The other match (4). Mourinho vs Valdano

Jorge Valdano was fired yesterday as general manager of Real Madrid, a position he agreed in 2009, in the second stage of Florentino Perez as president of the club. The news was made official after the meeting of the board and was Florentino himself who informed at 9:24 pm that the club had "terminated its contract with Valdano" due to "dysfunctions" in the sport organization. The club removes the general direction that led Valdano, which is absorbed by the general direction that leads José Ángel Sánchez, with Mourinho as sports chief and spokesman in this area.

Florentino Prez informed about the Valdanos's firing
Florentino Perez at the press conference

Valdano's firing ends a story that was doomed from the start. On May 31, 2010, in the presentation of the Portuguese as Real Madrid coach, Jorge Valdano began his speech in this way: "Before the presentation I wanted to resolve the prevailing morbidity. During my time as communicator I wrote about the divine and the human, and occasionally talked about Jose Mourinho in an aggressive tone. That was solved three years ago at a meeting, he also responded aggressively and we fix it very quickly. There is no problem".

But there was. Mourinho has never forgotten. In February 2006, Valdano wrote this after a match Barcelona-Chelsea, then coached by Mourinho: "I think the poor state of Stamford Bridge was his plan A. The B was also muddy the press conference accusing Messi doing theater in the Del Horno's send-off. Does it talk bad about Mourinho? Yes. Does it talk bad about football? No. On the contrary, this game is a metaphor for life, the trap is not successful. I like the pose of Mourinho, but that does not mean I believe in his innocence". In 2008, Valdano pointed similar arguments: "Mourinho is a errant soul who does not know what is. Guardiola is different. He symbolizes an idea that some of us advocate (as holy) and others attack (as damn)".

It was not necessary wait long to see that Mourinho had not forgiven. In September, the coach blamed Valdano of not to let him train to Portugal in two qualifying matches for EuroCup. In October, the clash occurred for attending the "Prince of Asturias Awards". In December, Mourinho showed a list of refereeing mistakes and called for more institutional support. At that point, Florentino still supported Valdano: "It is customary at the club not to mention referees; What we had to say, Valdano has said. He is our spokesman and who represents best the club's image".

The disagreements continued, but in March, Florentino was closer to the postulates of Mourinho: "To defend Real Madrid of what is unfair, irregular and arbitrary is also be madridista, and that makes our coach". Mourinho had already raised an ultimatum: "Either Valdano or me".

On May 15, after the match against Villarreal, Valdano denied his out: "I do not abandon. The news that I'm going to leave the team, is false. I will continue next season". Yesterday, he said these words: "I did not miss the truth, I said what I felt. I have not resigned. The club has dispensed with me".

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