Mourinho: "It is normal that Barcelona thinks January can be bad for us"

Jose Mourinho appeared at a press conference to explain their feelings in the hours before Real Madrid-Villarreal on Sunday. Complicated match as those which look to whites in this January. One difficulty, the calendar, which is considered by Mou: "It is normal for the Barcelona look to our calendar and see that we have two derbies, Villarreal and Almeria which is growing much, and then, if we win in the quarterfinals knockout round, Villarreal or Sevilla in Spanish Cup. Barcelona thinks that January can be a bad month for us. It is normal”

Jose Mourinho

"But we have to be positive and think every game, be serious and find all the points", said the Portuguese coach who confirmed Lass and Xabi in the middle of the field and Benzema up front.

On the French midfielder, Mourinho was clear: "There are moments. When Ramos was not about punishment or injury and Arbeloa played and played well and I said he deserved to be the starter, is normal in managing. Khedira has started much time and then was injured. Lassana played and did well. I like to give the message that when you get does not mean that the other has to go. But it is a position where we're fine, with Gago, Xabi and Granero which I like more and more. I can do rotations because they are all good. There are players to do it. "

Mou downplayed the Pepe injury: "He could have been injured in his home, or here in training. Against Levante we prepare a team wich tomorrow starters could rest. We had planned to play for Garay with Pepe in the second half and Carvalho who played in Getafe, in the first. Injury is normal, things happen"

Real Madrid coach also said that Kaka would have more minutes against Villarreal: "He has to play. If we lose, tying or are in difficulties, has to play because it is the only striker we have. If all goes well and we winning, he will play to get his minutes and give rest to other players. Kaká will play. And this, for Real Madrid, for the fans going to the Bernabeu and for people who like soccer is a good new"

About the League, Mourinho said that the superiority of Madrid and Barca does not detract the tournament: "It's a league like the others. There are leagues where teams lose many points and develop differently. Barcelona has lost 5 points. We lost 7 points. In other leagues do not pass this, but here it is. At the end, as in all the leagues, wins the team with most points. It’s not important become a champion with 100, with 80 or 70 points. The last day you forget all what happened and concentrate only on the numbers. "

The manager tried to isolate himself from the controversy surrounding the signing of a '9 ':"What I do is work. I prepare training and matches the best I can. I come here soon, I go out late, I devote myself to what I have to spend. The life of a coach. Our happiness depends also on the results, but always with the peace of mind to do my best and give everything, that is the same as asking the players. I am a good professional"

Mou, who declined to answer a question about the Madrid receptions away from home, had a message of support to Leonardo: "What I like is that Inter wins, Inter's players are happy, as my President Moratti and Inter fans"

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