Real Madrid asks 25 million euros for Kaka

The future of Kaka is back on the table of Real Madrid. The Brazilian player seeks an exit door in the winter market due to the lack of opportunities and Mourinho does not oppose his leaving, two factors which in theory should greatly facilitate the operation. However, Kaka's transfer will be again a 'soap opera' for the high claims of the white club, asking 25 million euros for his transfer.

Adriano Galliani, Ricardo Kaka and Florentino Perez
Adriano Galliani, Ricardo Kaka and Florentino Perez

Although from Real Madrid had hinted that they would open the door for Kaka if he agrees to leave, the reality is that the accounts do not add up to the club and white team asks for a galactic price despite Florentino Perez came to ensure the player "was already paid off".

Last week, Real Madrid turned down an offer from Los Angeles Galaxy precisely for this reason, because the Americans did not approach the figure of 25 million euros in which in recent days have priced the player. Kaka, who is not comfortable with his position in the team and is looking for a solution. He was sympathetic to the option of going to the MLS, but Real Madrid closed him the doors of that football.

Galaxy board members, who had already contacted the white team during the summer, were very surprised at the refusal of the Real Madrid, that was blunt: "Kaka is 25 million euros". The response of the Galaxy was also blunt. There was no counter offer or anything like that. "In the MLS are not paid these transfers, so we left". Since then there has been no further contact, if it is true that since the United States still hope that Real Madrid will decrease its claims. It seems difficult.


Real Madrid: One year with no defeat at the Bernabeu Stadium

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium has become 'holy ground'. This Friday marks the first anniversary of the last defeat of Real Madrid playing at home. It was on January 18, 2012 against Barcelona, 1-2, goals from Puyol and Abidal, in the first leg of the quarterfinal round of the Spanish Cup's last season (Copa del Rey).

Real Madrid team celebrating a goal with the fans

Since then, 30 games, with 24 competitors, 20 League games, 6 European games, 3 Spanish Cup games and 1 fighting for the Spanish SuperCup. The numbers are welcomed in the 'White House' and is a warning for the next rivals. That's 25 wins and 5 draws. Draws against Malaga, Valencia (twice), Borussia Dortmund and Espanyol.

The scoring data is very good but the team has to improve the goals against numbers. 95 goals for scored by Real Madrid, at an average of three per game (3.1). Real Madrid fans have enjoied a lot this year, it is clear, but the goal of Casillas and Adan has received nearly one goal against per game (0.86).

In the scoring aspect, Cristiano Ronaldo gets all the honors. The Portuguese has showed his nails to celebrate goals 35 times in those 30 games. He has scored in 22 of those matches, leaving his bag empty only eight times. The last, in the Spanish Cup match against Valencia. He managed 7 braces and 3 hat-tricks.

Valencia is the team that has visited more the Castellana stadium in the last 12 months and has not gone quite badly in its three visits. Two draws in League matches and defeat last Tuesday. About Barcelona, a visit, a defeat. Real Madrid achieved the Spanish SuperCup title that match.

To find a precedent for this strength (at home) we must go back to 1996. Since the end of the 95-96 season to the start of the 97-98, the Bernabeu stadium did not see a defeat of the white team in 33 matches. The bulk of that good record includes a Capello season managing Real Madrid (96-97), in which Real Madrid was the Spanish League Champion.

They were 27 wins and 6 draws. Barcelona stopped the streak with a 2-3. Between 2001 and 2002 the Bernabeu also lived another 'invictus' episode. But the streak ended in a traumatic game. In the 27th game, the Spanish Cup final at the Bernabeu, Deportivo La Coruña defeated Real Madrid. It was on March 6, 2002. Real Madrid turned 100 years old that day.

Milan confirmed that is negotiating the transfer of Kaka

After a crazy Thursday, Milan Channel, the official TV channel of Milan, announced that negotiations are underway between the Rossoneri club and Real Madrid for the transfer of Kaka and Adriano Galliani confirmed it: "It is difficult to sign him, but we are negotiating with Real Madrid"

Kaka wished by Milan fans

Thus, Kaka's leaving from Real Madrid in the winter market can be a reality. The player, using their day off, moved to Milan and dined with Robinho, who posted on his Twitter account a picture of both players. After the meeting Kaka said to the Italian media: "For me it's a delicate situation. If Madrid and Milan agree, I am willing to make an effort to return".

