Cristiano Ronaldo: "I'm sad. I'm not happy"

Cristiano Ronaldo was the star of Real Madrid triumph against Granada thanks to two goals, and now has 150 goals in 149 games. The Portuguese spoke about his stats after the match, the league and said something worrying about his future.

Cristiano Ronaldo talking with the press after the Granada match
Cristiano Ronaldo after the match against Granada

The Real Madrid striker was substituted because of a knock that he took in the second half and clarified what the injury was: "The thigh is okay. I got kicked and I have a bruise. Let's see if I recover in the next few days to play with Portugal". Then he commented the match and the difficult situation of the teamn in the league: "I am very happy about my scoring form. But the most important thing is the team, Real Madrid. We wanted to get a win and the league starts for us today". But when was asked about his goal celebrations (he showed himself sad), the Portuguese said: "I am sad. That's the only reason. I'm not happy. People at the club know why. I don’t want to talk more about that".

The story goes like this. Cristiano Ronaldo met Saturday with Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez, president and general manager respectively. During the meeting, the forward confessed the president he does not feel "beloved" at Real Madrid. During the meeting, the player did not explain the reasons for his discomfort, although the club handles several hypotheses. Yesterday, Cristiano talked after the comfortable win for Real Madrid against Granada, when he scored two goals, his first goals in the league. The Portuguese said he was sad and that people in the club knew why. Indeed, this is from Saturday's meeting with Florentino and Jose Angel Sanchez.

The player was clear: "I do not feel beloved", and did not give clues, nor white board members asked for them. They called Jorge Mendes after the meeting with the player, the Portuguese's agent, who assured them that Cristiano Ronaldo was not confused by any dizzying offer. Mendes was embarrassed after the words of his outstanding player but do not forget that his renewal is stopped.

Other sources point to a bad relationship between the Portuguese star and some of his teammates. Some speak of his deteriorating relationship with some of the players who form his 'hard core', as Marcelo, especially since he said that Casillas deserved the Golden Ball. But during the match against Granada, the fans could appreciate normalcy in the peer relationships. Only Cristiano did not celebrate the goals.

His words after the game, were a bomb that blowed up in the press-zone at the Bernabeu. The player is scheduled to attend this morning at a ceremony in Lisbon, which may provide new clues to his intentions.

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