Cristiano Ronaldo's case: Florentino Perez

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the first 'patient' sitting on the couch of Florentino Perez. The Madeira footballer went through the office of president to tell him his troubles and to ask for help to overcome the existential crisis being experienced by the world's most expensive footballer. The Cristiano Ronaldo's case is not the first problem for Florentino Perez, who has experience in similar situations. Before, the couch was used by another galactic players as Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham or Ronaldo Nazario da Lima. In his first stage as president, Florentino Perez devised a project absolutely presidential, during which he established close relations with his galactic footballers signed to hit book.

Florentino Perez and Cristiano Ronaldo
Florentino Perez and Cristiano Ronaldo

The first crack in receiving his therapy was Zidane. In those days, the French heard the wind sound (whistles) at the Bernabeu every time he touched the ball and was looking for reasons for his failure to adapt in his first months as White player. One of those reasons took him to Florentino Perez to mediate his relationship with Luis Figo. Problems were at professional level (as CR7 has said): the French argued that the Portuguese did not want to pass him the ball.

Another galactic that regularly called the door of presidential consultation was Beckham. The Englishman resorted to Florentino to let him traveling to spend a time with his family, over coaches commands. One day, the coach Carlos Queiroz did not found Beckham in the locker room. The player had gone skiing to St. Moritz with the permission of the club. You can imagine the coach's face.

Ronaldo Nazario deserves a chapter apart. Since his arrival, the Brazilian became the darling of Florentino Perez (was one of his groomsmen wedding in Paris with Cicarelli) to the point of granting him many of his whims, that led the galactic project to self-destruction: "I have confused them. I have acted like parents that provide the best for the children and make them blend. I'm the one to blame", said the president the day of his resignation.

Last season, Florentino Perez returned to act as a mediator between the squad and the coaching staff. There was a lot of tension in the locker room and the president did his best to remedy the situation. For his office then passed Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo to bridge differences that they could have and get the league title.

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