Mourinho ponders the substitution of Lass against Atletico

Lass performance in the last two games has generated some doubts so Portuguese coach is mulling leave him on the bench against Atletico on Thursday. Although it appeared that the Frenchman had taken the seat on the eleven his last two substitutions at halftime suggest that the coach is unhappy with him.

Against Getafe, Mou apologized that Lass had a yellow card and feared a possible expulsion. Against Villarreal argued that made the change in anticipation of having to delay Khedira position, but did not hide his discontent with the French: "In this meeting were not well Lass and the rest of the team"

The truth is Lass has not maintained the level that led him to win the post to Khedira and this has been crucial for Mourinho who try to be fair with his players.

Lass season has been very irregular. A mysterious injury before the first leg of Cup against Murcia made Lass leave to enter in the technical plans. Gradually returned to enjoy a few minutes and returned to eleven in a match against Ajax. After the defeat in the Nou Camp, the Portuguese gave him the starter position against Valencia and from there, with a great performance in Zaragoza, earned Mourinho’s trust.

Lass was a starter against Sevilla and in the first leg of Cup against Levante. But after two bad first parts against Getafe and Villarreal is being questioned for the next meeting.

Lass Diarra with Mourinho

The Frenchman wants to stay

Lassana Diarra wants to dress in white for long. This is what has sent his closest people in the last hours. Although it appears that he had felt very bad to be replaced at the break of the match against Villarreal, the French midfielder has no intention to leave Real Madrid during the winter. He wants to succeed with Mourinho and, therefore, remain in the capital of Spain in the coming seasons. It is true that last Sunday was very disappointed at having to leave the team after the first forty-five minutes but Lass is confident in his ability to establish himself as starter.

For a long time the French has felt misunderstood, but his meeting last week with top leaders of Madrid has allowed showing a different face that usually offers. Lass has realized that he is facing a historic opportunity to establish himself in a legendary club and does not want to miss it.

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