England sees Adebayor close to the Real Madrid

The 'Daily Mirror' puts Emmanuel Adebayor close to Real Madrid and says that Manchester City would be willing to give the player until next June 30 in exchange for 1.2 million euros, negotiable amount. Togolese striker is one of the three main options (Klose and Valdez are the other two) that manage the club to replace Higuain, almost certainly low for the remainder of the season.

Emmanuel Adebayor

At first, the City, which has just signed another striker, Dzeko (Bosnian, 35 million) was only willing to part Adebayor with a transfer. And Real Madrid does not want a player in property because they think make a huge investment of the summer in a striker over the Togolese importance.

However, the English club, which has an excess of attackers, have reached only loan offers from clubs who cannot pay the tab from the striker, that around ten million euros a year. The City, threatened by the new economic regulations of FIFA, needs to lighten its payroll. Real Madrid is willing to pay the portion of the tab that corresponds (the final part of the season) and agree a purchase option which the English could be set at 24 million. Madrid would not be willing to sign more than 17.

The 'Daily Mirror' says that Jose Mourinho wanted to hire him when he headed Chelsea and was the player's salary, then at Arsenal, which discouraged Roman Abramovich. Now the circumstances are different, because Adebayor is not required on his team which also considered him to conflict. Last week he staged a fight with the captain of the City, Kolo Toure, during a workout.

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