Spanish League: Day 17


Di Maria, tireless, tracked Madrid's victory with a penalty and an assist. Cristiano Ronaldo, two goals. Getafe was better when calmed.

Conclusion of the second goal

Di Maria, like the kings to come, has the gift of ubiquity. Without the camel that is more relevant. Just assists in front of goal that defends the opposite end. If he runs less, we seem him as better player. So we are. We worked hard to accept the genius.

Di Maria was the victim of the penalty that entrains the match for Madrid, attended Özil in the second goal and missed a goal sung for wanting to give it to Benzema, first, and then, when the French returned the gift, for failing to ultimate control. Set in his defense that has just completed the New York Marathon and was slightly suppressed

Some might prefer the two goals from Cristiano to sweating Di Maria, the boy who will never get fat. It is debatable. However, the presence of Argentinian makes the Madrid attack on a line unpredictable, because the concentration of defense that can control Cristiano is not enough to hobble to Di Maria, dynamic vertical pin. And if the party also adds Özil, surrender is the best advice.

What happened to Getafe was curious. The more it became passionate about the game, the worse it played football. It was when it felt lost and consoled itself with the ball when the game returned to the fight. There are teams that are born to be aggressive and others may force the gesture just a few minutes. Getafe is like that. And the proof is that in its efforts to be aggressive, it forgot that there are penalties. The fact is that Cristiano was shot down after two minutes, without penalty, and Di Maria grabbed at nine, which offered no doubts.

Getafe angrily protested the punishment, and spread to the public, very slighted, but must be attributed to the tension that attacks against Madrid hosts. It is unpleasant, but does not affect Madrid chances of winning.

Parejo's goal, so inspired by his talent and the kindness of his rivals (Lass was yellow, Arbeloa played a bad game), returned life to the match. While we did see that the docility of Lass, usually piranha, had coincided with his warning, as had occurred shortly before Boateng. The most spirited of the meeting were handled on probation and the threat of prison. They did not exceed it.

El Getafe back to feel giddy about the tie to grow later when Cristiano scored the third.The play of that goal changed roles significantly. Benzema attended and Cristiano scored in the land of nine. Dr. Freud would say that the Frenchman wants to be a playmaker and Cristiano striker, but they do not know…Yet.

The second half became a carousel of yellow cards that ended with Arbeloa’s red. He was strangely anxious, probably by taking off this year the vice of Coca-Cola.

Albin scored in the final minutes to honor the play of a team that if something did right was not giving up. Kaka returned raising hopes and Di Maria kept running and cutting bulls that left him ragged shirt. He will never get fat. The question is whether he will be 40 years old.


Stadium: Coliseum Alfonso Pérez
Attendance: 14,000
Goals: 0-1, m.11: Cristiano Ronaldo (pen.) 0-2, m.18: Özil. 1-2, m.29: Parejo. 1-3, m.56: Cristiano Ronaldo. 2-3, m.84: Albín.

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