Di Stefano: "Spanish media want to get rid of Mourinho"

Alfredo Di Stefano, President of Honour of Real Madrid, said yesterday that the Spanish media "want to get rid of the club's coach, the Portuguese Jose Mourinho". "The press wants to throw Mourinho, but the leaders and fans support him," said Di Stefano from Madrid to a radio sports program of the Argentine state news agency, Telam.

Alfredo Di Stefano
Alfredo Di Stefano

"What happens is that the press bothers Mourinho, maybe because he's not nice," said the Argentine former Real Madrid striker, who said he sees "very well" to the current Real Madrid coach. "And when I say this is because I want the team's coach to remain next season," he commented.

"We must remember he is the owner of his future, and when his contract ends, he will make the decision as he pleases. Now we still do not know if he wants to stay," Alfredo Di Stefano said. "Now everyone says that Real Madrid is in a great moment. But I say that the team is in good shape from a couple of months. And Real Madrid defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford because it has good players," he said.

About Barcelona, Di Stefano said "It suffers no slump. They're a great team and it means nothing to lose a couple of matches," he stated. "But as I talk about Real Madrid and Barcelona, I do not like to make comparisons between (Lionel) Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo," he warned when was asked about it.

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