Interview: Mourinho


José Mourinho

What did you think? It was his second defeat in the Madrid ...

I cannot be critical of players because it is a difficult game for them to give their full attention because we knew we were falling. It is not easy to motivate. However, they have had a positive attitude because many had not just minutes. Keep in mind that it was the first start for Mateos, Gago, Adam and Garay. We made a match to control, I thought the result should have been 0-0.

What happened with Ballesteros in the locker room?

One person yelled at me to get Pepe. I said I was joking with them put him. I told him that change was prepared for three days. We're not kidding anyone. To joke is played with Iker as striker or Pepe as goalkeeper. That person screaming does not know me or Madrid . I do not joke with colleagues.

Are you happy with the performance of Kaka?

He has had more minutes and little by little with positive feelings, without knee pain or pubis. The next game will play for sure. If we are wrong, he will play because we do not have another, and if he is in good condition, it will also come ...

Do you bother insulting chants from Levante fans after the 2-0?

It is a matter of educating people and there are stages where it is impossible. I'm not one to criticize. If my son, I would not let him enter again to stage. If my friend, I criticize him face to face, but as people, I cannot say anything.

Does the Real Madrid Cup way the most complicated?

We are in a group with Atletico, Villarreal and Sevilla. The four want to go and have a responsibility to reach. Two quarter-finals will be very good; will be a very tough semifinal. We would be difficult to January, with many matches and above have limitations, but try to get it right. I know those limitations, you also cannot answer, we must go with them. In this match we had Cristiano and Di Maria at home, then with Benzema in the field and then no ... The limitations are there and all people can see it. We cannot hide that. This was a match that could be lost, but we do not want to lose. The following cannot lose because we played important things.

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