Milan confirmed that is negotiating the transfer of Kaka

After a crazy Thursday, Milan Channel, the official TV channel of Milan, announced that negotiations are underway between the Rossoneri club and Real Madrid for the transfer of Kaka and Adriano Galliani confirmed it: "It is difficult to sign him, but we are negotiating with Real Madrid"

Kaka wished by Milan fans

Thus, Kaka's leaving from Real Madrid in the winter market can be a reality. The player, using their day off, moved to Milan and dined with Robinho, who posted on his Twitter account a picture of both players. After the meeting Kaka said to the Italian media: "For me it's a delicate situation. If Madrid and Milan agree, I am willing to make an effort to return".

The Italian club CEO, Adriano Galliani, was blunt hours before: "Kaka is impossible. It is a problem of wages. His is too high". But then he changed his mind according to this new scenario in which the transfer of Kaka seems possible. "If we take the risk of being courageous, imaginative and are willing to sacrifice, Kaka will come. We are working on the economic formula. Kaka's salary is a wall, but the love for him is not over. We are not interested in any other player".

Galliani confirmed that Silvio Berlusconi himself is aware of the operation, but the operation has financial difficulties. The player would have admitted to lower his salary of 10.5 million euros to 7.5, but the salary cap in Milan team is 4.5, according to what Galliani said for Marca TV Channel. What is clear, as Galliani said, Milan is not thinking about the transfer of any other player. Neither Salamon nor Balotelli: "There is no contact with Manchester City". He was also asked about a hypothetical arrival of Mourinho: "Just a fantasy".

The Brazilian player's agent, Gaetano Paolillo, yesterday morning visited the headquarters of Milan, Via Turati street, to which came accompanied by his brother, Dario Paolillo. Massimiliano Allegri, Milan coach, attended the meeting and Oscar Damiani, a former football player and agent currently, was seen at the offices.

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