Real Madrid asks 25 million euros for Kaka

The future of Kaka is back on the table of Real Madrid. The Brazilian player seeks an exit door in the winter market due to the lack of opportunities and Mourinho does not oppose his leaving, two factors which in theory should greatly facilitate the operation. However, Kaka's transfer will be again a 'soap opera' for the high claims of the white club, asking 25 million euros for his transfer.

Adriano Galliani, Ricardo Kaka and Florentino Perez
Adriano Galliani, Ricardo Kaka and Florentino Perez

Although from Real Madrid had hinted that they would open the door for Kaka if he agrees to leave, the reality is that the accounts do not add up to the club and white team asks for a galactic price despite Florentino Perez came to ensure the player "was already paid off".

Last week, Real Madrid turned down an offer from Los Angeles Galaxy precisely for this reason, because the Americans did not approach the figure of 25 million euros in which in recent days have priced the player. Kaka, who is not comfortable with his position in the team and is looking for a solution. He was sympathetic to the option of going to the MLS, but Real Madrid closed him the doors of that football.

Galaxy board members, who had already contacted the white team during the summer, were very surprised at the refusal of the Real Madrid, that was blunt: "Kaka is 25 million euros". The response of the Galaxy was also blunt. There was no counter offer or anything like that. "In the MLS are not paid these transfers, so we left". Since then there has been no further contact, if it is true that since the United States still hope that Real Madrid will decrease its claims. It seems difficult.

Moreover, Milan is determined to sign the player and negotiations are already underway. They want a loan taking the player salary of the next two seasons, but asking the player to lower his pretensions (Milan only gives him 5 million euros per season). Real Madrid remains closed to a loan and wants a transfer. Adriano Galliani, Milan vice president did not hide his cards on arrival yesterday at the headquarters of the Italian Football League: "Kaka will come if the three parties are good; us, Real Madrid and the player. We have a salary wall which is not consistent with the situation in Italy and therefore we should take imaginative solutions. If not, it will not work".

Milan wants to close the transaction as soon as possible. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Galliani will travel to Madrid on Tuesday to meet with the white president and try to close the deal. Kaka is his only target for now: "There is only an ongoing negotiation and is Ricardinho (Kaka), that otherwise is very difficult. The love between the fans and the player never finished. Just the law of numbers forced us to sell Kaka and now see if we can get him back".

The two clubs are negotiating. There was always an excellent relationship between Galliani and Florentino and they are leading the talks. Each defends his interests and Real Madrid will not give away the footballer, although Mourinho is unhappy with his performance. Kaka also wants to go. Only missing a deal that satisfies all three parties.

Kaka and Carolina Celico in Milan
Ricardo Kaka and his wife in Milan this week

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