Sergio Ramos: "We can not afford to lose more points”

The competition does not stop, and Sergio Ramos is already thinking about the next match of Real Madrid, on Sunday, at 19.00 pm at the Mediterranean Games Stadium against Almeria. "It's an opponent that we know quite well. We must try to keep adding because unfortunately we do not depend on us. There is a team that is over".

Sergio Ramos talked about next match against Almeria

"We cannot afford to keep losing points" continues the defense, because the leader takes us two. Planting a loss of points both home and out would be, getting Barcelona a victory, an important difference. And obviously we're going out for victory".

Ramos notes, in Andalusian side, the figure of Piatti, "A player very fast, high quality and you cannot leave very little space. They are players who you have to anticipate and always be in contact with them, not let they face you with the ball under control because that's when you really looking for a problem".

Ramos is clear that "We are very fortunate to enjoy one of the best leagues in the world. If I have to stay with a player, I choose to Cristiano Ronaldo. We are fortunate to have him on our team, he is a great professional and for me is one of the best in the world".

Nor spares praise Kaka: "It's a great player who has had a hard time for the injury he had, but has seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I think it may be a key to the Real Madrid and provide many alternatives to Mourinho".

Ramos did not rule out the surprise of Malaga in the Nou Camp: "You never know, but the Hercules won recently. Everybody knows it is very difficult to scratch some point in the field of Barcelona".

Finally, he bid for Sevilla against Espanyol: "I know very well that field, team and if there is a difficult place across Spain, for the fans they have, which is unique and impressive, is the Sanchez Pijuan. Of course Sevilla can win Espanyol, though nobody doubts the great team that has the Espanyol".

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