Mourinho: "It is normal that Barcelona thinks January can be bad for us"

Jose Mourinho appeared at a press conference to explain their feelings in the hours before Real Madrid-Villarreal on Sunday. Complicated match as those which look to whites in this January. One difficulty, the calendar, which is considered by Mou: "It is normal for the Barcelona look to our calendar and see that we have two derbies, Villarreal and Almeria which is growing much, and then, if we win in the quarterfinals knockout round, Villarreal or Sevilla in Spanish Cup. Barcelona thinks that January can be a bad month for us. It is normal”

Jose Mourinho

"But we have to be positive and think every game, be serious and find all the points", said the Portuguese coach who confirmed Lass and Xabi in the middle of the field and Benzema up front.

On the French midfielder, Mourinho was clear: "There are moments. When Ramos was not about punishment or injury and Arbeloa played and played well and I said he deserved to be the starter, is normal in managing. Khedira has started much time and then was injured. Lassana played and did well. I like to give the message that when you get does not mean that the other has to go. But it is a position where we're fine, with Gago, Xabi and Granero which I like more and more. I can do rotations because they are all good. There are players to do it. "

Mou downplayed the Pepe injury: "He could have been injured in his home, or here in training. Against Levante we prepare a team wich tomorrow starters could rest. We had planned to play for Garay with Pepe in the second half and Carvalho who played in Getafe, in the first. Injury is normal, things happen"

Real Madrid coach also said that Kaka would have more minutes against Villarreal: "He has to play. If we lose, tying or are in difficulties, has to play because it is the only striker we have. If all goes well and we winning, he will play to get his minutes and give rest to other players. Kaká will play. And this, for Real Madrid, for the fans going to the Bernabeu and for people who like soccer is a good new"

About the League, Mourinho said that the superiority of Madrid and Barca does not detract the tournament: "It's a league like the others. There are leagues where teams lose many points and develop differently. Barcelona has lost 5 points. We lost 7 points. In other leagues do not pass this, but here it is. At the end, as in all the leagues, wins the team with most points. It’s not important become a champion with 100, with 80 or 70 points. The last day you forget all what happened and concentrate only on the numbers. "

The manager tried to isolate himself from the controversy surrounding the signing of a '9 ':"What I do is work. I prepare training and matches the best I can. I come here soon, I go out late, I devote myself to what I have to spend. The life of a coach. Our happiness depends also on the results, but always with the peace of mind to do my best and give everything, that is the same as asking the players. I am a good professional"

Mou, who declined to answer a question about the Madrid receptions away from home, had a message of support to Leonardo: "What I like is that Inter wins, Inter's players are happy, as my President Moratti and Inter fans"

Villarreal travels to Madrid with heavy casualties

Villarreal coach has announced this Saturday the list of players summoned for the important match between Villarreal and Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium (Sunday 7:00 pm). For the game, the coach of the yellow team will be without the injured Senna, Marchena and Nilmar.

Garrido (Villarreal Coach)

Spanish international midfielder Marcos Senna will not be joining due to an injury suffered in the hamstrings. In addition Nilmar still is recovering from a meniscus operation which has been subjected recently to solve their problems of the knee.

Finally, the Andalusian central defender Carlos Marchena will miss this important meeting, between the second and third place in the league, because he is recovering from a fracture in the femoral biceps of his left leg.

The final list of 18 players summoned by Garrido for the encounter at the Bernabeu is the following: Diego Lopez, Juan Carlos, Angel, Mario, Gonzalo, Catalá, Musacchio,Capdevila, Joan Oriol, Borja Valero, Bruno, Matilla, Cazorla, Cani, Jefferson Montero, Rossi, Marco Ruben and Altidore.

Stadium History (7)

The Santiago Bernabéu is Elite Stadium

On November 14, 2007, UEFA announced the decision to include the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the elite category. It was the best gift possible for a field that was a month to celebrate its 60 birthday. UEFA rewarded the investment made by the Club, but also their organizational capacity. The latest enhancements further magnify a unique venue in the world. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium got the highest consideration of UEFA, the highest seal of quality. And with that, for practical purposes, the prerequisite for being able to celebrate the end of major competitions such as Champions League, something that had happened only three times over its six decades of existence in 1957: Real Madrid-Fiorentina (2-0) in 1969:Milan-Ajax (4-1), and in 1980: Nottingham Forest-Hamburg (1-0).

