Mourinho and Cristiano: Quarrel at the locker room

Cristiano Ronaldo had a clash with Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, after the meeting that the white team played against Valencia, corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey), because of a series of decisions that the striker took in the field and the coach did not like. Spanish media revealed that they maintained a strong argument. It was confirmed that the tone was not as sour but Mourinho strongly criticized Cristiano Ronaldo due to his lack of defensive intensity in some plays and some mistakes that provided good chances for Valencia. The Portuguese player answered forcefully in the locker room.

Mourinho gives some commandments to Cristiano during a Real Madrid match
Mourinho and Cristiano during a Real Madrid match

It all started in the second half, after Cristiano Ronaldo missed a couple of chances in front of the goal of Guaita, the Valencia goalkeeper. Television footage showed as Rui Faria, Jose Mourinho's assistant, said repeatedly to the footballer, without much success, that he had to continue the play, defending the left side of the team. Even Mourinho came off the bench with clear signs of anger.

Other images showed how earlier in the first half of the match, Marcelo seemed to reproach Cristiano not helping him in the defense zone of the left side and got a gesture of disapproval of the Portuguese player as a response. Furthermore, Mourinho was especially upset by the last to two actions of the game. In one of them, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to shoot on goal when the clearer option seemed pass to Higuain. In another, Mourinho did not like that Cristiano was hurried for a throw-in at extra time. Team missed the ball and ended up with a chance for Valencia.

All that, moved to the dressing room and there was a short but intense talking between the coach and Cristiano Ronaldo that drew attention to other components at the locker room. The player left the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium visibly pained by the incident.

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