a house and so everything is ready for my move.

Zidane aims at Hazard and Varane

Zidane is one of the scouts in the Real Madrid and his opinion is increasingly important for the club. Especially now that is next to Jose Mourinho, reviewing the videos and talking about football for hours. On the French market, his main field to work, is closely watching two players.

The first one is Eden Hazard, 20, recently crowned Champion of Ligue 1 with Lille, confirming that he is one of the new talents in French football. He was the best player of the French tournament, proving to be a leader prepared to take the leap to a big team. The footballer, Belgium international, has confirmed all the expectations that Zidane had put on him. The former Real Madrid player has warned to Real Madrid for months on the quality of a player with some unusual conditions.

"I would sign Hazard for Madrid with my eyes closed. I would sign him", said Zidane. Real Madrid has long known that that he is a player who must be taken into account, who is growing to succeed in a great team and this season has taken a leap in quality. In favor of Hazard is also his mentality. He is a boy "made ​​in Zizou", focused and humble. The team that gets the player, would get a player with a great future and will not be disappointed by his behavior off the pitch. An exemplary player.

Zidane is scouting for Real Madrid in French League
Hazard and Varane

The other player is Raphael Varane,18 years old, central defender from Lens. The young footballer who made his debut in Ligue 1 this season (French international under-21) is a valued player of the European market, because the Lens has fallen to the Ligue 2.

Varane has a contract with his current club until 2015 but has expressed his desire to leave the team. "I want to continue learning in top level competitions to develop my career", he said about the possibility of going abroad. Manchester United, for example and according to L'Equipe, has offered 10.5 million euros for a central defender who attracts the interest of a dozen teams: Barcelona, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Malaga, Borussia, Lille, Lyon, PSG...

The player is outstanding for domination of the aerial game (1.91m and 85 kg). This season he has played 23 games and scored two goals. Lens, however, ended the season in the penultimate position, as the second most thrashed team (58 goals). But Wallemme, the coach who gave him the opportunity to play in Ligue 1, highlights his enormous potential: "I ​​was impressed by his expertise and serenity". Zidane, who has assumed more importance after the dismissal of Valdano, will be attentive.


Ronaldo Nazario and Zidane: Galactic scouts

Real Madrid's galactic scouts
Ronaldo and Zidane: Galactic Scouts

The former galactics already recommend about the galactics of the future. The story focuses on that Florentino Perez has created a bond with his former stars. Zidane already works for Real Madrid as advisor to the president and as link between teh template and the Board. And Ronaldo Nazario, who recently hung up his boots, begins to recommend about the young talents from Brazil.

Neymar's case has revealed a secret: Ronaldo, who was the third galactic of Florentino, is willing to put on alert to Madrid at the time when a different player appears on Brazil. He has done it recommending Neymar and is ready to do the same with upcoming talents.

The same goes for Zidane, who lives in Madrid but has under control the French football and speaks regularly with Laurent Blanc, the coach of France. Zidane's opinion is taken into account in the club. He speaks daily with Mourinho and Miguel Pardeza, in addition to having direct line to Florentino. Real Madrid has now well controlled the market in France and Brazil.

Del Bosque: Honorary member of Real Madrid

Del Bosque will receive the badge as honorary member of Real Madrid during the Gala of the Foundation of the white club, which will be held next October at the 'Teatro del Canal'. In addition to the Spanish national team coach, will receive this distinction two illustrious and universal Real Madrid fans: Rafael Nadal and Placido Domingo.

Del Bosque and Nadal: Honorary members of Real Madrid
Del Bosque and Nadal

Del Bosque, who spent 35 years continuously linked to Real Madrid (from 1968 to 2003 he defended the shield as a player, director of the youth squads and first team coach), has assisted with some frustration to the fact that all football has given him tributes, honors and awards by the achievement of the World Cup, almost a year ago (it will be the July 11). Madrid chose to start the competition last September without organizing any event at the Bernabeu Stadium around who was his coach at the Eighth and Ninth European Cups. However, Ronaldo or Dudek, for example, were honored in front of the crowd.