Champions League 2010 Final

Multipurpose building finished

A change in the appearance of the stadium was shaped with the continued progress of the new Multipurpose Building Real Madrid. Located on Padre Damián street, on a plot of 2226.67 m2. It has five plants for common uses of Stadium: parking, media room, mixed zone, marquee players, television sets, offices of president and generaldirections, and a shop, the largest built by a football club.

Since its birth on November 30, 2006, 'The Bernabeu Shop' became the biggest sports store ever created by a football club in the world. Is the union of two world leaders, Real Madrid and Adidas, two companies in relentless pursuit of excellence.

New Stadium Tour

The Tour of the Bernabéu has had an excellent response from fans because they have become one of the main attractions of the city. Received over 600,000 visitors the 2006-07 season. It has recently been extended following the opening of the second phase of the exhibition of trophies. It also expanded the club's trophy room.

The first stadium of the world with remote management

Many stadiums in the world boast of being in control, but few, very few do that at the touch of a click, from a computer. That's what happens in I.C.U. (Integral Control Unit, which is located on the fourth east side amphitheater) where the Club has installed the most advanced remote management system which is done through the remote control of lighting, elevators, grass, escalators, mobile cover, water distribution, heating, etc. There is an absolute control of everything that is happening at the Bernabeu ... Also in the Real Madrid’s Sports City. Its advantages are numerous: The remote management is crucial in detecting the incident ... and solutions.

I.C.U. Santiago Bernabeu

The future

The Club is already thinking about the future. Florentino Pérez is aware of the importance of the architecture of the Stadium Club. To do this, is tracing the lines ofaction that will make the asset-building strategy of both the stadium and the Real Madrid Sports City. The Heritage Real Madrid is a world of opportunities for the Club and members, which as always will have a preferential treatment, but will be a social club open to all who identify with the values of Real Madrid.


Pepe, a month out with a tear in the soleus

Yesterday defeat against Levante in the second leg of the knockout Cup (2-0), has been expensive to Real Madrid. The club's medical services have been certified Pepe's injury today who divided up the 90 minutes of the game yesterday with Carvalho.

Pepe (Levante vs Real Madrid)

The magnetic resonance performed to the player in the hospital “Sanitas La Moraleja”, confirms that the central suffers a muscle tear grade II in the soleus muscle of the left leg. The estimated time of injury, will be four weeks, pending clinical outcome.

The first game he will miss will be the important league match against Villarreal,(third place) on Sunday. Nor will play, regardless of other league matches, in the Spanish Cup quarterfinals against Atlético.

It is a sensible low as Pepe has usually been the headline in the center of defense alongside his compatriot Ricardo Carvalho, but Raul Albiol, when he has played minutes, and even Sergio Ramos, when Jose Mourinho has used in that area, and Ezequiel Garay, have worked satisfactorily.

Higuain traveling to Chicago for surgery

Higuaín evaluates the hours that remain to be operated. The entire physician operating is ready. The Argentine flies to Chicago tomorrow, although the operation will not take place until Tuesday. But he has to be there for some time, because he must perform a series of tests to ensure that everything will be fine later in the operating room.

Gonzalo Higuain

Higuaín wanted to travel with their parents. However, several bureaucratic problems make it impossible. The player has a French passport (he was born there while his father played for Brest) and it has been difficult to obtain a visa to enter the United States, where measures are very restrictive. His parents, having only the national of Argentina, have not been obtained so quickly. On the other hand, Carlos Díez (chief of medical services Sanitas) will accompany the 20 white.

Higuain will be operated by Dr. Richard G. Fessler, a global eminence in spinal surgery that was formed with honors from the University of Chicago. Dr. Fessler will use a less abrasive technique for the patient, an endoscopy in which only make an incision of 2.5 cm depth where the camera is inserted with endoscopic tools.

