Kun Aguero's future points to Real Madrid

"I had said that when I wanted to leave the Atletico Madrid, I would do it publicly. That time has now come and I fulfill my word". Agüero spoke. So clear. Yesterday, Kun took the first step to leave the Atletico set this summer. He acknowledged that he wants to go. The Argentine came in the evening at Vicente Calderón Stadium to communicate the club his intention to leave the team on the this summer transfer market. And the desire of the player, who is willing to put everything it takes on his part, is play for Real Madrid next season.

Kun Aguero on Atletico jersey
Sergio "Kun" Aguero

So triggered the end of the Aguero's stage at Atletico. 5:30 pm, door six of the "Manzanares" Stadium. Kun arrived driving his black BMW M3. In the passenger seat was Gonzalo Rebasa, his agent. In the back were the father of footballer, Leonel Agüero, and Hernan Reguera, another agent of the company IMG which carries the Argentine's business. 6:50 pm, an hour and twenty minutes later, Aguero out of the stadium. The same occupants in the car. But the gesture of the striker has changed. He is much more serious than when he arrived. Out in a hurry. And shuns reporters. He refuses to make statements.

Then he explained "I expressed my decision to leave Atletico. I asked them to receive the offers that come from other clubs, unconditionally", said the player on his official website at 11:30 pm. That was the reason for his presence in the stadium. Despite the willingness of Agüero, Atletico leaders' conditions will remain unchanged. Kun will go out of Atletico if the team that wants him, pays his buyout clause (45 million euros). By the way, this amount was reduced in January when he negotiated his contract extension through 2014. By then, the clause went from 60 to 45 million.

What is clear is that bids will not go missing. The great season of the player has not gone unnoticed by Europe's most important teams. Mourinho wants him as a companion to Cristiano Ronaldo, for next season Real Madrid's attack. This week, agents of Agüero had planned a meeting with Real Madrid to discuss the future of Argentine forward.

Agüero already hinted on Sunday that he would try to leave the team this summer: "I am proud for have achieved 101 goals with Atletico, because I always gave everything for this shirt. I want to devote it to the fans, who from the first day showed me affection", he said. Agüero is traveling today to Argentina, where he will train to play the "Copa America". We have to wait.

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