Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho: A strong relationship

Cristiano Ronaldo's case has been under control from minute one. At no time alarms have jumped at Real Madrid or anything similar, but have taken a series of measures to try to decipher the enigmatic statements the player made after the match against Granada. His words have not fallen on deaf ears.

Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo during a workout
Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo

Has been under control since Sunday night, when the president and the coach were informed of the outbreak of the player. Mourinho took the reins. He undertook to get to know what is the real problem that affects their star about what Florentino Perez was informed last Saturday.

Mourinho did not miss even one day, few hours, to phone to Cristiano Ronaldo and have a direct and honest conversation. It was Monday when manager and coach of Real Madrid decided to dial the number of Cristiano, the day in which the player was traveling to Lisbon to join the Portuguese national team.

The conversation between them was fruitful and fluid, and developed in these terms. "You're a major player here. Yes or yes. Do not have doubts. You have to understand it. You are much appreciated and you have to feel loved. You have our affection and we will help you in whatever you need. We'll talk more when you come. You have to to understand that we are here to listen and help you. Recover well and going", Mourinho told him.

Cristiano Ronaldo thanked the words of his coach and felt relief. The player has sometimes described Mourinho as a father, and made it clear that this incident will not affect his performance or his relationship with the rest of players. He also understood that he had to correct or do something. Both will have a meeting in Madrid, when the player returns from his national team. It will be time to find the normality and recover the smile and happiness that Cristiano had last season.

This is now one of the goals of Mourinho. On Monday reacted quickly and has already begun to lay the foundations for the recovery of his star. Yesterday paid off with the statement of the player. The coach has experience in this kind of case. He has already been through situations like this in previous teams. But Cristiano Ronaldo is not only a player. He is special because is ambitious and perfectionist. Cristiano sometimes lives with the obsession of being number one. And Mourinho knows that. The coach is the person who can help and understand the player. Their relationship goes beyond professional. They are friends. They speak the same language, linguistic and in the football world.

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