Mourinho: "Benzema is working fine but lacks hunger to score"

Jose Mourinho during the match

Did you like the referee?
If someone has to complain, we are. There is offside in the Atletico goal and then Atletico almost marked by a hand of Kun. Two plays in which the two assistants were wrong. This referee is very good, with a philosophy that I like. Only with referees like this, you can have dynamic games with speed ... I liked it and if instead of going out 3-0, 3-1 because he made a mistake, they are facts of football. Bring me this referee all the matches that I will happy.

Valdano has said the club will sign. Does that mean you are dissatisfied with Benzema?
They are separate things. We do not want an attacker because we do not like Karim Benzema. He is working hard, is a striker who is unselfish and makes his teammates play. He acks a little hungry to score, because the shot of Cristiano Ronaldo is a ball that the strikers interested in the numbers, do not forgive, but he lacks that. When club is looking for a striker is not for Karim, but because we have no other. I look at my bench and I have Gago, Lass, Granero ...But I have no attackers.

Does the team can suffer physical wear?
I prefer the fatigue to not play in Cup. When I see signs of fatigue, we have to do rotations. We want to get to the end in the Cup, reach the final in the Champions League and win the League. It is better to be here to train without having to play.

Another great match from Özil.
Özil has a lot to grow. Mainly, he has greatly improved his continuity. Before he had high quality details and moments that did not appear. Now he has continuity, intensity and is young. Madrid has Özil for ten years.

Is it just result?
We played better the first time that the second, except the first five minutes. I told my players that what mattered was winning. I liked 2-1. The team has tried something else and we have done enough to score a goal ahead. We were lucky in the play of the hand of Kun that Forlan did not score. The 3-1 gives us some comfort.

What about the performance of Arbeloa?
In defense we do the rotations that we want, because we have players. Arbeloa has risen and played deeper. He is very serious, does not have errors and is always compact. I like that kind of player you love to coach, not the fans. Garay and Albiol are ready to play. Mateos is not because he plays little and lacks pace.

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