After being awarded by the King of Spain (with the title of Del Bosque Marquis), Florentino decided to bring positions with a model professional and called for the board of directors on March 18, which approved giving him the distinction of Honorary Member of the Real Madrid "for his impeccable work as coach of the world champion in South Africa". The decision was to grant him the badge on the Annual Gala of the Foundation of Real, within four months.

The award will be shared. Rafa Nadal received the "Special Prize of the Foundation', on November 4, 2010, and now the confessed Real Madrid fan, will also receive the badge as Honorary Member "for being the number one world tennis". Finally, Placido Domingo was awarded with the highest distinction of the club "for being a music phenomenon that has become an outstanding symbol of the history of opera".

Liverpool would pay 11.5 million euros to sign Gago

Gago's days are numbered in Madrid. The Argentine midfielder will no longer at the white club and there are several teams seeking to achieve his services. The latest interested in him is Liverpool. According to British media, the English club would pay 11.5 million euros to sign him. Since Mascherano signed for Barcelona, the Liverpool has not found a contention midfielder that met its needs and the coach, Kenny Dalglish, has asked the signing of Gago.

Fernando Gago could sign for Liverpool
Fernando Gago

Another team interested in Gago is Boca Juniors, but has no money. In addition, the player prefers to stay in Europe. "Gago needs to play and Liverpool would be an ideal club for him. Fernando wants to play again and return to the highest level, something that currently it is not possible at Real Madrid", said his agent Marcelo Lombilla.

Other Gago's options to leave the white team, could be Benfica and Manchester City. Both clubs want him as a bargaining chip in the transfer of Coentrao and Adebayor, respectively. The Argentine has already said that his future will be decided after the Copa America.


Mendes and Kenyon finalize the signing of Coentrao

At eight o'clock yesterday afternoon, came at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Jorge Mendes and Peter Kenyon, partners since that Kenyon left Chelsea in which he held the position of CEO. They met with Jose Angel Sanchez with the intention of completing the signing of Coentrao by Real Madrid, and to address other issues.

Benfica knows that the offer from Real Madrid for Coentrao will be 22 million euros and a player. The three candidates for change Madrid for Lisbon are Garay (central defender), Gago (midfielder) and Pablo Sarabia (playmaker of the youth squad).

Meanwhile, Benfica takes for granted Coentrao's leaving to Real Madrid. So the Portuguese club takes a while looking for substitutes. The preferred is Cristian Ansaldi, left side of Rubin Kazan. The confirmation of the news came from the mouth of player's agent, Pedro Aldave: "We talk with Juventus and they want Ansaldi because he is versatile, but we are still at an early stage of the contacts. The player also interests to Benfica, but they are pending on the sale of Coentrao to make a firm proposal", he said.

Fabio Coentrao will sign for Real in next days
Fabio Coentrao would sign for Real Madrid

Neymar was almost signed in 2005

Neymar, the great Brazilian football sensation who played last night in Montevideo the first leg of the Libertadores Cup Final with his team Santos against Peñarol, was almost signed by Real Madrid for a contract drafted by the father of footballer, Emilio Butragueño and Carlos Martínez de Albornoz (the last two by the white club). Sports daily AS has revealed a contract of 2005, consisting of four pages, but lack the third to have been lost in time.

Neymar with Santos

The contract joined Neymar with Real Madrid just until June 30, 2011, with clauses that demonstrate the true interest that Real Madrid, then chaired by Florentino Perez, had on the footballer: "Has been granted the sole and exclusive option, at the request of Real Madrid, to proceed to the signing of a contract of employment as professional athlete, at any time during the seasons 2005-06 to 2010-11, both inclusive".

In fact, one of the sections of the contract noted the payment of 5,100 euros to Neymar "for each official game that he plays with the first team of Real Madrid for at least 45 minutes per game". The problem is that Madrid was in free fall with the 'Galacticos' (not won a title since 2003) and finally the signing of the contract was postponed . Florentino resigned a year later (February 2006) and Neymar's agent, Wagner Ribeiro, left hints of what might happen over time: "In the near future, Neymar will play for Real Madrid".

Do not forget that Ribeiro is Robinho's agent and offered to the white club the opportunity to sign Neymar, just when Santos and Madrid were trading the hiring of the Milan's striker. The question is: Why Madrid did not close a signing that now will cost 40 million euros?

