Benzema will stay in Real Madrid

Karim Benzema started late in his second season in Real Madrid. He received criticism from his coach and some whistles from the Santiago Bernabéu fans because they demanded him more. But since January has earned the respect of teammates, the coaching staff and fans, who said goodbye him on Saturday for this year, with a standing ovation and admiration.

His end result was good: 26 goals in 48 games. 20 with the right foot, 4 left and 2 with the head. He is the second top scorer of the team behind Cristiano Ronaldo. In League he has played 33 games (20 starts) with 15 goals (11 at home and 4 away). In the Champions League, participated in 8 matches, with 6 goals (4 at home and 2 away) and played 7 Spanish Cup matches and made ​​5 goals (4 home, 1 away). This year, in addition to attack and score goals, he has learned back to defend, to play as a team, to make coverages... For all this and the projection he still has, Benzema has passed the final exam with high marks and will remain in the team next season.

Benzemas has scored 26 goals this season for Real
Benzema celebrates his last goal against Almería 

Mourinho insisted on making him a top player and made ​​him work hard from day one. "Karim is intelligent and I hope he understands what has to do to play more. From the bench, the match is looked very well, the opponent's defensive moves, changes, aggressiveness... is aperfect place. He has been 90 minutes and sooner or later he will understand it" Mourinho said. Now the coach praises him in public but has not yet explained why the French was ignored in the four Classics (only played 56 minutes in the League match against Barcelona).

The public and private shots of the Portuguese coach and Higuain's injury made ​​him react. Mourinho has recovered the best version of the French player. Mourinho has been convinced in the past six months, but wants more and it has been communicated to the player. In addition, the trust that Laurent Blanc has given him in the French national team has helped Benzema to be a competitive player with hunger for goals. Now he goes on vacation. Milan, Inter, Juventus and Manchester would want to sign him. For Real Madrid he is not for sale.

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