The Italian club CEO, Adriano Galliani, was blunt hours before: "Kaka is impossible. It is a problem of wages. His is too high". But then he changed his mind according to this new scenario in which the transfer of Kaka seems possible. "If we take the risk of being courageous, imaginative and are willing to sacrifice, Kaka will come. We are working on the economic formula. Kaka's salary is a wall, but the love for him is not over. We are not interested in any other player".

Galliani confirmed that Silvio Berlusconi himself is aware of the operation, but the operation has financial difficulties. The player would have admitted to lower his salary of 10.5 million euros to 7.5, but the salary cap in Milan team is 4.5, according to what Galliani said for Marca TV Channel. What is clear, as Galliani said, Milan is not thinking about the transfer of any other player. Neither Salamon nor Balotelli: "There is no contact with Manchester City". He was also asked about a hypothetical arrival of Mourinho: "Just a fantasy".

The Brazilian player's agent, Gaetano Paolillo, yesterday morning visited the headquarters of Milan, Via Turati street, to which came accompanied by his brother, Dario Paolillo. Massimiliano Allegri, Milan coach, attended the meeting and Oscar Damiani, a former football player and agent currently, was seen at the offices.


Kaka: "I am willing to make an effort to return to Milan"

Ricardo Kaka's departure from Real Madrid in the winter market is still not ruled out. The player, using his day off, moved to Milan and dined with Robinho, who posted on his Twitter account a picture of both with smiling gesture. Then Kaka said to Italian media: "For me it's a delicate situation. If Madrid and Milan agree, I am willing to make an effort to return".

Robinho and Kaka having dinner at a Milan restaurant
Robinho and Kaka

The Italian club's CEO, Adriano Galliani, however, was clear hours before: "Kaka is impossible. It is a problem of wages. His is too high". The situation of Kaka in Madrid, the player has already served 30 years, has become really complicated. He has played only twelve games this season, all but one incomplete, and not even dressed in white for the match against Valencia at the Spanish Cup match last Tuesday.

His leaving would ease the Real Madrid budget and Florentino Perez would undertake the improvement and extension of the contract of Cristiano Ronaldo, but Milan is not willing to make a great effort to sign a player that once was their flagship.

On the other hand, Fluminense wants to sign him. The Brazilian club, one of the three richest of Brazil, is negotiating for a way to manage the recruitment of Real Madrid player. Celso Barros, president of Fluminense, is one of the most powerful businessmen in Brazil. Owner of Unimed business, is proposed to strengthen the team with a sporting and media star, so Kaka could be his main target.

The negotiations are open and already there who even says that can come true. Ronaldo Nazario, former Real Madrid player, spoke yesterday on Radio Baiderantes: "Yes, I say it. Kaka is close to play for Fluminense. This is not to say I think it will or will not go. There are some movements, but they have to reach an agreement", said Ronaldo, who gets along well with Florentino Perez and Kaka.

In negotiations is also intervening the main sponsor of the Brazilian club. This is the sports firm Adidas. Ricardo Kaka is an Adidas player and the signing for the Fluminense looks like a big business. Kaka remains an icon in the world of football and Adidas expects him to return home to retrieve his cache. There are 15 days to the end of the winter market and Kaka could yet spring a surprise. In Brazil is also open the transfer market once the regional championships have started.

Mourinho and Cristiano: Quarrel at the locker room

Cristiano Ronaldo had a clash with Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, after the meeting that the white team played against Valencia, corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey), because of a series of decisions that the striker took in the field and the coach did not like. Spanish media revealed that they maintained a strong argument. It was confirmed that the tone was not as sour but Mourinho strongly criticized Cristiano Ronaldo due to his lack of defensive intensity in some plays and some mistakes that provided good chances for Valencia. The Portuguese player answered forcefully in the locker room.

Mourinho gives some commandments to Cristiano during a Real Madrid match
Mourinho and Cristiano during a Real Madrid match

It all started in the second half, after Cristiano Ronaldo missed a couple of chances in front of the goal of Guaita, the Valencia goalkeeper. Television footage showed as Rui Faria, Jose Mourinho's assistant, said repeatedly to the footballer, without much success, that he had to continue the play, defending the left side of the team. Even Mourinho came off the bench with clear signs of anger.

Other images showed how earlier in the first half of the match, Marcelo seemed to reproach Cristiano not helping him in the defense zone of the left side and got a gesture of disapproval of the Portuguese player as a response. Furthermore, Mourinho was especially upset by the last to two actions of the game. In one of them, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to shoot on goal when the clearer option seemed pass to Higuain. In another, Mourinho did not like that Cristiano was hurried for a throw-in at extra time. Team missed the ball and ended up with a chance for Valencia.

