Higuain traveling to Chicago for surgery

Higuaín evaluates the hours that remain to be operated. The entire physician operating is ready. The Argentine flies to Chicago tomorrow, although the operation will not take place until Tuesday. But he has to be there for some time, because he must perform a series of tests to ensure that everything will be fine later in the operating room.

Gonzalo Higuain

Higuaín wanted to travel with their parents. However, several bureaucratic problems make it impossible. The player has a French passport (he was born there while his father played for Brest) and it has been difficult to obtain a visa to enter the United States, where measures are very restrictive. His parents, having only the national of Argentina, have not been obtained so quickly. On the other hand, Carlos Díez (chief of medical services Sanitas) will accompany the 20 white.

Higuain will be operated by Dr. Richard G. Fessler, a global eminence in spinal surgery that was formed with honors from the University of Chicago. Dr. Fessler will use a less abrasive technique for the patient, an endoscopy in which only make an incision of 2.5 cm depth where the camera is inserted with endoscopic tools.

Florentino Perez was recorded yesterday while talking about the operation of herniated disc Higuain, before lunch with Levante’s board: "He was four weeks to strengthen, to see if it got (the vertebrae). Sometimes it gets lonely. All this work has been done and goes for the surgery. Medical services chose a noninvasive procedure such as arthroscopy. "

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