Legends: Miguel Muñoz


Miguel Muñoz

His athletic career in football began in Madrid where he was born in 1922. There he played on different teams like Ferroviaria, the Girod and the Imperio and began to have his first contact with the ball. The year 1943 will mark his life. He had to go for Logroño, to complete military service. There, he played for the C.D. Logroñés, which drops to third division. The following year, in the 1943-44 season signed for Racing de Santander, where he remained until 1946, when he comes to Celta de Vigo. With this team played his first final (Spanish Cup).

Miguel Muñoz and Pahiño cap a great season, which ends with the two players wearing the white shirt of Real Madrid.That season is just getting third in the league. The team is going through a transition period with high-profile additions that are going to get that little by little the Club holds the leadership of Spanish football. His first league title gets it in the 1953-54 season.

In 1956 Miguel Munoz gets his name to go to a special place in international football history. On 13 June at the Parc des Princes will be the first player to receive theEuropean Cup being the captain of Real Madrid. The Muñoz, Di Stefano, Rial, Marquitos and company had managed to defeat the Stade Reims in his own field, opening the most brilliant period of Real Madrid.

Miguel Muñoz is part of the Real Madrid until the 1958-59 season. It is ten years in which he raises two European titles and two league championships. His withdrawal occurs with the arrival of new players to Real Madrid, and after raising his third European Cup. After hanging up his boots, Muñoz remains linked to the history of Real Madrid, first as coach of the Plus Ultra, and after the Real Madrid first team.


In the 1959-60 season took over as coach of Real Madrid and that same year he won the European Cup and became the first person to win as a player and coach. Coached Real Madrid for 13 years and six months in a total of 601 league games. During his years as coach, Real Madrid won 9 League, 2 Spanish Cup, 2 European Cups and 1 Intercontinental Cup.

Miguel Muñoz Coach

He is the coach who led Real Madrid more times, who has won more league titles with 9 in 21 seasons and the third coach with the most matches in the league, behind Luis Aragones and Javier Irureta.

In 1982, after the failure of the Spanish team in the World Cup, was named national team coach, heading to Spain in the 1986 World Cup and Euro 1984 (Spain was finalist) and 1988.

He died on July 16, 1990.

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