All that, moved to the dressing room and there was a short but intense talking between the coach and Cristiano Ronaldo that drew attention to other components at the locker room. The player left the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium visibly pained by the incident.


Saint Iker Casillas is back

Jose Mourinho opted for Iker Casillas. Once Antonio Adan had served his penalty in the Spanish League, Iker was chosen for the great match against Valencia. And Casillas replied as he does best: saving every shot that came and left a clean sheet for the third straight game.

Iker Casillas playing with the Real Madrid jersey against Valencia in a Spanish Cup 2012-2013 match
Iker Casillas had a great performance against Valencia

The first leg of the quarterfinals of the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey), which ended in victory for Real Madrid against Valencia (2-0) marked the third consecutive Iker Casillas' game without taking a ball of the net. In the midst of debate over his place at the starting lineup of the Real Madrid, the captain turned to be decisive against Valencia. Two great saves prevented Valencia from taking advantage. Casillas is at a good level. After the win against Celta Vigo in the last-16 knockout round of the Cup and the goalless draw against Osasuna in Pamplona, Iker completed his third game unbeaten.

Real Madrid 2 - 0 Valencia (Spanish Cup, 1/4 Finals 1st Leg)

Real Madrid took the lead in the tie into an exciting match and took the first step towards the semi-finals of the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey). Benzema finished a textbook counter-attack in the 38th to put the Whites ahead, while a Guardado own goal in the second half put the result beyond doubt. The Whites, who have gone one year unbeaten in the Santiago Bernabeu, may have got an even better result if it had not been for Guaita, who made superb stops from two clear shots from Cristiano Ronaldo. Next week, at the Mestalla, it will be decided who will go through.

Benzema celebrates the first goal of the match
Real Madrid 2 - 0 Valencia. Real Madrid takes quarters advantage

It wasn’t just another match. Although the tie will have the second and final round of the bout at the Mestalla, at stake was a place in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey and Real Madrid, who have gone one year unbeaten in the Santiago Bernabeu, made their intentions clear from the start. In fact, as soon as Valencia took the kick-off, the Whites stole the ball and it resulted in a free kick that Cristiano Ronaldo came close to giving his team the lead with. That opening move was no more than a prologue to an exciting first half that was played at a cut-throat pace. The chances came for both sides, but the clearest of the first half hour came from the boots of Modric. The Croatian took the ball from Banega after putting him under pressure and started the counter by passing the ball to Benzema. The Frenchman, in turn, gave it back to Modric, who grazed the crossbar with a left-footed shot from the edge of the box in the 9th minute. Three minutes later Ronaldo had another attempt, but his shot from distance was saved by Guaita.

There was no time in the match to think about what was happening. Both teams were giving their all in pursuit of a goal that would increase their chances of getting through to the next round. Valencia had the opportunity to put themselves in front with two consecutive chances that fell to Jonas. His shot from the edge of the area in the 33rd minute went just inches over the crossbar from his first attempt, while two minutes later Casillas was made to show his best from a shot from close to the penalty spot. A possible 0-1 became 1-0 with a textbook counter-attack. Essien started the move with an unstoppable charge forward and gave the ball to Khedira who laid off to Benzema with his first touch. Benzema then finished the exquisite piece of play between the three by masterfully beating Guaita in the 37th minute. The Whites went in at halftime with the advantage.

Jose Mourinho decided to make the first change of the match after the break. Marcelo, who had returned to the starting line-up, was replaced by Coentrao. The script of the match did not change one iota. The two teams fought tirelessly to try to dominate ball possession, but the visitors were perhaps more in need because of the scoreline being against them. Di Maria set foot on the field of play in place of Modric in the 62nd minute. More verticality and opening up of the field in pursuit of a second goal would give the Whites even more chance to go through to the next round with the second leg still left to play.

Valencia did not make things easy and showed the exceptional fitness levels that have given them seven wins in their last eight matches. In fact, they had a very clear chance to level the match. A great individual piece of play by Banega, who saw Piatti’s move up the right wing before passing him the ball. The Argentine played in Soldado, who could not beat Casillas in a one-on-one, but the rebound fell to Jonas who put the ball wide in the 68th minute.

