Test to Benzema: Villarreal

Mourinho never mean anything, but always leaves something. Even on days like yesterday when he offered the mildest of their styles, he lamented without excess, praised Granero, resigned himself to the strengthening of Kaka and only one question left unanswered. There are doubts that offend.

The case of nine, still no news. Mourinho repeated today Benzema and surrounding attackers (assistants and friends): Cristiano, Özil and Di Maria. Although people does not know if he wants to supply resources or deplete excuses. Benzema added today the challenge to shine against a first-class team.

Karim Benzema

In any case, the bet is brave, especially against Villarreal, a team of strength and touch, ready to argue with the ball to Madrid. In that fight in the middle of the board will determine the outcome of the game. Also the head of Villarreal, too timid in its visits to the Bernabeu. Maybe Borja Valero will turn that. Trendy footballer (fashion, taste Del Bosque and Guardiola) and the Madrid youth product who left the club after playing only 47min with the first team.

If we look at the starting players, two coaches have players who missed. Higuain will see the game from Chicago and Pepe with the soleus on a cushion. Garrido, meanwhile, still cannot count on injured Nilmar, Senna and Marchena, so repeat the lineup that rallied from a 0-2 to Valencia on Thursday. A very similar pattern in the two teams. Ahead of the double pivot, also brings together four offensive players: Cani, Cazorla, Rossi and Ruben.

Kaka will take minutes in the second part again. Good news for Real Madrid, according to Mourinho said. Bad for Villarreal.

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