Benzema: Fined by driving recklessly in Ibiza

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid striker, was fined on Wednesday early morning by Ibiza police for reckless driving after discovering that he and two friends were making races through the center of the city. As reported by an internet portal, the French player paid the fine of 250 euros in cash.

Benzema was fined by Ibiza police
Benzema's blue Porsche at Ibiza

Benzema, at the wheel of a blue Porsche, was intercepted by agents in the popular area of '​​Vara de Rey' after that was activated an emergency device by the police, shortly before one o'clock, knowing that three cars were doing races and performing dangerous stunts on the streets closest to the port of Ibiza. In addition to his Porsche, in racing were involved two other luxury cars, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini.

Benzema is on the island of Ibiza to enjoy his holidays with a group of friends. According to the media, was not the only incident that occurred during the night for similar reasons and with Benzema as the protagonist. Several people reported that about ten o'clock at night, the same vehicles were seen at high speed through the area of ​​'8 de Agosto' Avenue, and other sources said that at half past eleven one of these vehicles was involved in an accident with minimal damage at 'Marina Botafoch' Street. The Benzema's Porsche was seen doing donuts in 'Vara de Rey' before his car and his friends were intercepted by police units.


Neymar: "I have nothing signed with Real Madrid"

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior has denied that he has signed a contract with Real Madrid as discussed in the last hours, because there is "nothing" with the white club. At the same time the president of the Santos has stressed that they want the striker follow on the Brazilian team.

Neymar at the Montevideo Airport
Neymar. Montevideo Airport

Is the answer that emerged after the strong rumors and reports in Italy, which informed about the transfer of the Brazilian player to Real Madrid for 45 million euros with a five-years contract. "We have nothing. Now, nothing separates me from Santos", said Neymar on his arrival in Montevideo, where along with the rest of his teammates, will play the first match of the Libertadores Cup Final against Peñarol. "The dream of all Brazilian players and mine, is to play abroad. I would like to play in Europe but I have a contract with Santos and intend to play here a long time. I have nothing with Real Madrid, now I think only on Santos and the Libertadores final", said Neymar.

The player, aged 19, spoke these words after his team's recognition of the field, Centenario Stadium, where today Peñarol and Santos will play the first leg of the Libertadores Cup Final: "I'm very happy for this moment of Santos and mine too. In addition, for the love that people show me everywhere".

Moreover, the president of Santos, Luis Alvaro Ribeiro de Oliveira, stressed that the young striker is not for sale, and that the offer from Real Madrid "not exist", while he notes that his desire is that player follow with them: "The proposal does not exist, and if it came, was sent back. These rumors always appear before important playoffs. We are talking with new sponsors and we will make as necessary proposals so that Neymar continues with us", he said.

Interview: Emilio Butragueño

It is sixteen years to the day since Emilio Butragueño left Real Madrid as a player. The legendary Real Madrid footballer talked about his last day on the team and also about the club in an interview.

Emilio Butragueño
Emilio Butragueño at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

"The morning of my last day, I went to the stadium to check everyhting was fine. We had lunch, I had a nap and we prepared for the match; the usual stuff. It turned out great. We defeated Roma 4-0 and I played a part in all the goals. We had a good team the day I left the team".

"Football, and Real Madrid in particular, has made me what I am and given me everything that I have. This is where I spent my entire professional career, between 18 and 32 years of age. People know me because of Real Madrid and I am indebted to the club for things turning out rather well throughout my life. I owe the club everything. I already knew before retirement that I wanted to return to football, or more specifically, to Real Madrid. I especially wanted to be an executive. I didn't want to be near the pitch. I wanted to have an office".

"As a footballer I thought there was no better place to play at than Real Madrid, and I now believe it would be hard for me to find a better place to work at than the club. Every time I come here I don't feel I'm entering club or an office; I rather feel I'm coming home. This is my home. It's part of my life. If you ask me where my home is I'd answer it's with my family, but I'd also tell you it is at the stadium. I don't work at a company; I work at home".

"The club has become more professional as football has evolved. The Marketing Department did not exist when I joined the team. It now has 40 people on its staff and generates a third of the club's budget. When I first arrived there wasn't even a Communications Department. That gives you an idea of how things have changed. Real Madrid have had to adapt to circumstances in order to get the most out of its resources and continue competing".