Florentino Perez was recorded yesterday while talking about the operation of herniated disc Higuain, before lunch with Levante’s board: "He was four weeks to strengthen, to see if it got (the vertebrae). Sometimes it gets lonely. All this work has been done and goes for the surgery. Medical services chose a noninvasive procedure such as arthroscopy. "

Real Madrid and Atletico face off in Cup 17 years later


Atlético vs Real Madrid (Spanish Cup Final 1992)

Real Madrid and Atletico will again see the faces in the Spanish Cup 17 years after their last meeting. It was in the 93/94 season, in the 5th knockout round, finishing with Real Madrid victory; draw (2-2) in Bernabéu Stadium and beat (2-3) in the Vicente Calderon.

In the quarterfinals, have met five times, with a balance of three classifications for Real Madrid and two for Atletico, which scored in the replay games when there was not the double value away goals rule.

As a curiosity, we note that Atletico have won just once in Cup at the Bernabeu. An indelible memory game. It was the 1992 final which ended 0-2 after goals made by Schuster and Futre.

The balance, however, is far superior to the white set. Team was measured in 35 games for Atletico and has lost only nine times. The remaining meetings are divided into 13 victories and 13 draws. We should not ignore the fact that Atletico has spent more than a decade without winning at Madrid.

Interview: Mourinho


José Mourinho

What did you think? It was his second defeat in the Madrid ...

I cannot be critical of players because it is a difficult game for them to give their full attention because we knew we were falling. It is not easy to motivate. However, they have had a positive attitude because many had not just minutes. Keep in mind that it was the first start for Mateos, Gago, Adam and Garay. We made a match to control, I thought the result should have been 0-0.

What happened with Ballesteros in the locker room?

One person yelled at me to get Pepe. I said I was joking with them put him. I told him that change was prepared for three days. We're not kidding anyone. To joke is played with Iker as striker or Pepe as goalkeeper. That person screaming does not know me or Madrid . I do not joke with colleagues.

Are you happy with the performance of Kaka?

He has had more minutes and little by little with positive feelings, without knee pain or pubis. The next game will play for sure. If we are wrong, he will play because we do not have another, and if he is in good condition, it will also come ...

Do you bother insulting chants from Levante fans after the 2-0?

It is a matter of educating people and there are stages where it is impossible. I'm not one to criticize. If my son, I would not let him enter again to stage. If my friend, I criticize him face to face, but as people, I cannot say anything.

Does the Real Madrid Cup way the most complicated?

We are in a group with Atletico, Villarreal and Sevilla. The four want to go and have a responsibility to reach. Two quarter-finals will be very good; will be a very tough semifinal. We would be difficult to January, with many matches and above have limitations, but try to get it right. I know those limitations, you also cannot answer, we must go with them. In this match we had Cristiano and Di Maria at home, then with Benzema in the field and then no ... The limitations are there and all people can see it. We cannot hide that. This was a match that could be lost, but we do not want to lose. The following cannot lose because we played important things.

Spanish Cup: 5th Round (2nd Leg)


The Whites reach the quarterfinals of the Spanish Cup despite the defeat

It is always complicated to play a return leg after winning the first 8-0. It is very hard to get properly motivated. The starting lineup used by Mourinho was extremely solid, but given the situation, it failed to bring intensity to the match.

There were hardly any chances on goal in the first half. Levante seemed overexcited and focused on complicating things with fouls more than on scoring goals. Real Madrid dominated, but they didn't set a fast pace to the match. Canales had a clear chance with a shot inside the box following a good effort from Pedro Leon, but the ball hit a defender.

Pepe came on for Carvalho at the start of the second half. Real Madrid played a faster game and Mourinho soon decided the bring Kaka on for Benzema (55'), positioning the Brazilian as a striker.

Kaká and Benzema

A penalty was awarded very rigourously when the ball hit Gago's arm when it was pressed against his body. Xisco took the shot and scored the opener. Mateos was injured three minutes later and Mourinho brought on youth teamer Juanfran as a right back. Canales also had problems and had to play the last 20 minutes with leg cramps.

The Whites had their best chance on the 83-minute mark when a header by Kaka hit the crossbar. Levante eventually sealed the match from a free-kick in the 85th minute. Despite the 2-0 victory, Real Madrid will play in the quarterfinals against Atletico Madrid thanks to defeating Levante 8-0 in the first leg.


