Mourinho reactions; Ballon d'Or 2010

The coach of Real Madrid came from Zurich through the front door. Voted best coach in 2010 and moved by the words of his former player Sneijder.

 Mourinho Ballon d'Or 2010

How does the best coach in the world feel?
I'm not the best coach in the world. I am the coach throughout last season coached the best team in the world. And this season also has a great team.

The prize is to certify that when you scored yourself the other day with 11 out of 10, you did not walk so wrong…
The season was perfect for Inter and Real Madrid has not been perfect, because we have not yet had the chance to win anything, but we are in all competitions and we can finish well.

This award will bring faith to Real Madrid…
This award serves to enjoy today, tonight and tomorrow we have to forget it. It is a very prestigious award and I am very grateful for that, but tomorrow is training. On Thursday we have a very important game. Award serves for me to keep doing what I like that is training.

Excited by the words of Sneijder?
When Sneijder has dedicated me these words, Pep Guardiola who was beside me, told me that those words are worth more than any title. That is the secret of coaches like Vicente del Bosque or Guardiola. When players talk you in this way, then you know you've done your job. That's why I moved.

What do you think of Messi's award on the two Spanish players?
I already told my opinion about who had to win. For me, Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are players in another world. Impressive players, but I preferred that another.player won the Ballon d’Or. First, Sneijder or Milito according to the year they did with Inter and because I owe this award. Also Cristiano Ronaldo because he is my player and he is the highest level. But the ratings are what they are and I cannot change them. Of course, I feel sorry for Xavi whom I know since he was a child and I have very fond.

Is it the culmination of his career as a coach?
It is a great recognition, because I worked hard to get here, but I say it's an award dedicated to all the players I've had, the collaborators and Madrid.

Do you go back next year to collect the same?
We work not to collect the prize, but to give joy to the fans. I think we are working well.

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