"It is our duty to adapt to the times and still be competitive in order to aspire to be the best in the world. In order to do that we need resources to strengthen the team, sign great players and keep winning".

"In what regards the structure of the club and its financial situation, I must say Florentino Perez is a very successful businessman. Our Club Members can relax. You win and lose in football, but we currently have an extraordinary team and, with a little luck, we could have a great run next season".

Lass Diarra: 25 days to submit an offer

Real Madrid has decided to establish a period of one month, in which Lass must present the offers he has to leave the club. Now is the time to know if the team can count on him or not for the planning of next season. His case is special because Mourinho wants him in the squad but the player went on vacation communicating his desire to get more minutes in other teams.

Lass Diarra will leave the Real Madrid this summer
Mourinho and Lass Diarra

The club has given him an ultimatum because they are not willing to pass days, sowing doubts around his future and, above all, making a sort of cold war with the player. This was interpreted in the offices of the Bernabeu Stadium. It is believed that the player is looking for a discount on the price of his transfer. But Madrid does not give. He will only go, if he brings 20 million euros.

The price would be lower if the offer comes from a team that is not direct rival in Europe. If stakeholders are Manchester United, City, Inter or Milan, there is not more to talk about: 20 million euros in cash. If the team is not a direct rival of Real madrid, the amount could be reduced. One of them is Juventus, which has already extended its interest. The other is the Fenerbahçe, current champion of the Turkish League, which has offered 13 million euros.

But the player shows no signs of life and that's very difficult to make progress in this case. He went on vacation making clear his intentions and now seeks to determine the time to put pressure on the club and find the way out most profitable for him. The less a team pays by the transfer, better salary he will ensure. These are negotiating tactics.

The date that Real Madrid manages as deadline is July 10. One day before the start of the preseason and the team's travel to Los Angeles. Mourinho has made ​​it clear. If Lass leaves the white team, with that money, club would sign Fabio Coentrao. Lass has paralyzed the movement and that is not liking to Mourinho, who urged French player to resolve as soon as possible his status to continue with the configuration of the new team.

Inter Milan offers 30 million euros for Kaka

Inter Milan are looking for a star signing for next season and has chosen to Kaka. The interest comes from long ago, but has been in the last week when was decided to get hold of the services of the Brazilian. Neroazzurro team has already initiated contacts with Real Madrid and has started the bidding with an offer of 30 million euros which is insufficient for Madrid that evaluates it, being only the first touchdown. Madrid believes that if Inter really wants the Brazilian, will put more money on the table.

Inter Milan bidding for Kaka

Real Madrid, for now, merely listens to offers, but has already made ​​it clear that the price of Kaka is 40 million euros. The handled figures in the white club are quite simple. The Brazilian's salary is 10 million per season and has four years remaining of the contract, so they look for a transaction in which the player does not depreciate too much becuase they paid 67 million.

"To lose money with Kaka, we stay with him", say from the offices of the Bernabeu Stadium every time the name of the Brazilian goes to scene. Because Kaka's case is complicated. There are many people within the organization who believe that the 8 of Madrid is recoverable, but weigh more the two years in which his performance has been more than disappointing. So the conclusion is that they only will sell the player, if there is a good bid, such as the Inter's. Otherwise, player will remain on the white template, cause the player does not bother to Mourinho.

Although Milan, Chelsea, Manchester City, Sao Paulo and Corinthians are interested in Kaka, currently the only formal proposal that has come to the Bernabeu is the Inter's. And is that few clubs in the world are prepared to take the high salary of the Brazilian. In fact, only the City and Inter have enough money, since even Abramovich's team is tightening the belt in the wages of the players.

In this operation, which has only just begun, has not been put on the table the name of Maicon. The Brazilian does not matter, in principle, to Real Madrid, that for the defense, just thinks about Fabio Coentrao, who can play at right side. In addition, Madrid does not thinks on exchanges of players. If the Brazilian midfielder leaves Madrid, will be for a good amount of money that would be used to mitigate the paid of the signing of striker, whether Neymar or Aguero, will be around 45 million euros.


