Mourinho was watching Modric in Zagreb

Jose Mourinho came to Zagreb on Friday on the occasion of the match between Croatia and Macedonia. Real Madrid coach asked the Croatian Federation a seat to Maksimir Stadium VIP area, from where he observed the performance of his new disciple, Luka Modric, accompanied by an old acquaintance of the Real Madrid fans, Pedja Mijatovic.

Pedja Mijatovic and Jose Mourinho watching a Cratia match
Pedja Mijatovic and Jose Mourinho

Mourinho's visit to Zagreb, where he was to watch the Croatia-Macedonia, became an event in the city. Several local media waited for him at the airport Zracna, where the Portuguese coach arrived by private jet accompanied by his personal bodyguard. At 1:00 pm he already was in the Croatian team hotel. At that time, the players were eating. But when Mourinho entered the room everything stopped. He waved one by one the players, while Modric was watching the scene with a flushed baby face. Finally, the coach Stimac kindly invited him to sit at his table for lunch (a couple of meters from where the players ate).

Mourinho thanked the words of Stimac in an interview for the Spanish media -"Mourinho is an example that others should follow"- he said, and for making strength to do the Modric's transfer -"Levy just want to be famous"-, Stimac commented. Their relationship is good. The Portuguese coach asked Stimac only one thing: To call Modric to play the maximum possible number of minutes to reach a good pace for Real Madrid.

In the afternoon, Mourinho met Suker. The former Real Madrid forward and current president of the Croatian Football federation thanked the visit of the coach, because it was a great advertising for the Croatian Federation as he reported. Finally Mourinho watched the game with Mijatovic. The hero of the Seventh European Cup was vital in the negotiations of the Modric's transfer and he was who made the first contact between the coach and player (from then Modric calmed down and held tough in his stance).

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