Stadium: Ciudad de Levante
Attendance: 12,387
Goals: 1-0, m.63 Xisco Muñoz (penalty). 2-0, m.85 Sergio.



Spanish League: Day 17


Di Maria, tireless, tracked Madrid's victory with a penalty and an assist. Cristiano Ronaldo, two goals. Getafe was better when calmed.

Conclusion of the second goal

Di Maria, like the kings to come, has the gift of ubiquity. Without the camel that is more relevant. Just assists in front of goal that defends the opposite end. If he runs less, we seem him as better player. So we are. We worked hard to accept the genius.

Di Maria was the victim of the penalty that entrains the match for Madrid, attended Özil in the second goal and missed a goal sung for wanting to give it to Benzema, first, and then, when the French returned the gift, for failing to ultimate control. Set in his defense that has just completed the New York Marathon and was slightly suppressed

Some might prefer the two goals from Cristiano to sweating Di Maria, the boy who will never get fat. It is debatable. However, the presence of Argentinian makes the Madrid attack on a line unpredictable, because the concentration of defense that can control Cristiano is not enough to hobble to Di Maria, dynamic vertical pin. And if the party also adds Özil, surrender is the best advice.

What happened to Getafe was curious. The more it became passionate about the game, the worse it played football. It was when it felt lost and consoled itself with the ball when the game returned to the fight. There are teams that are born to be aggressive and others may force the gesture just a few minutes. Getafe is like that. And the proof is that in its efforts to be aggressive, it forgot that there are penalties. The fact is that Cristiano was shot down after two minutes, without penalty, and Di Maria grabbed at nine, which offered no doubts.

Getafe angrily protested the punishment, and spread to the public, very slighted, but must be attributed to the tension that attacks against Madrid hosts. It is unpleasant, but does not affect Madrid chances of winning.

Parejo's goal, so inspired by his talent and the kindness of his rivals (Lass was yellow, Arbeloa played a bad game), returned life to the match. While we did see that the docility of Lass, usually piranha, had coincided with his warning, as had occurred shortly before Boateng. The most spirited of the meeting were handled on probation and the threat of prison. They did not exceed it.

El Getafe back to feel giddy about the tie to grow later when Cristiano scored the third.The play of that goal changed roles significantly. Benzema attended and Cristiano scored in the land of nine. Dr. Freud would say that the Frenchman wants to be a playmaker and Cristiano striker, but they do not know…Yet.

The second half became a carousel of yellow cards that ended with Arbeloa’s red. He was strangely anxious, probably by taking off this year the vice of Coca-Cola.

Albin scored in the final minutes to honor the play of a team that if something did right was not giving up. Kaka returned raising hopes and Di Maria kept running and cutting bulls that left him ragged shirt. He will never get fat. The question is whether he will be 40 years old.


Stadium: Coliseum Alfonso Pérez
Attendance: 14,000
Goals: 0-1, m.11: Cristiano Ronaldo (pen.) 0-2, m.18: Özil. 1-2, m.29: Parejo. 1-3, m.56: Cristiano Ronaldo. 2-3, m.84: Albín.

Legends: Miguel Muñoz


Miguel Muñoz

His athletic career in football began in Madrid where he was born in 1922. There he played on different teams like Ferroviaria, the Girod and the Imperio and began to have his first contact with the ball. The year 1943 will mark his life. He had to go for Logroño, to complete military service. There, he played for the C.D. Logroñés, which drops to third division. The following year, in the 1943-44 season signed for Racing de Santander, where he remained until 1946, when he comes to Celta de Vigo. With this team played his first final (Spanish Cup).

Miguel Muñoz and Pahiño cap a great season, which ends with the two players wearing the white shirt of Real Madrid.That season is just getting third in the league. The team is going through a transition period with high-profile additions that are going to get that little by little the Club holds the leadership of Spanish football. His first league title gets it in the 1953-54 season.

In 1956 Miguel Munoz gets his name to go to a special place in international football history. On 13 June at the Parc des Princes will be the first player to receive theEuropean Cup being the captain of Real Madrid. The Muñoz, Di Stefano, Rial, Marquitos and company had managed to defeat the Stade Reims in his own field, opening the most brilliant period of Real Madrid.

