Spanish League: Day 38


The Real Madrid fans could not imagine a happier ending. Cristiano Ronaldo got his fortieth goal, round and imposing figure, as well as the 102 goals scored by the team in the Spanish League. Benzema completed the best of his matches in white jersey and is very likely that the hat-trick from Adebayor will ensure his continuity in the club. Even was said goodbye to Dudek with military honors although he spent the war in reserve.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 40th goal of the League
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his 40th goal

But let's say something more than a Cristiano. As it is told, Zarra was a player with a nose for goal. Hugo was instinct, as I saw it. Cristiano is the same essence, but in the body of a panther. Physical superiority is crucial to understand his game and to reason his goals. There are those who arrive earlier because they think before; Cristiano comes before because runs more and faster. And because he jumps more and in the air, is suspended, for a while. But his natural force does not explain everything. The world and football is full of meek ​​athletes and distracted talents. CR7 is set apart from the virtues, an obsessed. A kind of revenger of himself. Muhammad Ali became a boxer because someone, as a kid, stole him the bicycle. Then he spent his life punching the thief. For that, just that (a bicycle, a ball, an insult) has brought Cristiano here, 40 League goals and 53 in total this season. Only the goal 40 left him satisfied, slightly.

Right at the start Xabi Alonso curled in a free kick on 3’, Ramos headered the ball to Cristiano, and he easily beat Esteban. With the record in the bag, Real Madrid set their sights on the next target: 100 goals this season. With 15 minutes remaining in the first half, Ozil served a magical assist to Adebayor, who knocked in the second of the night. Almeria pushed forward and pulled one back two minutes later by way of Uche.

The Whites brought out the big guns after the restart. Benzema made it 3-1 on 48’ and four minutes later Adebayor sealed his brace. Almeria had no answer for the onslaught. Then on 62’. Benzema fired home the fifth of the night following a spectacular individual play.

But the best was yet to come. With almost 30 minutes left on the clock, the "Madridistas" surged forward. Adebayor wrapped up his hat-trick on 73’, which was also Real Madrid’s 100th of the season. Not even five minutes later, Cristiano grabbed a loose ball in the midfield, trotted towards Esteban and will a powerful strike beat the Almeria keeper.

Sitting on a 7-1 lead, Mourinho replaced Dudek with Jesus and Benzema with Joselu. And it was the Castilla forward who had the final say on 87’ following an assist by CR7. The 8-1 win was the perfect way to close out the 2010/11 season.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 50,000
Goals: 1-0, m.3: Cristiano Ronaldo. 2-0, m.30: Adebayor. 2-1, m.32: Uche. 3-1, m.48: Benzema. 4-1, m.52: Adebayor. 5-1, m.62: Benzema. 6-1, m.73: Adebayor. 7-1, m.77: Cristiano Ronaldo. 8-1, m.87: Joselu.

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