Against a team that pack the punch of the likes that Real Madrid pack, that is unforgiveable and as happened in the first half, a possible goal from the visitors lead to a goal from the home team. Coentrao joined the attack up the left flank and crossed in the ball with which Guardado, in his attempt to clear the ball, put the ball into his own net in the 73rd minute. The tie is up for grabs and had it not been for Guaita, who was superb in two one-on-ones with Cristiano Ronaldo, it could have been an even larger winning margin. Next week, at the Mestalla, it will be decided who will go through.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 68,000
Goals: 1-0, m.37: Benzema. 2-0, m.73: Guardado (o.g)


Osasuna 0 - 0 Real Madrid (Spanish League, Day 19)

Real Madrid could not come away from the Reyno de Navarra with the win after a goalless draw against Osasuna in their third match in seven days. Jose Mourinho’s team is unbeaten in 2013 after a hard fought encounter in which they could not beat an opponent who pushed hard and for the third straight match they finished with ten men following the dismissal of Kaka for a second yellow card. The first half was dominated by the midfield battle, which meant that there were no shots on target, while in the second half there was more intensity and emotion than there was football, but the scoreboard remained unchanged. The referee disallowed a Callejon goal in the 78th minute for a dubious offside. Mourinho’s team need to turn the page and think about the first leg of the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) tie against Valencia next Tuesday at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Real Madrid could not beat Osasuna
Real Madrid goalless in Pamplona

With Ronaldo, Ramos and Adan suspended and Pepe recovering from an ankle injury, Real Madrid took to the field with Varane, Coentrao, Albiol, Callejon, Di Maria and Higuain as the changes in the line-up from the last match against Celta. The first half was very even from the opening whistle, with much of the battle between the two sides in the midfield resulting in there being no shots on target. Higuain had the first chance of the match after squeezing into the area (5') following a pass from Di Maria but his shot resulted in a corner. In the 11th minute Osasuna made it one chance a piece with a miscued shot from Damia which went wide after taking a deflection on the edge of the area.

The match had no fluency and neither team managed to impose themselves on their rivals. Alonso and Di Maria were the ones with the clearest ideas of what they were trying to achieve and kept looking for the runs from Higuain and Callejon as they were trying to lose their markers and that ended in them being the players with the most attempts on goal. A pass from the man form Tolosa in the 14th minute left Higuain in front of the opponents’ goal, but the play was brought back for offside on the edge of the box. In the 23rd minute, the Argentine once again narrowly failed to make the most of a pass into space from Di Maria, and in the 25th minute he went around Andres Fernandez, who went outside his box, but his cross did not find a teammate to finish the move.

Di Maria (25'), Cejudo (26') and Xabi Alonso also tried their luck but their shots went wide. In the 36th minute, another through ball from Di Maria was latched onto by Callejon but the ball went over the opponents’ bar. In the 43rd minute Osasuna meshed together their best move of the first half. Cejudo made a couple of jinks and gave the ball out to the left to Armenteros, whose cross was struck wide by the player who started the move, Cejudo. The Whites had a response and could have taken the lead following a good move between Modric and Callejon in the 45th minute. The former passed to the Granadan who got to the dead-ball line, and played the ball back to Coentrao, who he failed to score without a goalkeeper to beat.

The second half began with the match’s first shot on target from Kike Sola that Casillas pushed wide for a corner, and in the 50th minute Oier tried his luck again following a saved shot but his shot went wide. In the 58th minute Mourinho brought on Benzema and Kaka for Di Maria and Higuain, and the Whites began to have more possession, but that wasn’t turned into chances. In the 67th minute, Osasuna had another attempt, but Lolo’s header from a ball crossed in from the right went wide. Armenteros tried again from distance in the 68th minute.

In the same minute, Mourinho made his final change by bringing on Ozil for Modric, and just a few minutes later the Whites were left to play with a player less. Kaka (76') was dismissed for his second yellow card for standing in the way of the ball at a free kick, after receiving his first in the 60th minute for dangerous play. Osasuna pressed forward but in the 78th minute the Whites had their best chance. A ball played in by Benzema from the right which Callejon put in the net, but the goal was ruled out for a hair-line offside. The home team kept trying and in 81st minute Damia’s shot from distance went high, whilst in the 84th minute Varane’s shot from a corner was off target. In the 93rd minute Benzema had the last chance but Andres Fernandez made the stop without any trouble and the match ended. Now it is time to think about the Copa del Rey match against Valencia.


Stadium: Reyno de Navarra (El Sadar)
Attendance: 16,366
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