Valdano: "We are seeking a striker for six months"

 Jorge Valdano

The general manager of Real Madrid, Jorge Valdano, left happy the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium after beating Atletico 3-1 in the quarterfinals of the Cup a "result that requires Atletico to take command of the second leg match".

"It was an intense game, especially in the first part where De Gea became the protagonist. We went into the break with the earned score. In the second, they waited with lot of people and it cost us find free places, but team find the goal" he said.

The score will force Atletico to carry the weight of the return match next Thursday: "It's not convenient, but if they are forced to play in a way that is best for us" admitted Valdano who also praised the strength of his team. "The intensity with which we have emerged indicating that we are competitive in all competitions because we are very ambitious"

Today Benzema did not have a good night and went out with match 1-1. After that, Real Madrid entrains the game with two more goals. Maybe that's why the board of Real Madrid is looking for a nine and openly acknowledged. "We are exploring the market after Higuain’s surgery, to see if we find a player to help us six months. Journalists are saying many names, but it is better not going into detail. But it is true that we are looking for a 9. We'll try that commitment does not affect in the future so look for a striker who is willing to lend a hand for six months"

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