Cristiano Ronaldo's case: Story at Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo likes to announce publicly his feelings, occasionally. He stood in the press-zone after being eliminated by Germany in the Euro 2008 to insist that he was a footballer ambitious, that he had a dream since childhood and that nobody was going to stop him until fulfill. He was putting the cards on the table and pushing for Manchester United let him go to Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Manchester United 

He did not go that summer, but the next, but not before remembering that he was not happy in Manchester, after the Champions League final with Barcelona, by which time a year ago he had closed the deal with Real Madrid.

Public displays of mood have been part of his strategy on his journey under the commands of Sir Alex Ferguson when the goal was to renew his contract. Something thet he got frequently. The Portuguese renewed five times during the six seasons he was in Manchester. As usual, for each of the negotiations the press was filled with constant rumors about his future. There was talk of Valencia in 2006, Real Madrid on numerous occasions, Barcelona, Inter, AC Milan, Bayern Munich.

Cristiano Ronaldo himself offered to the big European clubs. In 2006 he openly mentioned his interest in joining the Villar Mir project's bid and land at the Bernabeu if he won the election for president of Real Madrid. A few weeks later, after a clever use of the external pressure, the player signed a new contract with Manchester United.

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