Real Madrid jerseys 2011-2012

Adidas denies the design of the Real Madrid shirt which had been published just over a month in the Spanish media. According to the German brand: "The design does not resemble in any way with the shirt to be presented shortly". Apparently the design was made ​​from the away kit of the Swedish team IFK Goteborg, because the jersey was conceptually the same but with different color. In particular, the Swedish team shirt is pink.

Now new designs have reappeared in the media, but as the filtered new design of Barcelona shirt was confirmed just one week ago, it seems that the rumors about the new jersey of Real Madrid are also true and this is in fact the Real Madrid home shirt 2011-2012.

Cristiano Ronaldo on the Real Madrid home jersey 2011-2012
Real Madrid Home Shirt 2011-2012

The Spanish media has revealed what they claim to be the correct Real Madrid jersey that Cristiano Ronaldo and company will wear during the next season. This design greatly differs from the original leak which featured a similar color scheme to the 2010-2011 Real Madrid jersey and a v-neck collar. The Real Madrid home shirt will be a polo-necked, white of course, with gold accents and the BWIN advertising in black.

These data are consistent with the pre-sale advertisements that currently can be found in Spanish web pages. In these advertisements you can read: "The gold rush goes back". The advance sale prices ranging from 56€ for child size, up to 69.50€ for adult size (men).

Gold rush in the new Real Madrid home jersey
Real Madrid jersey pre-sale ad: "Gold rush goes back"

On the other hand, the second and third kit jerseys of the team have been also leaked. The away jersey will be dark blue colored with v-neck collar. Details will be in gold as well, including advertising. And finally, the big surprise, the red shirt of Real Madrid for the Champions League. The away kit jersey for European matches. The collar of this shirt will be round with a blank piece. All supplements will be white in this jersey, including advertising.

Second and third kit jerseys of Real Madrid 2011-2012
Real Madrid Away Shirts 2011-2012

Do you think this is the real thing or is there more Real Madrid jersey leaks to come?

Update: Promotional Video / Update: Launch / Update: Away Kit 2011-2012

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