Miguel Muñoz is part of the Real Madrid until the 1958-59 season. It is ten years in which he raises two European titles and two league championships. His withdrawal occurs with the arrival of new players to Real Madrid, and after raising his third European Cup. After hanging up his boots, Muñoz remains linked to the history of Real Madrid, first as coach of the Plus Ultra, and after the Real Madrid first team.


In the 1959-60 season took over as coach of Real Madrid and that same year he won the European Cup and became the first person to win as a player and coach. Coached Real Madrid for 13 years and six months in a total of 601 league games. During his years as coach, Real Madrid won 9 League, 2 Spanish Cup, 2 European Cups and 1 Intercontinental Cup.

Miguel Muñoz Coach

He is the coach who led Real Madrid more times, who has won more league titles with 9 in 21 seasons and the third coach with the most matches in the league, behind Luis Aragones and Javier Irureta.

In 1982, after the failure of the Spanish team in the World Cup, was named national team coach, heading to Spain in the 1986 World Cup and Euro 1984 (Spain was finalist) and 1988.

He died on July 16, 1990.

Stadium History (6)

Change of the century of century Club

In 1998, the Club adopted a master plan for the stadium infrastructure, to modernize and make more comfortable all its structures. At the time, was set in motion an ambitious commercial project to become a Bernabéu open 365 days a year. The centennial will be used to celebrate a stadium that was growing and walked steadily toward his dream of being elite.

The modernization process that took place at the Club during the 1999-2000 season was known as "Project Leader XXI" With regard to the stadium, took out a waymarks of Santiago Bernabeu, which sectorizes all the same.

With the renovation of third amphitheater (Padre Damián street), placed 9,380-seater,which completed the previous season's performances, which had installed new 16,000-seat distributed in different areas. Thus, capacity was definitely reduced to 75,000locations

Infrastructure plan for stadium

In July 2000, Florentino Perez became president of Real Madrid. Following the provisions of the Master Plan Infrastructure Stadium, which included both the technical upgrading of all facilities and infrastructure such as launch of new lines of business within an ambitious commercial facilities.

The "offices" of the players are changing, their second home. Suffered an extraordinarycomprehensive reform, the end result brought unanimous praise. The news followed. Scoreboards were changed. Another major release of the field was a new public address system. If the stadium grew, their supplies should do. This will set the ring of facilities, basic provisions, electricity, water supply and sanitation.

Best stadium heated in the world

The Santiago Bernabeu was not a pioneer in introducing a heating system. The Nuevo Zorrilla (Valladolid) was the first in Spain to use heat, but its 58 radiators were a great distance from the 1,300 installed at the Bernabeu, which would make it the enclosure with the largest heated surface of the world.

Operating trends

At the start of the 2002-03 season, the dream would become a "stadium 365 days a year " as was the case in many countries, where the compounds were transformed into real weekdays businesses. Without doubt, one of the major developments of the campaign was the launch of "Stadium Tour", an exciting adventure where visitors had the opportunity to discover all the secrets of the stadium. Panoramic elevators, VIP areas, press room, marquee players, locker room, dugout, pitch, presidential box and exhibition of trophies, made up the exciting journey of a service over the years, become a major source Club income.

Cover of Padre Damián: The Stadium closes

In the 2003-04 season, also finished work on the new east side housing, certainly the largest project had undertaken in recent years. A cover that was not only close. It was at the same time, giant screen and diffusing light.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

If the deck was amazing, even more so was the result of the new facade of the east side, spectacular. The materials used were galvanized metal sheets, rolled and translucent, permeable to wind and light. Projections could be made from the outside (to see the name of the Club, the brand ...) and from the inside: when the galleries are on, would be perceived movement.


The first restaurant in the history of the Santiago Bernabeu was inaugurated on December 17, 2004. With direct access through the Padre Damián street (Stadium gate 57), stood out for having a magnificent view of the interior and the pitch from the main dining room. Second restaurant was opened on July 1, 2005. Had direct access from the outside, in this case from the Concha Espina avenue (gate 30) It has a facade to the interior and on the field, more than 50 meters.
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