Stadium History (7)

The Santiago Bernabéu is Elite Stadium

On November 14, 2007, UEFA announced the decision to include the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the elite category. It was the best gift possible for a field that was a month to celebrate its 60 birthday. UEFA rewarded the investment made by the Club, but also their organizational capacity. The latest enhancements further magnify a unique venue in the world. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium got the highest consideration of UEFA, the highest seal of quality. And with that, for practical purposes, the prerequisite for being able to celebrate the end of major competitions such as Champions League, something that had happened only three times over its six decades of existence in 1957: Real Madrid-Fiorentina (2-0) in 1969:Milan-Ajax (4-1), and in 1980: Nottingham Forest-Hamburg (1-0).

Champions League 2010 Final

Multipurpose building finished

A change in the appearance of the stadium was shaped with the continued progress of the new Multipurpose Building Real Madrid. Located on Padre Damián street, on a plot of 2226.67 m2. It has five plants for common uses of Stadium: parking, media room, mixed zone, marquee players, television sets, offices of president and generaldirections, and a shop, the largest built by a football club.

Since its birth on November 30, 2006, 'The Bernabeu Shop' became the biggest sports store ever created by a football club in the world. Is the union of two world leaders, Real Madrid and Adidas, two companies in relentless pursuit of excellence.

New Stadium Tour

The Tour of the Bernabéu has had an excellent response from fans because they have become one of the main attractions of the city. Received over 600,000 visitors the 2006-07 season. It has recently been extended following the opening of the second phase of the exhibition of trophies. It also expanded the club's trophy room.

The first stadium of the world with remote management

Many stadiums in the world boast of being in control, but few, very few do that at the touch of a click, from a computer. That's what happens in I.C.U. (Integral Control Unit, which is located on the fourth east side amphitheater) where the Club has installed the most advanced remote management system which is done through the remote control of lighting, elevators, grass, escalators, mobile cover, water distribution, heating, etc. There is an absolute control of everything that is happening at the Bernabeu ... Also in the Real Madrid’s Sports City. Its advantages are numerous: The remote management is crucial in detecting the incident ... and solutions.

I.C.U. Santiago Bernabeu

The future

The Club is already thinking about the future. Florentino Pérez is aware of the importance of the architecture of the Stadium Club. To do this, is tracing the lines ofaction that will make the asset-building strategy of both the stadium and the Real Madrid Sports City. The Heritage Real Madrid is a world of opportunities for the Club and members, which as always will have a preferential treatment, but will be a social club open to all who identify with the values of Real Madrid.

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