Bernabeu Trophy 2011: Looking for rival

The desire of many Real Madrid fans, to see Raul on August 23 playing the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy, defending the Schalke shirt, has fallen on deaf ears. The German club disputes on August 25 the match of the Europa League and therefore has been unable to comply with the compromise reached with the white club. However, Madrid and Schalke have reached an agreement for that the German team, with Raul up front, can be the guest of 2012.

The alternative that the club has sought also has a sentimental component because the team that could be invited, would be the Guti's Besiktas. Yesterday, Real Madrid already initiated contacts with the Turkish club that,despite playing the Europa League, responded that would be willing to play for the trophy.

Guti would play the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy with Besiktas
Guti would come back to the Bernabeu Stadium

Bosco Leite: "Kaka is not going anywhere"

Bosco Leite, Kaka's father and agent, yesterday afternoon held a meeting at the offices of Milan with the vice president of the "rossoneri" club, Adriano Galliani, the sporting director of the entity, Ariedo Braida, and the coach of the team, Massimiliano Allegri.

Bosco Leite: Kaka's agent in Milan
Bosco Leite: Kaka's father

The main topic of conversation during this meeting with friends, was the future of Kaka. Galliani is very concerned by reports that place the Brazilian player at Inter, Milan's arch rival. Bosco Leite assured him privately that the player will remain in Madrid and at the exit of office confirmed it publicly: "Kaka is not going anywhere".

The interest of Milan for Kaka's situation is not new. In fact, the Italian club is always aware of what might happen with the Brazilian player, because in a sentimental level, the player is considered theirs. Think of him as a child who has gone abroad to study at another club and the last thing they would want is to see him on the colors of the Inter.

In Milan, speculates that Bosco Leite and Galliani had reached an agreement whereby the player's father will immediately notify the club if the player leaves Real Madrid. Thus Milan would have preference for Kaka keeping in mind the economic situation.

Meanwhile, Kaka has repeatedly stated his desire to continue in Real Madrid. The last was on June 10, after the birthday of his son: "The truth is that I want to stay in Madrid. I know I have not met expectations and I would like to improve, so I take it as a personal goal".

Interview: Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano attending an interview from Lisbon
Cristiano Ronaldo at Lisbon

How are you?
Okay. I was in the Algarve with family.

Do you have the wish for start the next season?
No, I want to vacation. Give it time. Now we have to rest the body.

You realizes that your numbers are brutal...
Yes. It was my second year in the league and I was more comfortable. On a personal level was the best for goals and individual actions. I'd rather score the half and win the Champions League or the League.

How many goals will you score in the next season?
I will not say a number. If you work, if you are concentrated, if the team is good, it's easier. If I could score the same of this season, I sign it.


Coentrao could play as midfielder for Real Madrid

Coentrao is considered the best left side defender of Portugal. However, Mourinho has called his transfer to use him not only as a defense, but also in more advanced positions, as midfielder. The coach is very proud of the Marcelo's performance in the season so the Brazilian is the leading candidate to start next season in the starting lineup in the lefty side of the defense. But Mou is convinced that both Marcelo as Coentrao are compatible.

Coentrao and Marceloa are compatible
Coentrao and Marcelo

Last season, Mourinho used Marcelo six times ahead of the left side, allowing Cristiano to play with more freedom. Well, the coach mainly wants Coentrao to play in this position, although the Benfica player might occupy several positions in the field of play. Apart from his quality and dribbling, Mourinho appreciates much his enormous versatility.

Coentrao has become this season in one of the best left side defenders in the world and a permanent starter in the Portuguese national team. But in his origins, in Rio Ave, he played as midfielder. Was his coach in Benfica in 2009-2010 season, Jorge Jesus, who decided to convert him on defense. That decision proved to be one of the keys to Benfica won the Portuguese League that year.

The high performance offered by Fabio Coentrao in the defense, has meant that this season has been only used as midfielder in three games; in two League matches (Rio Ave and Porto) and in the Super Cup final in Portugal. However, when Benfica has had to overcome difficulties, to advance the position of Coentrao has been one of the main weapons of Jorge Jesus.

Liverpool and Aston Villa battle for Gago

Given the expected Gago's leaving, out of Real Madrid, two teams from the Premier, Liverpool and Aston Villa, have begun to take positions to try to gain the services of the young Argentine midfielder.

