Kaka: "I didn’t leave because no offers were made"

Ricardo Kaka told Brazilian newspaper 'Globoesporte' that he had not received any offers from PSG or AC Milan, but only interest from a Chinese team and therefore decided to remain at Real Madrid: "I don’t want to be a burden on the club. I didn’t leave because no offers were made".

Ricardo Kaka

The Brazilian midfielder also said he is now looking to win over coach Jose Mourinho: “I don’t expect to go straight back into the team. I just want to be among the players pushing for a place. I feel like I’m starting all over again at 30, after having won everything. I ask myself: Wouldn’t it be better to go somewhere else, where I can play more? The answer is "yes" and I’m still open to this".

When asked about his relationship with José Mourinho, the player said: "We have a professional relationship and mutual respect for each other. It comes down to the fact that he has more faith in other players, which is why they are picked ahead of me".

Kaká seems resigned to his new situation: "I arrive and train before the others, in a double session. I’m training more than ever now that I’m not playing. I’m training more than the others to try to force my way back into the picture. I’m not working hard to get back into the team like before, but just to be among those considered to play".

Finally talked about his injuries and how they have changed the way he plays: "Before the knee injury, I had my features. Now I can not do what I could do before I had the surgery, and I turned another player. I'm fighting every day to be back a decisive player, that I ever was. Gradually, the fans were losing hope in me, but I did not lose. physically I'm fine. My last injury was in October last year."

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