Kaka: "I am willing to make an effort to return to Milan"

Ricardo Kaka's departure from Real Madrid in the winter market is still not ruled out. The player, using his day off, moved to Milan and dined with Robinho, who posted on his Twitter account a picture of both with smiling gesture. Then Kaka said to Italian media: "For me it's a delicate situation. If Madrid and Milan agree, I am willing to make an effort to return".

Robinho and Kaka having dinner at a Milan restaurant
Robinho and Kaka

The Italian club's CEO, Adriano Galliani, however, was clear hours before: "Kaka is impossible. It is a problem of wages. His is too high". The situation of Kaka in Madrid, the player has already served 30 years, has become really complicated. He has played only twelve games this season, all but one incomplete, and not even dressed in white for the match against Valencia at the Spanish Cup match last Tuesday.

His leaving would ease the Real Madrid budget and Florentino Perez would undertake the improvement and extension of the contract of Cristiano Ronaldo, but Milan is not willing to make a great effort to sign a player that once was their flagship.

On the other hand, Fluminense wants to sign him. The Brazilian club, one of the three richest of Brazil, is negotiating for a way to manage the recruitment of Real Madrid player. Celso Barros, president of Fluminense, is one of the most powerful businessmen in Brazil. Owner of Unimed business, is proposed to strengthen the team with a sporting and media star, so Kaka could be his main target.

The negotiations are open and already there who even says that can come true. Ronaldo Nazario, former Real Madrid player, spoke yesterday on Radio Baiderantes: "Yes, I say it. Kaka is close to play for Fluminense. This is not to say I think it will or will not go. There are some movements, but they have to reach an agreement", said Ronaldo, who gets along well with Florentino Perez and Kaka.

In negotiations is also intervening the main sponsor of the Brazilian club. This is the sports firm Adidas. Ricardo Kaka is an Adidas player and the signing for the Fluminense looks like a big business. Kaka remains an icon in the world of football and Adidas expects him to return home to retrieve his cache. There are 15 days to the end of the winter market and Kaka could yet spring a surprise. In Brazil is also open the transfer market once the regional championships have started.

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