Interview: Nuri Sahin


Nuri Sahin Interview as Real Madrid player
Nuri Sahin

You still stay in Dortmund. You are not on vacation as the other players?
I postponed my vacation. I want to be in top physical shape when I come to Madrid. On Sunday the prosthetic shin will be removed and immediately I will begin to train. July 10, the new season begins in Spain and, once fully healed of my internal ligament injury (right knee), I will attend directly.

Some people think that you signed for Real Madrid to spend much time on the bench...
I only care what is said by people that know me well. They know I have enough quality to play in a big team like Madrid.

Barcelona and Madrid have had a great rivalry throughout the season. Do you think there is much distance between the two teams?
The Real Madrid is not far from Barcelona and could win many titles next season. I'm enough ambitious to get titles with Madrid and I want to leave my mark in Spain.

You said that you had spoken to Mourinho. What role did the Portuguese in your signing?
The fact that he chose me, is an honor. Mourinho is my coach and for me it is like the big prize of the lottery.

For this new stage in Spain, you will have to learn to speak Spanish...
I started to study it. My target is to learn the language as quickly as possible and also speak fluently.

Will you continue being fan of Borussia Dortmund?
Logically. I will be for life. The club has been strengthened smartly and in that team there is still a huge potential. I am not worried for the Borussia Dortmund future.

What will be the first thing you buy for your new home in Madrid?
I have it very clear. A subscription for pay-TV. So I will follow the matches of Borussia Dortmund and the Turkish League.

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