Khedira dressed as a bullfighter for the 'Sport Bild' magazine

Sami Khedira surprised with a bullfighter dress for the weekly magazine Sport Bild. In a very personal interview (it is a serial of Germans playing outside the country), midfielder reveals some details of the Real Madrid dressing room. He admits that comes out with Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho encourages him. He talked about how he sees Spain: "The mentality is different. The Spanish are proud people. I had to get used to things like eating out or how are the people".

Khedira dressed as "Torero"

He talked about peer relations: "We often go out together. Gago and Marcelo have invited me. The players live out of town and do barbecues in the garden. Team meals are six to eight weeks. We go to basketball. The last time was against Olympiakos. I was with Marcelo, Pepe and Cristiano".

He said about the fitness of Özil: "He quickly integrated. The World Cup helped us. There were players with foreign roots. It showed that the Germans are open to new things" He talked about himself and Mourinho: "We have good tactical training. I got better in the air. For many people, Mourinho is serious and arrogant, but he is human and respectful. He works hard and put balance between fun and work".

He also made an allusion to Stielike: "For people he was the most important German who played in Madrid. He is more recognized here than in Germany".

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