Cristiano Ronaldo: The nightmare at the 'Theatre of Dreams'

Cristiano Ronaldo played his last game at Old Trafford with United on May 16, 2009 against Arsenal. Tomorrow, 1,388 days later, he will return to the 'Theatre of Dreams' for the first time and maybe as a nightmare. And with the question about how he will be welcomed, but smells ovation. Six years as a Red Devil created too many ties of affection between the player and the fans, who was able to forgive him even after his first failed attempt to sign for Real Madrid in 2008. After being knocked out with Portugal (against Germany) at the Euro 2008, he dropped the bomb: "The chances of going to Real Madrid are a lot. I hope the parties reach an agreement."

Cristiano Ronaldo hands up after scoring against Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring against Manchester United

Ferguson persuaded him to stay another year. After a surgery (ankle) he returned to Old Trafford in September, in a Champions League match against Villarreal (came in to the field in the 66'). The Theatre of Dreams shook with the cheers. "I was nervous about it, but everything went well. I'm grateful," said Cristiano Ronaldo, who months later won the Golden Ball and months before had won the Champions League with Manchester United in Moscow.

The bridge that led to his cherished Real Madrid cost 96 million euros in the 2009 summer. "Now he stands out for his maturity," Ferguson said in the first leg match. "He was a young boy when he left Manchester United and now has blossomed." It is a fact. With Real Madrid, Cristiano has scored 185 goals in 184 games (one per game) and with United made 118 in 292 matches (0.40). But back to Old Trafford. There, his old fans saw him scoring 73 goals in 142 games (0.51). The Bernabeu Stadium has seen his 104 goals in 92 games (1.13). The last one against United. Cristiano did not celebrate. There is respect. As much as his old fans have now for him.

Before traveling to Manchester, returning to his former home, Cristiano Ronaldo showed his mood in social networks: "I look forward to returning to Old Trafford. I have very good memories there. It will be exciting." "It would be a nice feeling to score a goal again at Old Trafford. If I scored a goal would be spectacular. I can not say how I will celebrate, that's something spontaneous. But I would love to see me in that situation." We will see.

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