Gago is thinking about his future
Fernando Gago will leave Real Madrid this summer

The arrival of Sahim and Altintop at the Bernabeu Stadium, coupled with his continuous injuries this season, have shut the stage of the Argentine at Real Madrid, which for some weeks has discussed with the player's agent, Marcelo Lombilla, the options offered by the football market for his career.

Because of his age (25 years old), Gago has a good lineup in Europe's top leagues, so the player discards the return to Argentina. The main obstacle to his leaving from Madrid is his salary: two million euros per season, what some other teams in the Premier could pay. In particular two; Aston Villa and Liverpool, which are willing to engage in a battle for his signing.

The player likes both teams, but so far keeps silent on his future, although this seems to point to Anfield, to get under the command of Kenny Dalglish, who would have already communicated to Liverpool his intention to give the reins of the team to the Argentine player.

Juventus wants a trade: Lass-Felipe Melo

Juventus want to make a trade with Real Madrid for Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo signs for the white club in exchange for Lass Diarra, according to a report in the Italian sports daily 'Corriere dello Sport'.

The possibility of exchanging players was spoken around month ago at the meeting that the Boards of both clubs, including Florentino Perez, held in the Spanish capital. 'Corriere dello Sport' claims that there is willingness on the part of Real Madrid to let out Lass and Jose Mourinho wants that Felipe Melo joins the Spanish team as soon as possible.

Lass Diarra and Felipe Melo in exchange
Lass Diarra and Felipe Melo

Now only lack, according to the newspaper, that Juventus can persuade Lass, because according with recent statements, the player said that if he leaves Real Madrid, would only play in England, place where he has good memories of his time at Arsenal, Chelsea and Portsmouth.

'Corriere dello Sport' claims that in this operation, the Real Madrid would have to compensate Juventus for the inequality in terms of market valuation of the players, because the Turin club paid in 2009, 25 million euros to Fiorentina, compared to 20 million that the Spanish team spent in signing Lass in 2008.


Coentrao will come to Real Madrid after the transfer of Lass

Fabio Coentrao will be the fourth signing of the season after Sahin, Callejon and Altintop. Last Thursday, his agent, Jorge Mendes, was at the Bernabeu to move forward in the negotiations. Madrid's intention is to announce the signing of Portugal player when closing the transfer of Lass. The French midfielder wants to return to the Premier League. So that the money that Real Madrid earns by that transfer, will fund the signing of Benfica side.

Coentrao would be the fourth Real Madrid signing of 2011-2012 season
Fabio Coentrao

As is known, the Coentrao's buyout clause is 30 million euros and until a few days ago, Benfica had been reluctant to accept players as bargaining chips to lower that amount. However, contacts in recent days between Jorge Mendes and Benfica leaders have served to bring positions closer. So the Lisbon club is willing to reduce its financial claims and accept a player in the operation, as long as the players offered by the Madrid are Garay and Gago. Both are pleasing to the Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus, who also would have given the approval to the arrival of both.

Meanwhile, Fabio Coentrao is vacationing with his family in a Mediterranean village, waiting for news of his future. The left side is quiet, but hopes that the transfer will be resolved soon. In fact, he publicly expressed his desire to leave Benfica to sign for Real Madrid. These statements have caused that the Portuguese club opens an expedient to punish him, becuase he talked to the Spanish media without permission.

Özil: Real Madrid's number 10

Real Madrid jersey: Ozil number 10
Real Madrid's number 10: Mesut Özil

Real Madrid introduced the new home shirt 2011-2012, white and gold, on Thursday and on the shelves at the Santiago Bernabeu Store, you could not find the Lass' shirt with the number '10' on the back. The white club thinks on Özil to use this emblematic number, from next season.

Although the German international said in the German newspaper 'Saz Aktuell': "The number '10' is reserved for Aguero", the idea of the club is that Özil takes this number to himself and lets the number '23', which is the number he has used this season. The player showed with his statements that would not have problems to yield the number to Kun Aguero, although he takes precedence over the Argentine at the time of choice.

Currently, the '10' is held by Lass, who had already showed his willingness to give it to Özil last March: "I have no problem to yield the number". But with his possible transfer to the Premier League (not accept the role he has in the team) will leave the '10' without an owner, which will further facilitate Özil's number change.
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